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Kisna should have been Katherine

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Should it be Kisna or Khisakna???
by Mandar on Jan 25, 2005 09:36 PM

To all the movie-goers, heres a million dollar advice...if you thought Swades was a documentary and lacked everything for a box-office hit, please go and watch KISNA. Its gonna blow your mind!!! I bet you would prefer to watch Swades again but not Kisna...Never!!

Subhash Ghai, who keeps on discovering different ways of making the same kind of love-story driven masala movies, this time dares to do something radically different. And does he fail miserably at it?? The title, offcourse with the tag "The warrior poet", the promos, the poster and the rediff review etc are drastically misleading. Never did Vivek Oberoi have shades of a warrior or a poet in the movie. Only plus point of the film--Antonio Bernath. She's amazingly beautiful and has acted extra-ordinarily well for her first film.

The music is not so catchy. Both, A.R.Rahman and Ismail Darbar were highly misused in terms of their talent. The title song and the one picturised on Sushmita are worth hearing a couple of times.

About the review in rediff.com-- I thought after the horrendous review on Swades, rediff would do a better job in terms of finding someone better...But!!!!

Suggestion - Plz wait for Mangal Pandey

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by T.R.Choudhury on Jan 25, 2005 04:19 PM

'Return to form' and 'crowds thronging multiplexes'!?
I just watched 'Kissna'and I logged on to Rediff to read what you had to say.The multiplex had around 35 people watching the second show and the movie is in it's first week!The film stinks,period.Compared to it, 'Yaadein' looks like 'Gone with the wind'.Guys,report honestly. Otherwise your regular 'loggers' will soon be at loggerheads with you all.

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by sam on Jan 25, 2005 04:05 PM

a truly epic boring film with a forced storyline and poor performances by the lead actors
the story drags on and the songs forced in for no aim or purpose. subhas ghai was on his way down w taal and yaadein and has finally hit rock bottom w kisna. vivek obreroi shud marry and retire. he has completely failed to live upto company

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Ghai is becoming the next Devandand
by Rahul on Jan 25, 2005 03:18 PM

Its really painstaking but I cannot stop myself from sharing my grievance's for making decision to watch Kisna.

With all due respects, if Ghai wanted to make an utterly disgusting flop film Kisna could not hv been better. Ghai has really not done justice to his immense talent by making an underdog film like Kisna.
With all the good masala he had , excellent hit music, strong storyline, powerful characters and brilliant actors. He could have made an excellent movie. Vivek's performance atleast in the initial half was not even to 1/10th of his callibre. The editing of movie scenes was completely nerve-wrecking and the songs completely misplaced. A hit song like "Woh Kisna Hai" one should have expected in the beginning introducing the hero.

What GhaiSaab truly requires is to break strangeholds of his old plots and come out with some fresh thinking like Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar or Kunal Kohli.

A Well Wisher of Ghai,

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Reviewing + ethics
by Santanu on Jan 25, 2005 11:47 AM


Is it pure coincidence that the name of the reviewer and the name of the assistant director of the movie both are Raja Sen?

Is this the reason why the review is so ful of praise, while every other reviewer and viewer has trashed the film?
Rediff.com: surely you are aware of conflict of interest!

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Sowmya Gopal
Why pick on vivek oberoi ?
by Sowmya Gopal on Jan 25, 2005 02:23 AM

Though i'm not a fan of vivek oberoi, its really too much to see him so constantly picked ! His performance is not as bad as rediff review poses it to be ! seems like he did not grant an interview to rediff sometime ago !

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Kisna; Save on the movie ticket and get it's music CD.
by retour on Jan 24, 2005 10:37 PM

I watched Kisna a few days back. It's the worst film by Ghai and probably the worst release of 2005.

It's inspired by Titanic. Ghai must be stupid to base is film on Titanic, a film that grossed more than a billion dollors at the BO. In the opening sequence, an old British lady comes to India [la Titanic] and all you do is wait for the flash back, but it takes a long time to come. In the flash back, she takes a long time to grow up. In all that an hour or so is lost! Then comes Vivek Oberoi, an eye-sore. He made the screen dull. The new comer heroines performed better than him. Vivek should concentrate on multi-starers. He is hopeless as the sole hero. The British actress is good, while the Indian one hangs on the tree most of the time, not a bad thing though. Just like Titanic, the hero saves the British girl from difficult situations. Here the hero does not die as in Titanic. Yaar, something has to be different. His task is to get the British girl safely to Delhi. The process is just boring. The film mostly has predictable situations. The villians have nothing better to do than chase the poor British girl.

Finally, Save on the movie ticket and get it's music CD.

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by Maya on Jan 24, 2005 09:50 PM

Looks like the reviewer's been offered a role in the next MUKTA ARTS film, considering the fact that he/she called Vivek Oberoi's performace adequate(????)and Antonia Bernath a STAR(???)
True, the main character of Kisna doesnt really take off, which doesnt come as a surprise..after all, which Subhash Ghai film ever paid close attention to perfect crystal clear characterization? Oberoi tries and DOES justice to his role. Antonia on the other hand looks beautiful but doesnt have much of a character either and infact, SHE is the moderate performer. I felt closer to Rachel Shelley. As for it being more authentic than LAGAAN, how bout the scene at the railway station when Kisna talks in a purrfect English accent-"I'll get the tickets, a'right?"
And WHAT on earth possessed a brilliant actor like Rajat Kapoor to reduce himself to a SILLY IDIOTIC Prince Raghuraj?? Also, did Shiamak Dawar Dancing Troupes exist in 1947?? And you call it more authentic than LAGAAN? PLEASE!
It is another example of a beautiful theme reduced to dust!
KISNA competes with YAADEIN for Subhash Ghai's worst film so far. But yes, it doesnt beat YAADEIN. YAADEIN still remains Ghai's WORST film ever!

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