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Sachin-booers were right

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This is wrong!
by Abhay on Apr 20, 2006 09:09 AM

This is completely wrong. Booing tendulkar for one, and then some random guy justifying and writing a column about it. Grow up.
Every batmen or bowler for that matter is bound to fail atleast once in their career, its how fast and how strong they can come back and make themselves counted that really matters.
And Tendulkar hasnt been THAT bad just that we are comparing him with the monumental things he has done before. Its with the persisting of players who have talent (and who may have failed for some matches) that the Australian team have developed themselve. Imagine what would have become of Steve Waugh if he was judged by the then selectors of the Australian team with his performances in his first few matched, I reckon he might never have played again. Or even Ricky Ponting, one of the most disasterous Australian starts and turned things around.
Sachin is a great player and he will ultimately regain his form.
Dont judge someone of his stature by what some unruly idiots who doesnt know the first thing about cricket did to him.
And dont write an article supporting them, 'cos by virtue of it, i makes your article ignorant and it makes the writer an even bigger joke.

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Keyser soze
Bunch of Idiots..
by Keyser soze on Apr 01, 2006 05:43 AM

Arvind, it was disappointing to read your article rigth from the topic.

It was disgusting that a bunch idiots in the wankhede booed Sachin, how can one boo Sachin. One fine morning you wake up and forget whatever he has achieved and yeah he was in bad form for how long 12 innings. Where were these people when Sourav went through a bad patch for more than two years.

I'll tell you something, if you go to UP or AP people won't even know what is being booed. Those people who are obsessed with western culture and watching too much of English Premier League were the ones who performed what was a shameful act in the history.

They should be ashamed what they did and these people should be banned from viewing future matches.

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It is time for retiremet for tendulkar
by kiran on Mar 31, 2006 03:14 PM

Hi ,

Little master(Sachin) is a very good player .He is playing for Indian Team from 1989 to till now .He played some very good innings and also match winner . He saved india from india in many situations.
He copleted 10,000 runs in Testcricket and also Oneday Internationals . As a viewers of cricket ,we can expect good scores from him and also from team India .
It is good time for retirement for tendulkar because people and media will remember his great performances .

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sachin-booers are wrong
by MOHAMED ISMAAEEL on Mar 28, 2006 12:21 PM

It is shame and not nice to boo down some great gentleman player a fellow contryman, whom every body have termed as batting genius and mastero on par to Don bradman. He is a true sportsman both on and off the cricket field, so give respect to him. A genuis is one, who has his talents intact and cannot perish. sachin is only 32 years old and has lots of cricket skills in him. Look at the way the media is blowing the issue, media wants some rice and wheat to chew. This is sports and not politics or war. Duty of sports and sporting spirits are different from war or politics. He was injured for past one year, still serving the nation untill he could not play. He did not fail in this duty, but he played with right spirit. booers off the field are outbursting thier disappointment and they are only ordinary people.Sachin deserves an encouraging treatment, a pat on shoulder with love and affection. People for all reasons want only enjoyment but not disappointment. See the one day match of march 28 , india is not doing well with bat, inspite of sachins absence. Now booers are wrong. People should change thier mind and attitude on sports and sportsmen.
mohd ismaaeel

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Great Article
by Girish on Mar 28, 2006 03:59 AM

That is indeed a great article. Sachin needs to retire or more people will join in with boos. I want to ask those who still believe in his ability the following -
1. Can you remember 5 test matches outside the Asian subcontinent and teams other than the minnows (Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, etc) which Sachin singlehandedly helped India win? Remember Sachin has played the maximum number of matches for India.
2. How many centuries has Sachin made in one day outside the Asian Subcontinent? Again remember Sachin has the maximum centuries in one dayers.
3. How many players with more than 8 centuries to their name in one dayers have not been part of a World Cup winning team?
Sachin was a good player never a great one. He was also found wanting at the crunch time. India's dismal record outside the Asian Subcontinent attests to that. Retire Sachin! Immediately!!

