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Shankar sculpts a good Anniyan

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Anniyan sucks big time!
by Karthik on Jul 14, 2005 02:37 AM

I have never seen a movie which defy logic as much as this movie! It is utterly idiotic. He is comparing all the countries with India. You know what happens when you kill anyone for any reason even murderer in U.S? You will be sentenced to life or death! Here our hero anniyan freely go around killing people!! He would be ambi one moment. Next moment he would be 100 miles away frying someone!! Why would there be a fight sequence that was totally unnecessary? Is Sada's IQ 10? She can't recognize the resemblance between Ambi and Remo! I think people do not know what acting means!! Vikram is a committed actor. Agreed. But his performance as Ambi is mediocre. As Remo it makes me puke! Go, Watch Deiva Magan(Sivaji in triple role). He has not acted even 1% of how Sivaji acted in that movie.

Our hero would assemble 1000s of people 100s of reporters just like that. He would show them a video of how he killed a guy who doesn't do any work cruelly with snakes! Our public would be impressed right after learning that he is a psychotic murderer and crowd him to get autograph! This is probably one of the stupidest scene i have ever seen in Tamil movie history!!

Another idiotic scene is he

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It sucks totally!!
by Karthik on Jul 13, 2005 07:38 PM

How can you possibly like the portrayal of ambi and Remo by Vikram. There are 1000s of logical flaws in the movie. You don't like someone in coffee shop kill him !! What a message!! Vikram looks older than Nedumudi venu. I think people get carried away with his multiple personality disorder role! It is utterly mediocre. He did a mess up job atleast in two of the roles. Only role that suited him was the Anniyan role which was pathetic as well. Lot of comical scenes like Prakash Raj and Vivek coming in weird getups! Why would they not come in police uniform! It is a mystery remains to be unsolved! Vikram looks hideous in Remo role! Worst of all even a girl with an IQ of 10 would be able to identitify Remo looks like Ambi! How can she possibly not see the resemblance is beyond belief! People who appreciate craps like this have never seen a real movie i must say! I saw "RAM". Execution of that movie was brilliant. You don't need 28 crores to make a movie like this!

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sharmila valli narayanan
Anniyan review
by sharmila valli narayanan on Jul 11, 2005 08:39 AM

Finally saw Anniyan.In terms of enjoyability, I liked Boys better. Vikram was superb and the movie was very watchable. But the music, which is one of the main characters of a Shankar movie, sucks! AR Rahman, we missed you!!! Hopefully this is Shankar\'s first and last moview without AR Rahman.

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henry antony
anniyan really amazing film in tamil industry
by henry antony on Jul 09, 2005 11:59 AM

there is no words to comment about anniyan.
because how one man can do all of these things to make a film success, i really appreciate the director
for his all films and especially for anniyan. i feel it is an hollywood film, i had watched it for 5times today also i am going to this anniyan, i want to ask Mr.Sankar the director, how u can do these types of films and very effective films, i like to appreciate the producer mr. ravichandran who given an big budget film and as well as its an successful film to tamil industry. only mr. sankar can tell societies
illegal and sins of our nation, i wish all the team and expecting to give award to this film, i want to tell one thing no one can beat Mr. Vikram bcause his acting is very very good performance we seen anniyan in his face and in his body.
i wish all of u.
this film will get award to Mr. Sankar and Mr. Vikaram.
THank you

Henry Antony

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good movie
by uma on Jul 09, 2005 11:34 AM

movie is good it's like indian but small difference
in this movie VIKRAM action with Prakash Raj
is good ;music is not bad

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WHAT !!?????
by LEO on Jul 08, 2005 11:51 AM

Anniyan Rocks , Vikram Rocks , Shankar Rocks , Boys Rocked and Krishnakumar ...You can also try to....... || please try to make use of your pen.

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Narayan Subramanian
Best Tamil movie ever
by Narayan Subramanian on Jul 07, 2005 03:46 AM

Anniyan has definitely brought a new sophistication into the tamil industry. Shankar definitely knows what makes a hit. After I watched chandramukhi i thought it was the coolest movie but after watching anniyan chandramukhi looks pointless and boring. Shankar has really focused this movie for higher class or people who live in other countries like me. He's also tried to captivate the teenage crowd. I'm a teenager in California and I can definitely say it's a hit here. Now coming to the songs... It's definitely a good effort by Harris Jayraj. I've gotten hooked onto kumaari(good song). All the songs are definitely decent but andangkaka but still there is still room for a lot of improvement. Im sure shankar tried to get rahman but rahman's been busy with all his foreign work the past few years. Well good news rahman says that he's coming back to tamil movies so I guess that's a good sign. Well overall I'd have to say anniyan is a very well taken. You can definitely see the effort. Vikram is a one of a kind actor. The climax was great. I thought shankar was very smart to have action and humor at the same time in the climax. Amazing stunts and props to the whole crew.

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anniyan review
by jubbs on Jul 06, 2005 12:57 AM  | Hide replies

well......this is out to the rediff team......the anniyan review was one of the worst i have read and comparable with d s ramanujam who used to review movies for the hindu.....you guys being respected press have a responsibility and just like any other field writing movie reviews takes a lot of skill and understanding.....what i read was just ridiculous.....i suggest you guys exercise some quality control otherwise i shall set the anniyan upon you!!

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RE:anniyan review
by abc_xyz1 on Jul 15, 2005 05:48 AM
I perfectly agree with ur point. BOYS was a hit everywhere ...except the main targeted audience, TN. In fact, I took around 10 north indians to this movie ( who had never seen any south-indian movie till then ), at the end of the show, they were speechless.One of them asked me how come they cud pictuarize songs on such a grand scale , which they had never even seen in Bollywood movies. Then i showed the original DVD of Kakka Kakka and took them to Pitamagan.From then day onwards, their perception towards southie movies (Tamil movies in particular) changed. They keep enquiring me even now, abt any new good tamil movies. Now I will have to take them to ANNIYAN to satisfy their expectations. Thanks to Shankar, Bala and Goutam. U guys simple rock. long live KOLLYWOOD !!!!!!

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Boys rock
by Sharm on Jul 02, 2005 09:20 PM

I too agree that the reviewer's comment that Boys was horrible was misguided. Boys might not have been a hit in Tamil Nadu, but elsewhere it did very well. Malayalee friend who lives in Singapore said that it did very well in Kerala.
I am from Malaysia and Boys was one of the top grossing films (in a country that shows lots of English, Chinese, Malay and Hindi movies) for the year.
In Malaysia, for most non-Indians, Indian films mean Hindi films. My Malay and Chinese friends would never watch Tamil films. But I dragged them for Boys and they came out speechless -- they never knew Tamil films could be so enjoyable and the music by AR Rahman rocks!
Hey my 60 something year old mom saw Boys and liked it very much and wondered why there was so much unnecessary fuss about it.
A movie is a hit if the can recoup and bring in extra money for the producer and this aspect Boys, although a flop in Tamil Nadu, was a hit everywhere else. Too bad Tamilians in Tamil Nadu couldn't appreciate it but thank God others (including non-Tamils speakers in Malaysia and Singapore) liked it.
There are very few Tamil films that seem to appeal to non-Tamil speakers. Boys is one of those rare gems. W

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