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Shankar sculpts a good Anniyan

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A Few words to shankjar and vikram
by venkatesh on Jun 21, 2005 11:27 AM

Hello Shankar and Vikram Sir,
This is challanging film to an hollywood film. One of the greatest film for shankar and Vikaram. Congratulations keep it up.

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Anniyan = Onion
by Victor on Jun 20, 2005 10:51 PM

Friends, I happenned to see this movie today. Even from the trailor I was able to make out what kind of movie was planned. May be for people who had not been exposed to the medical facts - Multiple personality disorder - this movie would make to say .............. Great!
If we have se from the Story:
Alas! Its defenitely a copy of many. Like the basic problem - pilferage / failing to do the duty - is from our known movie " Indian" and "Mudhalvan" - For this I should say that Shankar had maintained his diginity - He had made the story from his own movies. But a few like, the website for telling the bad acts from "For the people" Malayalam movie etc also.
SAdly this one also has to sway between the commercial formula and what a writer thinks. Sure you can have compromise but not to give a compromised movie. Arranging the story in a pictorial way is simply the screenplay. But what happens to our tamil directors is that they become the people to decide that viewing audience would like this. They don't sit in that chair.
So in spite of all training Director shankar had failed to think. But not very Bad. Shankar! We have lot more confidence in you.

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manjunath gudipati
by manjunath gudipati on Jun 20, 2005 08:17 PM

Sankarjee you have done exelent job.APARICHITUDU the movie is exelent.I had no words to say about this movie. thanks for this movie. MANJUNATH

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Anniyan movie comments -1
by Rajesh on Jun 20, 2005 06:54 PM

Dear all, i went to see the movie right from Delaware to Newjersey USA ... is it worth the ticket money ? now here comes the answer in Shankar's way, (Me) yeah it is worth the work done by the team who has done a fantastic job, absolutely undoubtful ... no-one can question of Shankar's ability for why he is one of the best Tamil directors, (Myself) hey dude comeon we never expect such a big big dialogues which makes us yawning, that horrible patching of songs into the movie which didnt fit, and that "Thivaiyaaru" sequence, boss you are doing movie for a mass with a message to convey, do you think u have conveyed what you want to , holy crap ... is this the same Shankar who has given "Mudalvan" I doubt, the movie is a mix of all his three mega Hits Gentleman, Indian & Mudalvan, i accept there is Water scarcity in Tamil Nadu not for Creativity and Story ... (One of me) Annaachi, it is all about business, nothing else nobody does a movie for people, everything is money, dollars & rupees ... undoubtedly Shankar is a big business man, he know whether a movie will make money or will it flop, right from his first movie he has shown that temperment ... this is the truth ... (Me)comeon guys

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super film
by aggil on Jun 20, 2005 04:03 PM

anniyan story is very nice
i think he wrote this story 3 yrs ago
& not stolen from anywhere

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comments on anniyan
by deepak.R on Jun 20, 2005 01:19 PM

The film anniyan is very good,i should say shankar has succeeded after mudhalvan.Vikram has done very well.but the director i feel is running short of his ideas,its a mix of his last three films.why not try something different next time.

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by suresh on Jun 20, 2005 12:46 PM

hai how r u.congratulations for u r victory.

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