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Shankar sculpts a good Anniyan

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Prince John
my review abt ''anniyan''
by Prince John on Jun 24, 2005 12:01 AM  | Hide replies

hi all,
i saw the movie "anniyan" twice. its really worth. now a days its bcom a fashion to compare every movie with hollywood films. guys, i have only one thing to say. its stupid to compare a hollywood movie with a kollywood one. but yet the stunt scenes in anniyan is as good as any hollywood thriller.dont think that wat ever that shown in hollywood films r superb and dont underestimate our director's talents.most of our directors r equally talented as hollywood directors.but the only difference between hollywood and indian films is the budget. we cant afford so much budget.then also directors like shankar r making films which is as gud as an english one. also try to understand that no one can write a story which is 100 % new.if u people try to write a story, then only u will realise it.so plz dont discourage these type of efforts.also the music is v gud.most of the songs r already chartbusters.harris jayaraaj has done an excellent work.vikram's performance is simply fantastic.only Shankar can make such a film.in our state(karala),the movie is released in more than one theatre in every cities and now also most of the shows r house full. this film will be a sure hit.

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RE:my review abt ''anniyan''
by Sam on Jul 06, 2005 03:59 AM
Andy needs to grow up! It has become a fashion to compare indian flicks to hollywood movies. Hollywood has a world wide audience. Bollywood has almost the entire national audience and our diaspora across the globe but Tamil fils are limited to tamil nadu and few dubbed movies just manage to recover the cost.

Considering all this Shankar is the spielberg of india what with a meagre budget of 27 crs. and compare $135 million (more than 600 crores) for war of the worlds. Naturally the special effects in war of. is spectacular. Shankars and mani ratnams of this world can probably produce a film of hollywood standards but will never recover the money.

Stop comparing with hollywood movies as it just doesn't make sense.

Anniyan is racy and watchable though i can never find an Ambi in today's chennai for his mannerisms which is steriotyped. Nevertheless the movie is great and hats off to shankar.

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Shame on Shankar and Vikram,Tamil cinema sucks
by Andy on Jun 23, 2005 03:49 PM  | Hide replies

Anniyan was on everyones lips for quite a while...it was Tamil Cinema's most expensive movies and other juicy tit bits..i realsied it must be one of those movies where you chop and dice Hollywood blockbusters and mix em up.I was not wrong.I saw the trailer on tht movie website and it was quite funny...The entire Matrix crew,jackie Chan,Jet Li and directors of other movies whose themes Shankar has ripped will be laughing hard till they crack because of the mediocrity of the copied stunts which you see in the moves....lets do something genuine folks..and Vikram,stop doing tasteless masala crap movies and do something which will really bring out your acting capabilites,Shankar try something different.We have enough stories in our relegious epics to give you ideas.We ape Hollywood all the time yet no one seems to understand that..and the movie taste of some people is downright pathetic....and we end sending crap to the Oscars...gow up people

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RE:Shame on Shankar and Vikram,Tamil cinema sucks
by prasad on Jul 15, 2005 11:26 AM
its an absolute shame on your part. only a very few and only handful of movies are good movies at hollywood. by praising hollywood movies and criticizing the movie "anniyan" you can wish your image would be cool.. its nothing mere than being dumb. similar hardcore facts in the movie has shown yourself on the screen which you cant digest. better learn to digest some hardcore facts.

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RE:Shame on Shankar and Vikram,Tamil cinema sucks
by N.T.GOPALAKRISHNAN on Jun 28, 2005 03:59 PM
What a tragedy that these people are still dreaming about all those silly Hollywood flicks? Isn't 90% of those films are trying to do the same thing - A science fiction (something comes from somewhere and somebody somehow overcomes it)? But if we try to do different films, but primarily based on Romance, we comment ourselves as "silly"!!

I still believe that "Lagaan" missed out on Oscars to a silly Bosnian film because that film was about the civil war. No matter how good film you take here, it can never win Oscars.

So, if "Anniyan" can be made with best possible things around with a relatively high budget, we laugh at them!! When Vikram, in a single scene, converts himself into 3 different personalities, he sucks. But when a hollywood hero takes up guns for an unknown object, you praise him. Shame on you man, Shame on you!!!

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RE:Shame on Shankar and Vikram,Tamil cinema sucks
by abc_xyz1 on Jun 23, 2005 08:13 PM
Indian film industry will never improve, when people like u who always criticize our movies exist ...

comeon ..u first grow up ...and who asks u to compare every damn action movie with hollywood ...see they have their own style of making ...hollywood market is much much bigger than indian market ...and the producers can afford to spend more than 100 crores for a single film ..which is not the case with our industry ..ok ..u ask those hollywood directors to make an action movie with 25 crores budget ...let's see how well can they make it ????

first ...try to appreciate/encourage our films...and stop ur baseless comparisons with hollywood ..technically they might be the leaders ...but when it comes to comedy,emotions and melodrama ..hollywood sucks ...our movies are miles ahead to those .....

