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Love Aaj Kal is watchable, but...

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gurdeep gujral
by gurdeep gujral on Aug 04, 2009 02:10 PM

dont waste ur time and money for this bakwaas movie i already gave out 1000/- n is looking for imtiaz for a refund,,,,,nothing is related to sikh community saif has failed speaking punjabi OVERACTING,,,deepika can only walk on ramp she shud stay away from acting,,,,,no story line absolutely bakwaas no reality,,,,,,totally out of mind movie showcasing 3 affairs out of which there was no need for the rishi kapoor part ,,,,,WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY

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Don't rubbish a great attempt
by RAKESH SINGHAI on Aug 04, 2009 12:00 PM  | Hide replies

I am appear to be a contrarian,but I really liked the movie and will recommend it for all to see.
The underlying message is wonderful.It brings out the message very clearly.Love and biological needs are two different things.

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Re: Don't rubbish a great attempt
by rock on Aug 04, 2009 09:31 PM
great........is too big a word for this movie.i don't know how u see it as a great attempt.its totally waste of time n money.ali tried to show us a twisted modern love story but everything got twisted......and the 2nd half is totally pathetic

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puneet gupta
totally irritating movie
by puneet gupta on Aug 04, 2009 11:27 AM

love aaj kal is hopeless n patetic movie with no story line.. really its very diff to understand in the movie wht is going on.. really we all make fun of the movie.. dont waste ur precious money by watching this crap.

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Dave Shvetang
super flop
by Dave Shvetang on Aug 04, 2009 10:59 AM

it is so boaring film whichever i have seen...it is copy of Humtum & salam namaste....it is so boaring film...pls no go to watch it in multiplex

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rajiv gupta
Bakwas movie
by rajiv gupta on Aug 04, 2009 10:36 AM  | Hide replies

While every one criticizes Raja Sen for other reasons, I would blame him for not having enough guts to write that this is the "Worst Movie" of the year as on date. I would blame him for Rs. 1000 I wasted on this Bakwas movie on Sunday. However I have strong doubts about credibility of "Nikhat Kazmi"-TOI who had given 4 stars to this movie. He certainly gets paid for all these idiotic reviews.

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gurdeep gujral
Re: Bakwas movie
by gurdeep gujral on Aug 04, 2009 02:13 PM
absolutely this is a trash movie dont know why TOI and HT gave it 3-4 stars, its clear that their reviews are paid highly by imtiaz dont waste ur money guys on this crap, people were laughing in between on the crap story line n dialogues and MAYBE ON THEIR FOOLISHNESS

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Ron Conrad
Re: Bakwas movie
by Ron Conrad on Aug 04, 2009 04:11 PM
Rajiv you are absolutely correct about these reviewers, especially Nikhat Kazmi. I am sure this lady gets paid for writing reviews.

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ankur lakhwan
not watchable
by ankur lakhwan on Aug 04, 2009 09:31 AM


don't take ur mind in threater.......
only enjoy and forget

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hem upadhyay
by hem upadhyay on Aug 04, 2009 08:58 AM  | Hide replies

Saw the movie yesterday would like to put few points:
1. Saif should now realise that he is now too old for these kinda roles 2.The supposedly comic dialogues were nowhere close to be funny coz they are now too repetitive in Bollywood 3. The chemistry between Saif and Deepika was non-existent,unlike Jab We Met where Kareena and Shahid rocked 4.To be honest, the parallel story from 60's was more touching than saif-deepika's.5. am really impressed with young Harleen(a Brazilian model, I am told),who despite not knowing a single word of Hindi emoted very well without any dialogues 6.Music is the only high-point with beautiful tracks like "Ye dooriyan" and "Ajj din chadiyan" 7. Finally, one advice for Deepika: Inspite the fact, that she looks awesome in the movie and her smile, she REALLY needs an acting session class(with empahsis on dialogue delivery).
If you are planning to watch the movie, go with 0 expectations(forget Jab we met),chances are that you may like it.

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Re: Dissapointed
by TV SHANKER on Aug 04, 2009 12:33 PM
this looks like a better review than raja sen's review:)

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Neeta Joshi
by Neeta Joshi on Aug 04, 2009 05:55 AM  | Hide replies

I am just happy to know that people have finally started accepting that Deepika Padukone cannot act!!!! She is PLASTIC to the T! She is just a good looking model, she looks bad in indian clothes, she is too athletic and lacks any warmth... Finally!!!!

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Message deleted by moderator
Where is indian culture?
by Ashok on Aug 04, 2009 05:47 AM  | Hide replies

Indian Culture is going to the dogs with these kind of movies...Only kis-sing scenes?? What about the rest of our culture?

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Kamakshiamba Namste
Re: Where is indian culture?
by Kamakshiamba Namste on Aug 04, 2009 11:10 AM
Be a knight to protect Bhartiya Culture for which Bharat is machless in the entire world. You are the son of Bharat mata try unbothered what cheap so-called unworthy sons/daughters of Bharat mata say. The democaracy as it manipulated is beyond imagination of forefathers of freedom, no good citizen is assured that Bhartiya Culture is protected.

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chutta saand
by duskymacho on Aug 04, 2009 12:50 AM

Saifu is hiked inspired with Mr. Hashmi... kissing buts of co-stars ;-). Lukcy chap booked all possible kissing slots and poor khanna landed with not even a single. Well movie is not great to watch. miss DP is natural and hot, mostly found in her regular outfits. Saifu is no more a home entertainer.. rather teens.

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