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Kisna should have been Katherine

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Movie Buff
Fire this critic - Raj Sen
by Movie Buff on Apr 16, 2005 10:56 PM

This movie sucks. I decided to watch it based on this review. The movie is bad, the story is bad, the actors are bad - the songs are alright. Totally agree with the Titanic+Lagaan-Cricket comment, and the other one about gymnastic medal!

Wasted 3 hours of my time - that I will never get back.

I guess I can't rely on rediff movie reviews anymore. Anyone know any "honest" desi movie review sites?

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A Joke on Serious Film making
by Raj on Feb 20, 2005 10:34 PM

How can a seasoned film maker like Mr. Ghai do this to himself? Kisna
is a black patch on his flim making abilities, will take long o recover.
The clips are repeated through out the movie, was there not enogh
material in fill into three hours? Why do we have this urge to make
everything a three hour feature? why should the screen play be so
fragemented? What happened to Mr. Ghai? Kisna turns out to be 0an
experiment that the filmaker was not ready for.

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why is this special treatment for Kisna?
by Varadish on Feb 07, 2005 09:05 PM

usually I find the Rediff reviews are very critical and has a big benchmark. with that impression, I interpreted that Kisna would be atleast an 'Average' movie. (see the ending line of review 'Kisna is a return to form by a director who knows exactly what he's doing')

But this is such a bakwaas picture, I never felt so uncomfirtable while watching any movie. I guess this could be the worst picture of 2005.
This movie is unrealistic, predictable, boring and doesnt have a single entertaining moment.
Apart from Ms Bernath, nothing is interesting about the movie.

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Titanic (+) Lagan (-) Cricket = Kisna
by Ramesh on Feb 05, 2005 04:51 PM

Take the story line of Titanic where an old woman remembers an episode of her life in which a young man saves her life in all possible ways and add it up with Lagan in which a British lady falls in love with a local. Remove all the elements of cricket with chaos in pre independent era. Shake the mixture vigourously and add some exotic dance sequences for flavour. Kisna is ready, that too half cooked. Performances of Vivek and the foreign counterpart are OK while it is not excellent. Isha does well in what she can do. The whole movie was just another dance program for her, if we can say it is dance at all! Whatever, director utterly fails to link the dance sequences with mood of the film. Any good points? Yeah..it is visually stunning, has good music etc. But the film fails to make its point. All together, Kisna is the old, rotton cake on a brand new gold plate.

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Is kisna enjoyable????
by Dilipkumarb on Feb 05, 2005 07:11 AM

Don't say that..I thought the rediff.com critics are really the better in the market for main reason like discussiong abt the technical aspect of the film rather than telling the story as other do. The language used is excellent. But... after reading the Kisna review and beliving that film would be good I went and wathced the movie just to run out of theater within an hour.What is gretness abt film.. continuos use of songs through ... it is very to sick to see "THE SHOWMAN" is relieing heavily on the songs and some decent photography .. arther than on the content of the stroy.What really did he cover in the first half of the story.Do u feel its worth our time to just watch the songs and stroy which really happened was just two lines to say.And the role of the Isha Sharvani was limited to doing acrobatics.What do subash ghain wants to covey to the crowds by showing the munis or rushis what ever you say .. chanting on the bank standing in the line, holding the tourch when the hero and herion come out of river after bathing..what does he really want to convey . Isn't the age where romance can be shown in hundred different better ways ..but not in such a worst way.Decided,no more SGhai

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