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Slumdog gets three Oscar noms

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vijay nyayapati
Best Of Luck!
by vijay nyayapati on Jan 23, 2009 01:17 AM

A great thanks to the whole cast and crew of Slumdog!! They have already written history and are on their way to create something bigger than history itself...Slumdog has done what no other cinema has done...present INDIA globally...even for a child who has come from the slums...the main pillars of his life are love and honesty....thats wht is all about INDIA...people who are loving and caring and honest....the west knows INDIA for 2 things food and money....Slumdog has given them a third aspect...CINEMA...so best of luck to SLUMDOG crew and the whole india is with you

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This movie is biased
by shivbhagwan on Jan 23, 2009 01:10 AM  | Hide replies

Guys as some one said


This movie pejoratively shows Indias poverty by implying that the west is not poor?.

Gimme a break here, I live in the west and I have seen considerable poverty (USA). People are gangs, voilent and carry latest guns without homes and sleep on the streets.

Atleast in India we have poor sleeping in Slum localities which is better than sleeping on streets as people in USA do.

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Message deleted by moderator
Re: Re: This movie is biased
by Hero on Jan 23, 2009 01:20 AM
Are you really from US ???
yes i agree there are poverty.. but just to make your point, saying I'm from US and all old tactic dude.. come up with something new..lol.. hope i offended you enough...lol..

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To laugh or To Cry
by K on Jan 23, 2009 01:08 AM

These rewards and awards for this movie are left handed compliments to the Indians and to India. The movie in itself may be good, but for Indians it is a slap on their cheeks. If I am not an Indian, I will definitely appreciate this effort, but the Indian in me is crying. This is an indecent exposure of India by a foreigner for the foreigners.

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To laugh or to cry
by K on Jan 23, 2009 01:05 AM

These rewards and awards for this movie is a left handed compliment to Indian and Indians. The movie in itself may be good, but for Indians it is a slap on their cheeks. If I am not an Indian, I will definitely appreciate this effort, but the Indian in me is crying. This is an indecent exposure of India by a foreigner for the foreigners.

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Vinay Pandey
Its all about the money
by Vinay Pandey on Jan 23, 2009 12:52 AM  | Hide replies

These nominations etc. are all about making money. Remeber Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the chinese film that came a few years back and swept Oscars. There is economics behind these things. You have to remember that Hollywood is run by Jews, who are for the most part very financially focussed. If you compare US with countries like India and China, they dont have one thing that we have - People. The entire US industry from cell phone to entertainment has realized that if they have to make money, they need more people to use their products, in this case - watch more movies. So, everytime a decent film comes along that is either Indian or Chinese, its gets all the awards. Imagine the number of viewers who will watch Oscar in India now that we have this movie in Oscar. All of a sudden the number of viewers will shoot up because we have 4 times the number of people in US. And if you know marketing 101, there is always the halo effect, which means that the popoularity of Oscars will also increase the number of people watching US movies now, which means more revenue for US movie makers. In 2000, all US industries realized that they have to enter Indian and China to make money because of two reasons - competition is very high in US and US population is too small to have a sustainable growth for a company. So, while we waste our time with all this talk about quality of the movie etc. etc. US companies are busy rolling up their cash registers.
Its sad that we can't think like that

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madhukar a
Re: Its all about the money
by madhukar a on Jan 23, 2009 01:14 AM
wow that was an awesome interpretation behind the reasons for Slumdog getting nominated. I never thought about it that way but surely when I think of it - it does make sense. Crouching tiger was a joke and it sweeping the Oscars was another joke.
Dark Knight is not nominated, being the gem of a movie it was so certainly as you point out there are motives behind the nomination which is clearly financially motivated. And a little thought and comments like yours show how the American industry is trying to make itself famous and make gazillions more.

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Re: Its all about the money
by indam on Jan 23, 2009 01:19 AM
true, it is all about:

ek paisa ke paisa
do nahi koi aisa
teen dekho musibat

think back to the mid 90s. suddenly any and all Indian girls started getting the Miss Universe crown or at least the Miss World title for a couple of years. ploy was to introduce the cosmetics and fashion industry into the country in a big way and completely indoctrinate the upcoming generation of girls into focusing primarily on makeup and dresses so that the industry can make tons of money. so they kept dishing out the awards for about 5-6 years to the point that any Indian girl started thinking she can become Aishwariya by buying/using those items. now as soon as the masses got hooked into this industry, boom the awards stopped coming to the Indians anymore and instead started going to new lands.

as far as the cosmetics/fashions dress industry is concerned, they have been more than successful in their efforts since in India these days, the mark of recognition is whether one can strut on a cat walk!!!!!!! from politicians, academicians, sportsmen to anybody, everyone aspires to get on a cat walk. It is unbelievable!

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Re: Re: Its all about the money
by aditya on Jan 23, 2009 01:29 AM
OK..your point "can" be true as it makes sense. But you cannot clap by "one" hand, it requires "two" hands. If the taker is benefited , whats wrong with the giver? OK..their motive is to increase their popularity, their business..but that doesnot mean indian film industry will die down or indians will stop watching bollywood. You will see rahman making tunes for big hollywood projects, it would be world recognition. Western guys say indian chicks are hot. Western ppl say indian songs are catchy...why? Are they coming to india to explore? NO..these platforms give our artists exposure to world. And what does indian artists want? Not only India but the world appreciate their talent. How will these artists achieve that? Ask these questions to urself and u will see this in a different angle.

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Vinay Pandey
Re: Re: Re: Its all about the money
by Vinay Pandey on Jan 23, 2009 04:38 AM
Rahman does not make money in all this.
The people who make money in movie industry are not actors or singers or writers or musicians.
The people who make money when a movie becomes a hit and people you never see or hear. I am talking about those people. Still, your point is also right.

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Faizal AK
Re: Its all about the money
by Faizal AK on Jan 23, 2009 01:34 AM
Really I liked the way you interpreted. Just wait and see Slumdog will win many oscars making way to sell their movies and other associated products to India!. They know that they are bankrupt and this is the time to capitalize the lost treasure.

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Anonymous Crusader
Let's see how much it earns at the Indian Box Office
by Anonymous Crusader on Jan 23, 2009 12:38 AM  | Hide replies

Oscar doesn't matter to the average film goer. If this film manages to nett even 10 crores in India, it should be considered an achievement.

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Re: Let's see how much it earns at the Indian Box Office
by ann on Jan 23, 2009 12:52 AM
who cares it has made so much money everywhere.

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same old infatuation with external adulation!
by indam on Jan 23, 2009 12:32 AM

what is new in all this?

nothing wrong with getting a Globe or Oscar, but the sparkle in our eyes (particularly in those of the "uncle" "aunty" uppity class of India) when the western world patronizingly dishes out an award is simply shameful. it is obvious how the people of India and several countries around India still behave and believe like savants.

what makes this even worse is the new found smugness amongst us that denies we need or look up to anything in the west, while unabashedly and more than ever aping the west in mannerisms, ethics and in the daily practice of living.

Just making shallow remarks about patriotism and respect for your own will not get us anywhere. It is time for the billion individuals to adopt an ethical outlook, work hard and truly value your own thing first and then respect the outside world. Unfortunately, the current situation seems to contain the mirror image of all the above traits.

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