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Love Aaj Kal is watchable, but...

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Was a great MOVIE,,
by Guest on Aug 22, 2009 05:44 PM

Although its very amazing to see such a huge mixed reaction not seen too much on a particularly known subject,,

ANYHOW,, I think DEEPIKA is just too unpolished for MOVIE of this Cadre, HER VOICE AND SPEECH is not upto the mark, I cant forget her LINES "YOU PRRRRROMISE,, YOU PRRROMISE",,, GURL need lots of speech imporvement..

ON THE HAND,, SAIF JUST ROCK IT ALL,, Deepika's underperformance, Saif makes up for all of it,, specially his "Before the Depika Weeding Part scence"" is rocking,,

RISHI KAPOOR just delivers his excellence again,, its so great to see him again in a character he dows the best,, and with saif they deliver great scenes,,




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My take on 'Love Aajkal'
by Guest on Aug 14, 2009 10:25 PM  | Hide replies

Here is my review for movie 'Love Aajkal' without touching the story so u can still watch the movie...
Metro NRI desi and his very young and pretty girlfriend and their love angle in life- this is about ‘Love Aajkal’.
People make choices and decisions in their life based on the situation at that time. So ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ are relative terms. Way to go “Einstein”!

For the young generation the choice that feels right, good and practical at that moment is the winner! Saif and Deepika both had impeccable comedy timing.. wish more people in the world would have had such a sense of humor; then this world would have been a better place. Movie was refreshing and makes you notice following:

• Dating is not as easy as it seems!
• You can have a nice time during breakups also if the partner is smart, intelligent and has a great sense of humor!
• Parents need not be invited for the weddings!
• Being accountable for your own mistakes makes you a better and real person!
• Relationship is a work too and it takes time, effort and planning!

With all its negative and positive points ‘Love Aajkal’ is a refreshing movie which will make you laugh at least 5 times and also will help you realize the importance of living in the moment!!!

I did feel that I am aging and getting old as the lifestyle of the movie was ultra-modern!

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Shrujal Vakharia
Re: My take on 'Love Aajkal'
by Shrujal Vakharia on Aug 18, 2009 09:46 PM
Agreed. Your comments are nicely articulated and well said!

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deepankar dayanand
Bullshit Movie
by deepankar dayanand on Aug 14, 2009 06:40 AM

Its not worth even to watch free..

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Naren Narayan
Most ridiculous movie which made me puke as well as shit!
by Naren Narayan on Aug 13, 2009 08:56 AM

This is one of most ridiculous movie I have seen in my life.. I have seen many. It made me feel so bad, I puked and shit.. Even the thought of the movie makes me sick. There is no freakin messages, there is no funny moments, there is no logic... Saif & Deepika proved that they suck. The dialogues are so cheesy and some scenes look like two little kids doing sstupid things....

I don't know what else to say..!

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Vasundhara Khattry
by Vasundhara Khattry on Aug 12, 2009 03:50 AM

I meant 'less explanatory' in the previous post and 'thoroughly' instead of thouroughly lol

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Vasundhara Khattry
bang on!
by Vasundhara Khattry on Aug 12, 2009 03:46 AM

I watched this movie only last night and left the theatre a little confused but Raja Sen has absolutely nailed it this time! I couldn't agree more with all the points he has made - that the movie shd hv NOT have been a comedy, dialogues could have been MUCH better and actually a little explanatory (the audience can figure a few things out dude! You dont recite text when you're talking to the girl you've known for years!). A few songs were ill placed but I thouroughly enjoyed 'chorbazaari', 'aahun aahun' and a few others. And coming to the most glaring flaw of the movie - Deepika Padukone! I mean seriously hats off to Farah for making her look atleast lovely in her debut movie! Here she looks ganwaar, speaks ganwaar and is a terrible actress! I have never really understood why so much hype surrounds here anyways! Saif tried hard to save the movie which he did along with Rishi Kapoor and the charming Brazilian Harleen, whatever her name is. Rahul Khanna was sadly wasted in the movie. True, this movie is NO 'Socha Na Tha' or 'Jab We Met'. Imitiaz Ali has faltered this time. And yes, the movie could have been really special!

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whteva dude..!!
by Guest on Aug 11, 2009 08:23 PM  | Hide replies

luv aaj kal is d most stupidest movi evaaa..i mean...it has no sense...deepika is character less and emotion less and fake...gawdd...why d hell do ppl evn keep hr...saif ws tolerable...bt d film ws quite a let dwn...sum parts of d film jus reminded me of jab we met...i expected alot frm it...quite disappointed...actually i hated d movi....n deepika is one of d major reasons...FAKE FAKE FAKE..!!

