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Shankar sculpts a good Anniyan

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A Strerio Type Movie
by Kumaresan on Jul 02, 2005 05:06 PM

A creator turned to a Sequal director. The Serial start from Gentleman......Anniyan.

Shankar should mind abount the Commercial aspects of Tamil Cinema and horizons of course he is producer.

But the technology was used for this film is very high not ever seen in other cinemas. I saw grand picturisation in action secans. but it is not fit for songs. I think is a commercial waste. in holywood ( Even in Tamil Cinema 'HOUSEFULL' ) there is no songs. but the films are sit us in the tip of seats.

Anyway Hats of to shankar for his boldness (Fortune Favours bold)


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Vikram rocks!!!!!
by Vidya on Jun 28, 2005 05:19 PM

Vikram is the hottest star in town guys...and with Anniyan he is simply rocking. The trans scene in front of Prakash Raj really makes us agree to the dialogue that there is no one like him. Whether be it his sexy hairstyles or his cute mannerisms or his out of the world acting....10 out of 10. He is one actor who has really evolved with time. Way to go man!!! You are the hots now.

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anniyan is same old drab
by movieman on Jun 28, 2005 02:38 PM

anniyan is on the same lines as indian. with lots of logical flaws it mocks the audience. the movie is one recap of all his older movies and fails to impress audience who look for novelty from 'great ' ones like shankar. but it is a great piece of acting from vikram and a nice treat for his fans

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boys was great
by vishwanath on Jun 28, 2005 12:28 AM

i am tamil but live in mumbai and hence dont often catch up with tamil movies.i had heard thru news channels that boys was vulgar!!i saw it and the movie
just rocks!!its the coolest tamil movie i have seen.
these old breed of critics and filmmakers in TN dont
know much about films.they brand anything trendy as vulgar.I saw all films of shankar after i saw boys.he
is great.looking forward to seeing anniyan.and those who hate boys realy suck.break the rules...!!!!guys.order of the day
of the day.

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Shri :-)
right said abt remo!
by Shri :-) on Jun 25, 2005 10:13 PM

Hey Krish,

cool review! boyz, a hideous sleaze-fest.. y say that? anyways, right said abt remo and his accent! the character sucks! apart from that well done vikram. Glad you mentioned sujatha's good work!
at last, why waste crores?? the movie would have the same response without the matrix stunts or the amsterdam flower show.


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George mathew
'Anniyan',A must see movie!
by George mathew on Jun 25, 2005 03:37 PM

hi,guys!This is one of the best movies to come out of shankar staple. It is the best tamil film to hit the screens this year. Vikram does an excellent job as Anniyan and ramanujam, although the Remo character could have been much better.Sadha, Vivek and prakash raj does a very good job.The stunts are a feast to the eyes,although somewhat a mix of Matrix and kiss of the dragon.to sum it all, it is a must see movie.

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by Ramesh on Jun 24, 2005 06:36 PM  | Hide replies

Anniyan is really a silly film. The story doesn't demand these 'Matrix' special effects and in the end it leaves an impression that we have seen a good circus show. The whole concept of multiple personality is made absurd. It is a psychological disorder actually. But here hero gets uncanny powers and hair style and clothings change automatically..... What a pity!!! Shankar We want good films.. Don't try to bambooze viewers with special effects, because they are getting best of it from hollywood films. Also u r repeating the themes.. Gentleman, Indian, Mudhalvan and now Anniyan all these are more or less on same concept.. heros fighting against injustice, corruptions.. blah blah blah. And the preaching Vikram gives at press was just untolerable. SHANKAR... PLEASE STOP IT!!!

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Venkatesh J
by Venkatesh J on Jun 27, 2005 04:53 PM
Hi you are correct. The sequences are unbelievable. No scenes on how he changes dress when he transfers from Ambi to serial killer and vice versa. One the whole the movie is ´´kadilae poo´´.


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Setting standards for Tamil cinema
by swappna on Jun 24, 2005 01:20 PM

Anniyan was well worth the hype. Well, it is in many ways quite similar to his earlier ventures like Gentleman and Indian, where one man tries to bring about a change to the society. But is an absolute entertainer, this.
It is a FICTIONAL THRILLER, as described by Shankar himself. So it is not fair to expect logics in the storyline.
This is a clean family entertainer catering mainly to Tamil audiences in Tamilnadu. Songs have been shot like never before in Tamil movies. If you thought "Boys" songs were choreographed brilliantly then watch Anniyan to be absolutely thrilled. It is a feast, especially "Kumari" and "Andan Kaka" and the other three songs are not far behind as well. Well, the fights are over-done, again you have to give credit to Shankar becos he has done it keeping audiences of Tamilnadu in mind and may be a big put-off for Tamil guys living overseas, who watch plenty of English flicks.
People could easily say that technology used here is a cheap imitation of hollywood flicks, but then someone has to try it to set standards for others to emulate and perhaps out do Shankar himself. This is absolutely a must watch in THEATRES.

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East or west Vikram is the best - Anniyan
by Sherine on Jun 24, 2005 01:04 PM

Good perfomance by Vikram.When i went to theatre i had never seen the crowed like that(In Sri-lanka)in a theater.I liked the movie so much,Multiple personality was performed well by Vikram

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