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Shankar sculpts a good Anniyan

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Vijay Shinde
A real good movie
by Vijay Shinde on Jan 16, 2006 10:19 AM

The movie is real cool !!! i being a maharashtrian i loved the movie very much ... especially the Actor is very versatile ... and each and every character he plays is very awesome ...the movie has everything ... the ramanujam character makes every one laugh ... remo is romantic while the ANNIYAN is real terrific ... hats off to the actor (if i am not wrong ... i think he is named Vikram)

Damn Good movie ...

I really thank my friends to show me this movie ... and i'd like to see some more movies of this actor ...

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by nagendra on Nov 14, 2005 03:57 PM

hi vikram,
i m nagendra watched ur movie 12 times.
i have never seen the action i seen in ur film aparichitudu. i like urs remo style and urs that
flying kiss to sada , is very very sexy. i have liked ur fight with the karate fighters.really urs
film is very good. i hope u will act in more pictures.

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East Or West Vikram Is The Best
by vandana on Sep 12, 2005 05:03 PM

u looked terr....iffic as REMO... u were looking awesome in the last few scenes after doing a Clean shave :D... real handsome....
The movie was mindblowing by ur overall performance as ANNIYAN :D
All The Best,vikram

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by swati on Aug 15, 2005 10:43 AM

hi buddies! wait, if u dint watch the movie do it right now! or else you'll sincerely feel sorry 4 ur self 4 having missd such a terrific movie.
REMO is soooooooo hansome. simply irresistible dude! so is RAMU & ANNIYAN. plzzzz dont miss it.

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by ashwini on Aug 05, 2005 10:17 PM

Anniyan will be the super duper hit of 2005.
I am sure, VIKRAM is going to win may awards for his
wonderful acting. Congragulations VIKRAM.......

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by Renjith on Jul 28, 2005 06:46 PM

Anniyan is a good movie. it really worth a watch. In yhe 1'st half movie drags a little 'nd in certain scenes it sometin borin also. But in the second half it rocks. the fights r excellent. But me askin one question, is tere any need of that karattae fight? its just spendin the monry of producer notin more. Camera work is brilliant. Technical part also movie is good. Ten abt Vikram. He gives a stunnin performance as Remo, Anniyan 'nd Ambi. He can expect another award 4 tis film. Prakash Raj also done a gr8 job. the dialogues is superb. Shankar gives us a entertainin movie. In his films indian is the best. if u r seein the film means just see 4 vikram 'nd prakash raj. Congrats Shankar 4 tis flick. V expectin another film frm u soon.

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boys is one of the most stupid films ever seen or taken
by jahnavi.k on Jul 26, 2005 07:42 PM

i cant understand how can people compare ANIYAN with a MOST IDIOTIC MOVIE I.E boys... ANIYAN is a brilliant movie with vikram\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s incredible performance. only vikram can take the place after kamal hassan. i cant understand how can they compare such a masterpiece with one of the dirtiest movies ever made....i m happy that shankar has realised his mistake after making a movie like BOYS...congrats to VIKRAM and SHANKAR for their brilliant work....

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technically bad movie
by Savitha on Jul 25, 2005 07:48 PM

i think the movie has enough number of technical mistakes that we would wonder if this is really Shankar's movie.
I have read Sydney Sheldon's "Tell me your Dreams"... it made me do enough reading on Multiple Personality Disorders and related issues.. it was interesting to note that in that a doctor (Nasaar) didnt even care to inform the police and admit to treat the patient once he has found out that he could be a danger to the society.. and how come and heroine inspite of knowing that he might get this back again and can be fatal to her own self ended up marrying him, undying love??!!
How about the martial art school? If someone tries getting into their school and bash up many of the fighters and it doesnt go to the police?? or no one bothers to try and trace what happened to the poor girl who was about to get killed??
These points are critical to make the movie successful. probably Shankar needs to go back to the drawing board once again and try to see if he can use expert advice when he is dealing with technically complicated subjects where an expert advice is mandatory. Boys was that way a well shot movie with minimum or no technical mistake, maybe the subj is daring

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Awesome film
by Tejas on Jul 14, 2005 09:32 AM

This is one heck of a film.those who dont like it are not true enjoyers.Songs are awesome and locations are catchy.Acting by Vikram is excellent.Bravo Shankar!!!

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Anniyan sucks big time!
by Karthik on Jul 14, 2005 02:37 AM

I have never seen a movie which defy logic as much as this movie! It is utterly idiotic. He is comparing all the countries with India. You know what happens when you kill anyone for any reason even murderer in U.S? You will be sentenced to life or death! Here our hero anniyan freely go around killing people!! He would be ambi one moment. Next moment he would be 100 miles away frying someone!! Why would there be a fight sequence that was totally unnecessary? Is Sada's IQ 10? She can't recognize the resemblance between Ambi and Remo! I think people do not know what acting means!! Vikram is a committed actor. Agreed. But his performance as Ambi is mediocre. As Remo it makes me puke! Go, Watch Deiva Magan(Sivaji in triple role). He has not acted even 1% of how Sivaji acted in that movie.

Our hero would assemble 1000s of people 100s of reporters just like that. He would show them a video of how he killed a guy who doesn't do any work cruelly with snakes! Our public would be impressed right after learning that he is a psychotic murderer and crowd him to get autograph! This is probably one of the stupidest scene i have ever seen in Tamil movie history!!

Another idiotic scene is he

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