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Re: whteva dude..!!
by aman on Aug 12, 2009 01:39 AM
there is nothign realted to jub we met stuff...
and saif has come a way ahead from ole ole to......... ahu ahu song .. where the yadon ki barat singing compition of rishi and some actor of that era was immitated ... sowing saif in the sardar look and another look.. that was simply gr8

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Re: whteva dude..!!
by aman on Aug 12, 2009 01:26 AM
fools cant understand ... love stories of 2 diffrent era's is comapred over here...
supposed todays caracterless love stories and yesterdays supposed caracterfull love stories...
it shows love is beyond sex... can change the most heartless ppl ..
but low metality sex stuck ppl mind full of sex and only sex and no charater cant understand it.. or dont wana understand it...

i agree deepika is horrible and will reamin horrible yet .. the movie is so good that u can ignore her...
the brazilain girl looks perfect innocent indian girl of that era..
rishi kappor has proved that he is the only one to be superstar again after amitab ..then in thier era and now also...

and for ppl calling deepika leaving her husband caraterless... one is she waits for her lover till he can realise .. another is even running away with someone elses to be bride was also charaterless in that era but now it is acceptable...
prob is the salaried review writer (for mere thousands trying to evalute a project worth millions) was not paid by the producer and director inspite of askig for money... and was kicked out..

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Naren Narayan
Re: Re: whteva dude..!!
by Naren Narayan on Aug 13, 2009 09:02 AM
Aman, are you kidding! Comparing two love stories... in a ridiculous way.. Watch the movie 10 more times and then tell me what you think.
Love is beyond sex... Either you are getting sex every day or you haven't had sex at all.. thats why you are saying like this. Don't you know that sex is a major part of love..

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Message deleted by moderator
Message deleted by moderator
VENURAJA Bowenpalle
most horrible movie
by VENURAJA Bowenpalle on Aug 11, 2009 04:08 PM  | Hide replies

What is the love aaj kal ?
It has no values.
The film shows how a girl should elop with her lover.
A woman (Deepka played the role) falls in love and then goes to foreign country, falls in love with some one , colleague or boss ,who the God knows and then marries him.

Now,because love is truthful and poweful as well, stupid director of the film thought that this woman (Deepika) should go back to her former lover again.

The film preaches to young girls as to how to be careless about their marriage,how to take it easy and how to express the pines of love to her husband ?? so that she would be allowed to runaway !!!
This is an utter ,boring nonsense film.

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Re: most horrible movie
by aman on Aug 12, 2009 01:48 AM
u talk about idli sambar dont talk about love ... its love aaj(now a days ) love kal (in the golden era of moives)...
it shows be it kal or aaj love is love as pure as ever.. feelings are still same..
diff is you ate you idli sambar but now a days ppl eat burger pizza also.. but both do same thing make ur stomach full ... hope this way ur idli samar mind will understand it...

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Vasundhara Khattry
Re: Re: most horrible movie
by Vasundhara Khattry on Aug 12, 2009 03:55 AM
And the burgers must have made YOU fat m sure! How casteist is this you idiot! 'Feelings are same' bullshit! Go get married and you'll see just how easy it is to even THINK of walking out on your partner, let alone the callous way in which the movie shows that - chale hain bada love ki purity preach karne huh!

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anti rapist
Re: Re: Re: most horrible movie
by anti rapist on Aug 13, 2009 05:15 PM
aman must be real dumb to watch and believe in this crap movie. d@mn retard!

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Naren Narayan
Re: most horrible movie
by Naren Narayan on Aug 13, 2009 09:05 AM
Bowenpalle, You made a great point.. The movie shows how not to respect marriage and promotes meaningless love stories.. Its boring.. disgusting and nonsense...

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shivendra singh
Re: most horrible movie
by shivendra singh on Aug 20, 2009 11:57 AM
TMr. Venuraja believes in a male dominating world. where women has to save marriage even you dont feel to live with this guy. Thousands year old hindus philosphy that we should follow code of conduct written in Ramyana even Mr. Dashrath has four wives but you have to save marriage, even you r only utlity to husband just a sex toy,

it will take time you kinda males to understand WOMEN FREEDOM and these kind of movies.Why do you want to control women They are not preaching any thing they are projecting what they think?

I love this movies


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