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Kisna should have been Katherine

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Rajesh Ray
Review of 'Kisna'
by Rajesh Ray on Jan 23, 2005 06:14 PM

An utterly boring, contorted, lousy movie with the cinematography perhaps being the only plus point.

The only thing that seems to be happening in the movie time and time agin is that the heroine keeps getting abducted by nasty mean looking natives, and of course, getting rescued by a wooden-faced hero (Vivke Oberoi who obviously can't act for nuts!).

The audience in the hall in South Mumbai was jeering and large numbers had already walked out a good 15-20 mins prior to the end. Need I say anything more.

Please don't make the same mistake as I did of watcing this movie in a cinema hall- it is nothing but a sheer wastage of time, effort, and money.
Subhash Ghai has indeed lowered his standards and his reputation by churning out this kind of a trash movie- hype and large scale notwithstanding!

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A Visual treat.
by Sayed on Jan 23, 2005 06:03 PM

Kisna is really a visual treat, long time no such movies have been made in Hindi cinema. Acting specially Antonia's is great. Isha has no space left for any acting, her dance is marvallous but shown too much that at the end it get bored. Ghai must have been used independence backdrop effectively, but somewhat failed, last seens of riots are absolutely unnessesary and takes out the freshness of the movie. overall a good and fresh movie to watch.

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Review on Kisna
by Satya on Jan 23, 2005 03:18 PM

With great expectation of the movie , and audio success final i thought film will on par with TAAL
But my suprise, film disappointed the great fans of subhash ghail earlier movies, film has several shot commings Story line, love theme(Triangle)which is predicted as Lord Krishna and Radha love But i felt subhash ghai insulted the Love of krishna and Radha
Bcos Radha krishna love is real love (pure)
but Lovetheme in story has lost the purity, first i dont understand whos is radha in movie if katherine then she had exposed to an extent so that she cant be radha..if even new heroine involved in Gymnastics,and she doesnt not dancing at all.. i felt like went to circus.even hero role is not justifiable ie Love two like one for Karma and other for Dharma
i felt like Subhash ghai want to capitalise on all fronts for losing movie using all the religions like Hinduism Islam and christianity and leverage on Patriotic front..but really failed I extremely felt bad & i got emotionaly hurt..Precious Mythological song/Mantra is used for HOT Nude(almost)Kissing(almost)in one scene all Sadhus on background really felt like insult to Hinduism (ifeel like ban scene)DUE TO LIMIT OF CHAR ENDIN

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by jagjeet on Jan 23, 2005 01:21 PM

one of the biggest flop of 2005 KISNA
I have seen people leaving cinema hall in the mid of the movie,heard people blasting at THE SHOWMAN SO CALLED SUBHASH GHAI for the never ending piece of s...

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Kisna review...
by Amit on Jan 23, 2005 02:37 AM

I agree that Antonia is the strongest part of the movie. But I think Subhash Ghai should now give up some of his habits (one: appearing once in every film of his has thankfully come to an end). 1. Showing a bathing scene (right from Hero to Kisna... the heroine has to bathe once atleast on camera... why?). 2. Corny wannabe-one-liners: this time it was 'namaste - ham sab samajhte'... why? The next one isn't a regular Ghai affair - but was Antonia shown topless when Rajat Kapoor wants to sleep with her just because she's a white, and would agree to it? That scene could have easily been done with a fully clothed actress... Logic beats me as to how a girl can let her clothes be removed and would stand there still while the villain gets his clothes off, and later would run away... Trying to give his front-bench audience some share of the 'white flesh'?

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by abhimanyu on Jan 23, 2005 12:43 AM

i think rediff reviews are insane and these ppl have gone bonkers who liked the movie.They say brilliant movies like swades are bad and the crap movie like kisna a worth watching ,man its a 3 hour torture and subhash ghai i guess is out of his mind.

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Kisna; worst film by Ghai and probably the worst release of 05
by retour on Jan 22, 2005 11:55 PM

Kisna is the worst film by Subhash Ghai [He made Yadeen & Khalnayak too] and probably the worst release of 2005.

Ghai should stop making love-stories and get back to making the action dramas.

In Kisna, Vivek Oberoi is an eye-sore. His presence dulls the screen. It's time for him to stop playing the lead and concentrate on films with 2-3 heros [multi-starers].

Kisna has nothing positive, except A.R. Rahman's background music. Acting is average & direction is sub par. The film is inspired by Titanic, right from the first shot, where the old lady comes to India and gets into flasback, which takes too long to come. Another half an hour or so is wasted in showing her grow up and then the rest of the film is about her running in the jungles chased by ppl who don't seem to have any other work. The other heroine is happy to spend her time hanging on the trees, though that's not bad. But still the new heroines perfor better than apna Vivek, who is just a chitti [a recommendation from his father]. The songs too are shot badly. It's like you are watching a play.

I would just end this here by saying that Ghai should be kicked for making such films.

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hatts off to ghai
by raju on Jan 22, 2005 08:06 PM

this a really well dircted movie i have seen from gahi well movie is great and music is mind blowing thanx to ar rehman and ismail darber for giving such wonder ful music hit hai hit obroi super hit

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Review of Kisna at Rediff
by Shishir on Jan 22, 2005 04:53 PM

The review written depicts the hopeless state of mind of the author. He seems to be in his world of ideosynchracies fantacising about the stupid cast and sequence of events. This movie shows that Subhash Ghai is out of touch and should start making documentaries perhaps... or Television Serials. Ghai could have completed this movie in approx 1 hour's time but for his own fantacies and stupid chase sequences. The charachter of Laxmi could have been better shown in a Circus for her rope climbing tactics. Mira should better consider the actress for her sequel to KS. The rape sequence on Katherine??? What was the need for it?
Overall totally out of place charachters and misplaced priorities.
Every one should see this film to notice the end of Ghai Saga !!

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What a Waste of Time.. !
by kunal on Jan 22, 2005 03:57 PM

The picture is such a waste of time, there are lots of characters which have no role.. !!!!! there is no link in the story and A.R rehman's music is wasted i feel. If the movie was releazed 10 years back it would have been super hit, not now, people hav seen lotzz of great stuff in theaters in recent times.. !!

It was not at all fun.

I must say that screenplay was quitegood and there is quite some hard work put in to making it but to be frank, it doesnt pick up pace till the very end.

om puri's 10 mins role was quite amusing, but meaning less.. anyways.. i hold my reservations.. if ppl want they can see it and then complain likes thousands who have seen it on the first day.. !!

and last but not the l;east... the Indian herion, shezz not less than amonkey in the film. 8 out of 10 sceens in the movies.. she is on the tree up-side down tied by the rope.. It will reaaly make you laugh, if at all people happen to see this movie after reading this.. dammm you will remember my each word.

hehehe, anyways.. looking forward for BLACK !

cheers guys..
Live and let live, chill in life..
kunal dhavale !

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