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Slumdog gets three Oscar noms

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Hindustani vs Raja Hindustani
by Ram on Jan 23, 2009 09:58 AM

A R Rahman's Hindustani and Nadeem Shravan's Raja Hindustani released almost simultaneously, it was Raja Hindustani which was big hit than Hindutani due to its star cast. Then Nadeem Sharavan claimed that they are best than A R Rahman.

Now, where are they and where is ARR.

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pandharinath sangam
by pandharinath sangam on Jan 23, 2009 09:55 AM



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prakash malshe
Slumdweller and not slumdog.
by prakash malshe on Jan 23, 2009 09:54 AM  | Hide replies

Prakash: Did you see slumdog?

priya.malshe: haan ji
its nice

Prakash: How is it?

priya.malshe: very well made
nice movie

Prakash: They are calling a slumdweller, an Indian a dog and other Indian dogs are rejoicing the awards :-(

priya.malshe: not really
slumdog = someone from the slum who doesnt matter
like a dog

Prakash: Well I have not seen the movie, but I have seen the meaning of the word in the dictionary. There is no such word.

priya.malshe: hmmm
meaning derive kiya

Prakash: And who matters? to whom?

priya.malshe: matter to relatives
now this guy had no one

Prakash: If dog is a respectable word, they should be told that Mother teresa took looking after such several dogs and now they have become London dogs!

priya.malshe: arrey yar
dog ko slum se associate kiya hai
usmein Indian ka lena dena nahi hai

Prakash: Then why did he not make this movie in England? To me this only underlines the mindset that the britishers still have for Indians. A blatant disrespect for poverty and humanity at large.

priya.malshe: arrey yar
poverty in India is poverty in true sense of words
a poor in US is still above Indian poverty line

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Mahoba Branch
Amitabh should promote for it
by Mahoba Branch on Jan 23, 2009 09:52 AM

Bollywood fame Amitabh & Shahrukh should promote for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE for getting OSCAR award.

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Best of Luck and Ability
by vijayasarathi on Jan 23, 2009 09:44 AM

Best of luck 'Team Slumdog Millionaire'.
You have all ingredients to score atleast 5 Oscar Awards, I have no doubt in this. A dream every Indian will be proud of becoming reality.
Well done Guys.

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Freida Pinto - Too much hype
by asdf on Jan 23, 2009 09:38 AM  | Hide replies

Freida Pinto is there everywhere - newspapers, sites etc.
But, if u look at her role in the movie - its very less and that too she gets to speak only 5-5 lines.
Nothing against her but just talking abt the media hype.

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Jay Kay
Re: Freida Pinto - Too much hype
by Jay Kay on Jan 23, 2009 10:13 AM
so also Anil Kapoor! He looks so excited everywhere he appears as if he has played a lead role in the film. Did anyone notice him on the Golden Globe stage? He should show some dignity, not just pumping up like a kid. Of course, he is a good actor anyway. I do not deny that.

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Pradheep  Ayyanar!
kongrats and u rock
by Pradheep Ayyanar! on Jan 23, 2009 09:36 AM

from the story writer, music director and the casts, its a gr8 achievement that v rock always and have proven. actually rahman has scored many gud ones than this and if that is to be played in oscar, for the next 15 years he will be the one getting

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