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Kisna should have been Katherine

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by Arif on Jan 24, 2005 06:05 PM

I guess the writer have some soft corner for Ghai...otherwise how could one praise such sick and senseless film to this much...???

Waste of time money and energy guys...skip this film for everything....

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one more blunder fron subhash ghai
by Karna on Jan 24, 2005 02:15 PM

Hi I am KArna fron Bangalore
Saturday i saw KISNA movie. v r eagerly waiting for this movie after watching mindblowing promos on tv & posters after all this is GHAI sab's movie(showman of bollywood?)
v thought after so many flops ghai is coming with a very good movie.....that the biggest mistake v had made after watching that movie....

first of all i think gahi is confused with the story.....that how to end this after he has started that. there is no related frames in the movie...at one moment v decided to get out from the cinema hall.i dont know how people say films like kisna will b a hit of 2005....
everybody in the cinema hall got bored while watching that movie.except 2 songs(hum hai is pal yanha & kisna hai.) all are irritating (adding spice to frustation).

according to me script is the main drawback of the film....and subhash gahi continued his attitude of fooling viewers by showing big promos, big adds (as he done for his last 2-3 films) thats why people call him as showman.

what to watch :awesome cinematography,isha(awesome dance & gymnastic),antonia(clicked in her first film)

PS:if u want to give punishment to someboday than give a ticket of the movie KISNA

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VIkram Bhalchandra
Kisna - please save your money
by VIkram Bhalchandra on Jan 24, 2005 12:38 PM

The reviewer is obviously in awe of Ghai as as this movie is worse than even Yaadein which I thought was Mr Ghai's worst.
The story is juvenile and so is the overall tenor of the movie. Looks like you are sitting in a 1970's movie - same shots of Devprayag with a coloured river are repeated at least 10 times and makes for dull viewing. I think even Vaada was better than this. The Indian audience is really smart and knows a turkey even before it is released. The Sat night show was half empty and that speaks volumes of the movie.
Save your money and spend on a good meal rather than this boring nonsense.
p.s Vivek Oberoi ka career khatam !!!! He is really sad in this movie.

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Kisna should have been Katherine
by vamsi on Jan 24, 2005 11:28 AM

What i feel is completely different from the review that was actually written out in here. Kisna is a movie that will be swept out of theatres than any other film.To me Lagaan and Asoka were better looking than kisna.

Kisna falls down pretty badly after the first 40 mins or so. The film is highly unrealistic in ever aspest (which is the way period films sholud not be).Be it some singer(OM Puri) helping the three ppl out.Be it Vivek and ... struck in the Hindu musilim roits, every single scene is quiet boring.

The only positive side is some fantastic songs that amaze your eyes for say 40 mins, the rest 2 hours is a total crap.

People walking from the theatre before the climax finishes, unwanted comments heard through out the play, ppl benging their heads on seeing what is shown before them..... kisna all in all is a bitter experience !!!!

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wonder why
by anar on Jan 24, 2005 10:52 AM

I wonder why a well-made movie like 'Swades' gets butchered in the reviews keeping people (interested in watching the movie) away from wathcing it, and a shabbily made one like 'Kisna' gets all the accolades driving people (even those not interested in watching the movie) to watch it. Are the reviews rigged or is it just different people with different tastes? The movie would have never made to the screens otherwise, I suppose! I could sense the majority of the people at the theatre getting uneasy about the disjointed film, with some even leaving the theatre halfway through the second half unable to tolerate the torture any longer! Some reviews complained that 'Swades' was slowly paced, but it was weaved very well and never once seemed to lose the plot. I am not saying that it was a perfect movie (being a little naive at times) but was far superior to the way 'Kisna' was made. Anyway, it's too late to talk about 'Swades' and this comparision seems to be heading no where either (very much like 'Kisna')!

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Movie Buff
by Movie Buff on Jan 24, 2005 10:05 AM

Kisna is crappier than crap. Dont waste any $$$ on this movie. Seems Subash Ghai has spent enough on the reviewers.

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by aravind on Jan 24, 2005 09:57 AM

I agree, Kisna should have been Katherine, but, the review is a gross injustice to Vivek Oberoi who has done a very good job as Kisna. Also, the story doesn't deserve the praise as it is quite predictable. And, this movie just fits the 'Subhash Ghai - genre' of movies. In fact it's just another 'different' love story (different because the hero and heroine are not united in the end) set in a different time. It does seem long at places, especially towards the end.
All said and done, Kisna is a must-watch for Antonia's wonderful / pleasent portrayal of Katherine, AR Rahman's excellent background score & 'Hum hain is pal yahaan', Ismail darbar's quality music, Ashok Mehta's perfect cinematography & the sheer grandness of the film!

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