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''Our performance was not bad''

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Shame is the key word
by Vicky on Sep 08, 2004 11:22 PM

"Our performance is not bad"....Wow that's the way to go. The other day I was watching sportscenter on ESPN and the host joked about India ( 1 billion people and 1 silver medal). Shame is the word here, not optimism. Everybody at work (Chinese, American...) are asking how come we don't win anything. I always say everybody in India plays cricket and it is not an olympic sport. I know in my mind that is not entirely true. We are professionals and we do our job well, if the sports ministry and the athletes can do their job well..then we would have had some medals by now. Learn something from this fiasco, enough of these encouraging words, lets show some tough love towards our Jocks and then maybe they will toughen up.

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How can we expect Indian Athletes to do well when
by velocity321 on Aug 30, 2004 11:45 PM

all the importance is given to Film Stars & Politicians ? Reason for poor performance at Olympics too much importance is given to Politics & Films which are not merit, while Science & Sports which are pure Merit is ignored. Thats the reason why India has not won any Nobel Prize in Science since 1930 wins only 1 Olympic medal if lucky per games. Science & Sports is PURE MERIT, no one can bring their children and offspring by influence into Science & Sports unlike Films/Politics where the children of Film Stars & Politicians always enter by influence through their parents help. Politicians & Bollywood are spoiling our reputation. Does anyone bother if we say we have the most number of Actors/Politicians and produce the highest number of films in the world ? No, it just becomes a laughing stock. Only Industry, Science & Sports is essential in world standings, not films & politics. The entire fault lies with the Politicians & the Film Industry where there is no Merit, only corruption, influence and destruction of society & values. We have to emphasize only Merit.

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Good job Mr Dutt
by raju on Aug 30, 2004 10:39 PM

I agree with Sunil Dutt. Our athletes did their best. Some like Anju, Rathore, 4*400 team of Raj kaur, Soman, Beenamol, Manjit Kaur, Seema (heptathlon) did exceptionally well.
All are champions. Exception of those who took drugs (if they did), or got in the squad using politics. Otherwise all deserve the respect. Thanks

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John Snowball
'Our performance was not bad'
by John Snowball on Aug 30, 2004 04:17 PM

India Population 1 billion plus: 1 silver
Micheal Phelps Population 1: 5 gold, 2 bronze

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Look ahead at 2008
by Brenda on Aug 30, 2004 10:34 AM

Every olympics its the same sad story.

Its time our big corporates came into the picture. They need to identify sports persons and then sponsor/motivate and keep a track of their practices from this year itself. This will encourage the sportsperson.

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It's time we wake up
by vikram on Aug 30, 2004 10:02 AM

It is really bad to see our sports minister talking this crap. If he is really an "Indian" he should be ashamed of what happened in athens and i am truly ashamned. As expressed already seeing small countries pipping the great america for gold medals in variouis disciplines i have been thinking - why not "India". China has shown remarkable growth since last olymipics and "Japan"am sure none have ever heard it in top 10 nations in olympic table but this time they have got 15 gold medals. A nation hardly equal to one city of India.
all players should be ashamed of complaining abt lack of facilities/money when people infront of their eyes from backward nations are playing with their hearts out. Iraqi soccer team can be one of the example - they practiced in grazing field and who can forget argentina basketball team- they played like possessed people defeating usa and then italy to win gold.
The golden words told by one the player is still ringing in my ears -
" We are here to play for pride,for our country not for money. we dont get anything from this. "
I wish all the views shared by us can be presented to sports officials,palyers & coaches to know how we indians are feeling.

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by ashwin on Aug 30, 2004 08:43 AM

U r right dutt saheb .its not bad but very very bad!!!

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WOMEN 'S performance was good
by daisy on Aug 30, 2004 01:21 AM

India did its best!Indian politics allow only cricket training .They are least bothered if other sports lack basic funds.Do you know how difficult to train if you lack sofisticated instruments which all other countries have,hockey players -they have all done lot of hardwork inspite of the countrY'S stepmother attitude towards all other games except cricket.Do you know how difficult it is for the women in our country to train themselves when there is constant pressure of getting married or constant sarcasm of being treateD a women!what an irony when women are the best in our country(at everything)WAY TO GO GIRLS!HIP HIP HURRY TO OUT WOMEN ATHELETS AT ATHENS!!!

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