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Ganguly unfit to lead: Chappell

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YB Padmesh
by YB Padmesh on Sep 23, 2005 11:25 PM

Sack him. It is true that indian team represents BCCI, not india, the way ganguly & the BCCI Co., behaves.

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good to know
by Srini on Sep 23, 2005 11:12 PM

well,If coach chappell have said an e.mail on captain ganguly unfit to lead indian cricket team to 2007 world cup. I am totally agree and support Mr.Chappell.as all we know,no question how much saurav has done for the indian cricket. But now Time to END-his line.not to be more fools in International cricket to add more fools in indian cricket audience.

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ganguly gotta go!!
by vivek on Sep 23, 2005 11:09 PM

ganguly has been a great servant for indian cricket but he must realize he cannot remain out of form forever and at the same time remain in the team.
if we select the best 11 and then choose the captain,Ganguly would be out of the side.it's sad that Mohd kaif who's been in brilliant touch should sit out for Ganguly's sake.
Greg chappell is a great guy and we want more straightforward people like him.

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Dr. S.S.Bakshi
its time we called a spade a spade
by Dr. S.S.Bakshi on Sep 23, 2005 10:56 PM  | Hide replies

Its time we stopped selecting reputations and selecting abilities instead. If Gaunguly does not perform he should be kicked out and the same message should be sent to Sachin,Kumble, Laxman and Yuvraj as well. And to all bengalis..please behave as Indians first and bengalis later. Remember Saurav had a good record as captain because of the team and not because of himself alone. Look at the way Shoaib akhtar was shown the door in pakistan and mark taylor and steve waugh in australia..and if u say saurav was a better captain than them, then its useless discussing anything with you anyway. Remember there is an India beyond Calcutta (Kolkota).

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parthiv seth
hi dr bakshi
by parthiv seth on Dec 14, 2005 03:21 AM
thank you for reminding the nation how to behave like indians ....and also to remind the bengalis that they require to behave as indians .....and i am here to remind you that if that was so "sachin tendulkar" would have been a fairy tale . please check the records and know the facts and figures and have a thorough understanding of gamemanship before you comment on such sensitive issues .And it is rather a shame that people like you who claim to be educated indians behave so irresponsibly when they interact with the society and think this way . for fifty years we have not been able to identify a real Indian and it is nothing wrong if we have people with wrong ideas .

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Samir Banerjee
Chappel & Ganguly
by Samir Banerjee on Sep 23, 2005 10:50 PM

It is indeed a very sad day for Indian Cricket that this controversy has errupted. Good or bad, right or wrong is not the only question involved in this. To be frank and honest both the parties are to be blamed and should share equal responsibility for the same.

It is a well known fact that Greg is a Task Master and a strict disciplinarian.He never ever wore kid gloves and has always been blunt with his critisisms.He never took kindly to players in his team even when he led the Aussies. No one can deny that he always led from the front. He did not believe in carrying baggage or dead weights in the team.He asked for no quaters and gave no quaters. He was tough on himself as he was with others. In fact if you were not up to it, you were not there. It was as simple as that.

As regards Sourav, let us say that he played an important part and has a good record of his Captincy. However his form is not there, younger players, especially Kaif, are suffering as Ganguly has preferences.Though being out of form,he is taking up a vital berth. Indian cricketers are known not to bow out gracefully. Too much money is involved.It has ceased to be a gentlemans'game.Hope U get the MESSAGE.

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Too early to comment
by Pradeep on Sep 23, 2005 10:42 PM

I think it is too early to comment on this topic. As rightly pointed out, we should never speculate on such topics. Its not right to side anyone at this stage.

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Joe Britto
Ganguli unfit to lead : Chappell
by Joe Britto on Sep 23, 2005 10:29 PM

Yes, Ganguly has been the cause of our past failures.
Winning a series against Zimbabwe is not big deal.

All are aware of Ganguly's strong likes and dislikes.

In fact in the world cup 2003 , V.V.S Laxman should have been in the team in the first instance (and not Diniesh Mongia) and in the final against Australia , Anil Kumble should have been in the playing 11.

Ganguly is very good at quoting Statistics and has ready answers for every final defeat.

The Natwest victory was a flash in the pan.

Yes if India is to have any chance in the world cup 2007, we should select a new team with a new captain.

Players like Kaif should be in both Tests/ one dayers.
We should select more All Arounders.

The world cup 1983 was won due to allarounders like Kapil Dev, Mohinder Amarnath,Roger Binny & Madan Lal.

Every player contributed 110 % .

Rahul Dravid is a thinking captain and is the best bet for the Captain with Sewag as Vice Captain.

Joe Britto

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Now how come this leaked?
by Satya on Sep 23, 2005 10:24 PM

First the Coach said something in the dressing room, which the Captain leaked unprofessionally; the captain should be taken to task for that..

And now, the Coach sent a confidential email about the captain to the Board; and everyone including the captain seem to know about it; now where do we plug this leak? The Coach did it, or one of the esteemed Board members did it?

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