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RE:Shame on Shankar and Vikram,Tamil cinema sucks
by Suraj on Jun 26, 2005 10:35 AM
its not the tamil film industry, rather it is your taste which sucks.These days it has become a trend to glorify hollywood movies and talk badly about indian movies jus to show you are cool............
If you think that talking badly about a well made tamil movie is what makes a person cool,you really suck.....
leave everything.............But even after seeing the last half an hour of the movie, u say the film is bad then i dunno what to say....the last half an hour is as good as a film can possibly be.please stop glorifying the hollywood movies.
I agree many many hollywood movies are good and im a big fan of those movies.But there are hollywood movies whih really suck eg:XXX-2,2 fast 2 furious.......Most of the tamil movies suck,i agree, but not all. directors like manirathnam,shankar and gautham do make very good movies.
and one more thing.Tamil film industry is the best in India,1000 times better than bollywood....

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by pacraj on Jun 23, 2005 10:08 AM

We r here in Delhi relaese the film also.

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Siddhesh Ghag
anniyan = onion
by Siddhesh Ghag on Jun 23, 2005 04:06 AM  | Hide replies

good performance by Vikram and other characters, obviously good camera by Shankar... however story is a clearly lifted from hollywood movies especially the Multiple personality Disorder.. ('Primal Fear' ) and guy punishing ppl according to yamraj ('Seven').

Although good to see the fantastic special effects used for some good purpose and not for stupid songs...

songs are somewhat ear shattering and loud but isn't tamil music prominently ear shattering ???

overall a good movie.. can watch it once... but just once :-)

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karthik S
RE:anniyan = onion
by karthik S on Jun 24, 2005 05:46 PM
I do not understand when u say the story was lifted from Primal Fear, a hindi movie called Dewangee lifted the story and what an average fare that was except for Ajay Devgan's acting who i feel was the saving grace in the movie.

And pls do not blindly criticize tamil movies and songs. In terms of the technical aspects of movie making and music i feel it is the best in India.

Anniyan is a fantastic commercial movie with a very good message though some stunt scenes defied logic but okay man, personally i enjoyed it because good action is something you never get to see in Indian movies.

Hats off to the team of Anniyan for the brilliantly picturized songs, breath-taking action scenes and superlative performances.

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RE:anniyan = onion
by prasad on Jul 15, 2005 11:17 AM
u people cant digest hardcore facts, stop criticizing the movies which try to convey a certain message to the public, which you dont dare to do. i can only feel your comment is just terrible

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Just a film needed
by Umanath on Jun 22, 2005 05:58 PM

Not going into the details of the movie. Just i would like to describe the crowd at the theatre i watched the movie. On the day of the release night show there were 4 times of the people the theater can hold. People from all parts of life have thronged there. more than 1000 people were standing and seeing and that too they dint feel the pain of standing..that tells the succes of the movie. More such movies are required to pull more people and make the tamil cine industry market boom. One notable point was, a guy who was smoking in centre of the hall,stopped smoking at the end of the movie, not bcos the stock was over, but the movie has made a small change. Even if it makes a box office hit or not Shankar and team can surely be happy for this. Good work of the technology

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Till Waiting
by Dinesh on Jun 21, 2005 04:51 PM

We r here in Delhi n waitin for the movie to relaese somewhere here. Such a big budget film not releasing in Metros is dissappointing.

Music is ok, but ARR+Shankar is the BEST...

based on Reviews, film seems to be Shankarical, Fantasism, Fight against social evils, ya Shankar satiates the pulse of the audiences of all classes, one man show, and so on...

Waiting to see it on big screen...

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Good One
by Jude on Jun 21, 2005 01:54 PM

Anniyan rocks to say the least.. A good story with a great theme.. A beatiful concept of why one should try not to commit small mistakes and those small mistakes might lead to big mishaps..

A good film which has made the audience think WHY INDIA HASN'T DEVELOPED THE WAY IT SHUD HAVE AFTER 57 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE...

Think it over..

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wats wrong with boys...
by AJ on Jun 21, 2005 12:13 PM

I suppose the reporter on anniyan must be a really an out fashioned, old and really biased personality against today youth sentiments and emotions... I found boys really entertaining ... Boys was a huge hit in my state,Kerala... The words 'sleazy', 'horrible'... used in the article were really unjustified and absolutely the result of a very out dated mind... According to me.. I dont think shankar would ever repent on having made a movie like boys coz... he introduced at least 5 new stars in the industry some of whom are really doing well... the music was superb... and this clearly shows how young and energetic is the mind of the director... It is grave injustice to have commented on boys like that... and i think that the writer should keep his pen away for sometime... take a vacation in hawaii... and try to understand teenagers... thank you and plz comment

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