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by mihir on Mar 28, 2006 12:07 AM

I agree with the fact as to why Sachin should not be booed. I mean its been a very very long time since we Sachin of the old. Quite frankly i don't think Sachin has played to his best after his back injury in 1999. I mean it seems there is no fear in the minds of bowlers when they face Sachin. We have loved to see him destroy attacks, walk donw the track and smash Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne and Co. out of the park but now... now he is just another batsman.
Anyways, getting back to the topic, the spectators at the Wankhede paid money to watch him bat and what they got in return was utter nonsense. Its time we moved on from worshipping Sachin and looked at someone more solid, inspiring and gutsy. Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, Yuvraj, Irfan and the like.
I hope i am wrong but i believe SACHIN TENDULKAR has just become Sachin Tendulkar

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by Venkatachalam on Mar 27, 2006 07:14 PM  | Hide replies

Few have thecourage to call spade a spade in Indian Cricket and that includes our ex players and commentators. When Virendra Shewag was asked about Vinoo Mankad and Pankaj Roy of the yesteryears he said he never heard of them! This was taken for a simple man's frankness and ex players like Sidhu and other learned people tried to justify Shewag when he was just arrogant.

It is time Sachin left the scene honourably and not stick around like Sourav whenthe wrting was on the wall. In sport like any other field nobody is indispensib;e. The eralier Sachin understands this the better.

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by Nair on Apr 02, 2006 06:13 PM
i agree......
the hype which surrounds the Indian cricket team is unbelievable....cricketers are treated like GODS and they get paid unbelievable amounts of money...so y shudnt they get the stick when they dont perform....

Yes...Sachin has played for a loong loong time...true he has scored most number of runs/centuries in Cricket...but how many of them have come when India was down and out...how many actually won the game for India....
Just put your mind to it and think of his most remarkable games....the games that he left an impact...
2-3 games wud just come to mind...it wud include his century at Perth(which we lost) and the 2 games at Sharjah (1 lost and 1 won)...isnt that sad...tat after 16 years, we remember only 2 games vey clearly where he has won a game for us...
Looking thru his record in the 2nd innings shows that he again has failed miserably....compare it with Dravid....Dravid comes out more gritty...more of a match winner than Sachin....
Sachin gave us joy playing some good innings....but lets admit..the last 3 years has been a collosul disappointment...his being or not being in the team has made no difference which is a sad reflection on him...

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by Shiv on Apr 02, 2006 06:33 PM

Sachin...A spade!!You are sick.

Why dont you throw this misconception out of your mind that you are 'qualified' to comment on players like Sachin Tendulkar.Great players are remembered for their failures and ordinary for their triumph.

Just give an insight to whatever you have written.Be honest and you will find that you dont know anything about cricket and its history, as well.Remember, you are not commenting on how your son performed in gully cricket.You are talking about Sachin Tendulkar.So, be cautious.

How can you describe somebody who is just 33, and played 17 years of international cricket.Almost without a break.Just try remember, when was last time, you attended your office for 6 months without a break and you will not find a single instance.

So, be honest. And you would not try assess a cricketer, named Sachin Tendulkar.

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by Bruno on Apr 01, 2006 07:37 PM
Do you know who was the top scorer in the second innings...

By the way, Sachin scored a 100 and a 95 just last month.

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BR Mohan
There is nothing wrong in booing Cricketers
by BR Mohan on Mar 27, 2006 06:06 PM

Gone are the days when cricketers' performances were never merit for selecting them. Players were counted for their past performances. In today's cricketing world (especially in India), players must realise that they are as good as their latest results. It does not matter whoever it means, whether it is the captain, or the seniormost player or whatever. Public pay to watch these games. The game today runs on money that comes in from people (do not read as gate collection). It doesn't really matter who play for the country and who doesn't. At the end what is important is who wins and who performs in that win. Sachin is not above this practical fact. He should take a leaf out of Kumble's book, when it comes to making a come back with a big bang, after almost being forgotten. Very few players can do that. Great players are above (media-made) stars. Sachin can work on his game and still make a comeback. But he should remember that he has to compete hard and with youngsters much younger than him. The middle name of sports must be 'competition' and not records and past deeds.C'mon let us not brood over whether booing is good or bad. Let us encourage fierce competition and that is good.

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