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Love Aaj Kal is watchable, but...

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Jehan Mir
Fun Flick-2
by Jehan Mir on Aug 06, 2009 01:55 PM  | Hide replies

(Continued)In Love Aajkal,two love stories run side by side, one of days of old, revolving around a a girl name Harleen,played by beautiful Giselle, a new find by Imtiaz Al. Harleen is raised in a strict,conservative sikh family environments in New Dehli and another one played by equally beautiful,jovial Deepika set in the modern era,right in London England.The male lead in both stories is deftly played by Saif Ali Khan.

The Saif and Deepika contemplate and do break up after a long, loving relationship.
It was kind of odd to see that neither Saif nor Deepika display any emotions whatsoever at what should be an agonizing moment in their lives. Perhapes, the story teller intends to convey that blonds are not the only one who are dumb, as is shown by Deepika's belated realization. Saif after roundabouts with other women tries to get Deepika back/ On the other hand,the Saif of old,continues his strife to get near her apparently unattainable Harleen.

With this background, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. lanky Deepika fills the screen with her big radiant smile,and pretty eyes. She looks just beautiful in her red,wedding dress.The movie revolves around her and in fact belongs to Deepika.

I disagree with the reviewer that she does not know how to act. She remarkably plays the part of a jolly,happy go lucky, modern,self reliant,independent girl.

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Jehan Mir
Re: Fun Flick-2
by Jehan Mir on Aug 06, 2009 01:57 PM

She does show equally well her serious side when she tries to get in touch with Saif on phone after break up and when she sees him while her wedding is in progress.

This is one movie that I did not have to think of or wait for the 'intermission'. In fact, the 'Interval' appeared to have come as fast as someone jolting you out of a beautiful dream.

Saif Ali Khan dominates the second half of the movie.He is also torn apart by his long lost love and wants to get back with Deepika. I tell you Saif can give Devdas, the run for his money.He has culminated into a hell of an actor. He also looks so perfect as a Sardar in every aspect in his other side role.

The greatest surprise is of course, Giselle,a young Brazilian model / actress who looks so Panjabi,that at first I thought that Imtiaz Ali had stolen a heroin from one of those,Jimmy Shergill's Panjabi movies.

There are only few instances in movie history where the opening shot of an actor casts an everlasting spell upon the audience.The instances, I can recall right now are Vivian Leigh in themovie 'Gone with the Wind,' Julie Christie in the movie 'Doctor Zhivago',' Catherine Zeta Jones / Douglas, in the movie Mask of Zorro. Now we are blessed with Giselle.One of her first shots from her side at the Red Fort leaves you gasping ..I think Bollywood continually needs influx of new faces to prevent boredom and repitition of faces and characters and Giselle surely fills the bill.

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Jehan Mir
Re: Re: Fun Flick-2
by Jehan Mir on Aug 06, 2009 01:59 PM

Rishi Kapoor Sahib is routinely superb.The resemblance of another Panjabi,Neetu Singh appearing as Haleen in later years is uncanny.

The musical score including 'Chore Bazaree',Thoda Thoda Pyar', 'Ahun Ahun' which are very catchy and would play in your head continuosly long after you heard them. Just listen to them sparingly.

As I said, I heard young Shalini sing 'Chore Bazaree' at Sa Re Ga Ma Pa,Little Champ for the first time. Imtiaz Ali should thank and send Shalini a note and a check for popularizing the music.He saw her perform at one of her recent episodes. Imtiaz Ali should also keep Shalinis name in his little black book. Shalini may be another Giselle in ten years from now. Besides being pretty and talented, she would be able to sing her own movie songs reminiscent of great Madam Noor Jehan, Surryia and Salma Agha.

I do not see a movie for the second time, except very occasionally for a musical. Seeing a movie twice is like reading yesterdays newspaper.However, I may try to find time to see this movie again for sake of two beautiful babes,Deepika and of course astonishing and very delightful Giselle and catchy tunes of PritamDa.

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Jehan Mir
Fun Flick
by Jehan Mir on Aug 06, 2009 01:50 PM

The reason I went to see Lov Ajkal was that I saw 8 year old pretty model Shalini sing on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa,Little Champ,on July 31,2009 episode,the song ' Chore Bazaree'. I not only saw the movie but also bought the CD,only to repeatedly play its music by PritamDa and I like ro report that I loved both the movie and its music.

I did not know I was going to see another of Imtiaz Ali's creative genius, though I had tremendously enjoyed his prior work 'Soocha Na Tha' and 'Jab We Met' .
He certainly seem to have grasped the knack of making movies which reflect the pulse; the prevailing mood and the culture of the young Desi generation across the globe.

Long gone are the days when guys in the Indian movies could be philanderers and the girls were supposed to be Pavitre (pure) like Ganga (Ganges River)( even though Ganga is today the most polluted river ever in the whole World ,unless the Indian government takes appropriate steps to provide clean air and water to pubic,instead of wasting billions of dollars on fast depreciating and rapidly self outmoding military hardware).

The young generation as depicted in this movie is not concerned with the past or current social / sexual habitat of the interactants,instead they freely mix,cohabitate or marry a living, breathing person, with all of his or her combatible human attributes and qualities rather than focussing on marrying just the genitalia.

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gokul bhanu
Wanted on the block!!!
by gokul bhanu on Aug 06, 2009 02:43 AM

very true..went with lots of expectation and got nothing. Boring to the core. These days promos promise a lot but alas..anyways..lots of expectations with WANTED. Awaiting this movie....

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Bad Man
Splendid movie
by Bad Man on Aug 05, 2009 10:21 PM

The movie is very very innovative and outstanding..those who hated have a poor taste.

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good movie!
by aaryan on Aug 05, 2009 02:18 PM

well it's not bad as some people ! it has grossed 47 crores in india and 15 crores overseas ! it's going to be big hit than NEWYORK!

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Shalender Singh
Unusually bad
by Shalender Singh on Aug 05, 2009 12:35 AM

Wasted 3 hrs and precious money on a movie that I and my girl friend wanted to leave in-between at least 10 time. Had a good sleep in the theater though!

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Hard to believe
by shyama on Aug 04, 2009 04:58 PM

The movie was below expectation and some could find its a total waste of money (as we felt so....). Imitiaz Ali could have done better as he did with Jab We Met.... Love Aaj Kal is far far away from the reality (espicially in Indian Context.) Music is good.. cinematogrphy is execellent and Performance is average but the new girl (Harleen) is looking good and preety.... Overall just an average movie and no need to watch in cinema hall...one can see at home ...

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amit jain
totally waste and bakwas movie
by amit jain on Aug 04, 2009 02:24 PM

i went to saw the movie with lots of expectations but i was totally disappointed.
it was no where matching to jab we met.same old story presented in different way.
saif is ok but deepika is pathetic she cant act.and also she looks very ugly especially in shaddi scene and indian clothes

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gurdeep gujral
by gurdeep gujral on Aug 04, 2009 02:10 PM

dont waste ur time and money for this bakwaas movie i already gave out 1000/- n is looking for imtiaz for a refund,,,,,nothing is related to sikh community saif has failed speaking punjabi OVERACTING,,,deepika can only walk on ramp she shud stay away from acting,,,,,no story line absolutely bakwaas no reality,,,,,,totally out of mind movie showcasing 3 affairs out of which there was no need for the rishi kapoor part ,,,,,WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY

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