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Love Aaj Kal is watchable, but...

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vishal hiwale
by vishal hiwale on Aug 08, 2009 09:02 AM

bakwas bakwas bakwas

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Sameer Bhagwat
by Sameer Bhagwat on Aug 07, 2009 10:37 PM

bakwas movie

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by jjohn on Aug 07, 2009 08:17 PM

This is one of the super duper bakwas,hope ki koi ladki shadi karne ke dushre din aapne boyfriend ke pass jane ki jid na kare.
A1 bakwass..........................

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love aajkal1
by PaGu on Aug 07, 2009 06:57 PM  | Hide replies

REDIFF I BEG U TO CHANGE THIS REVIEWER MR. RAJA SEN B4 THE WHOLE WORLD STOPS READING REVIEWS AT REDIFF. I thought tht these reviewers were against mass movies but this guy has the audacity to write crap about such a class movie. Love aajkal is a movie whr everyone in the audience is glued to movie. Tight dialogues, great performances by saif & deepika, awesome music. Raja sen - u clearly lack 2 things: 1. taste & 2. class

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Akhil Srivastava
Re: love aajkal1
by Akhil Srivastava on Aug 10, 2009 01:11 PM
I think raja is best and i only believe him............

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love aajkal
by PaGu on Aug 07, 2009 06:51 PM  | Hide replies

The first ever movie reviews, i have read used to be those in 'chanchal chhaya' section of 'sarita' magazine. They reviewed 95% of the movies as bad. Gradually, everyone in the world stopped reading it.

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Message deleted by moderator
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Gaurav Kumar
Its worth money!!!
by Gaurav Kumar on Aug 07, 2009 04:29 PM

Love AajKal falls in that category of movies, where you really don't feel like waiting for hours to get "the end" on screen. Movie has got its own charm which will hold you on chair. Its not a fantastic product by Imtiaz Ali but still is worth watching because of its plot, some good act, music and one new face Giselle. Giselle had nothing more to speak in the movie but had to show that natural urban instinct on-screen and she has done that with perfection. She was a good selection to play the part. Saif and Deepik also have played their character really well. Its watchable..

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nancy drew
a very true review
by nancy drew on Aug 07, 2009 03:20 PM

.........dis movie is very ordinary nothing extraordinary and yes deepika cant act!!! but the songs are good...

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Amrita Suresh
Such a chauvinist really!!
by Amrita Suresh on Aug 07, 2009 03:00 PM

Just what does Raja Sen mean, by beginning a review with the line "the weather is fickle like a girl"?!! If he has a cold, he needn't make an entire country suffer with his pathetic views!!

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Moral Brigade
Film is super hit now...so..
by Moral Brigade on Aug 07, 2009 12:13 PM

raja sen just sutup now the movie is declared superhit.

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