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Kisna should have been Katherine

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Kisna and Ghai ...lol
by beautiful_mind on Feb 03, 2005 01:01 AM

I recently saw Kisna (not my decision but did it for someone). From the beginning when movie promos started coming, I was sure there is nothing in this movie. I was hundred perecent right. This movie is total crap. I have always said and will continue to say, there is no talent in Subhash Ghai. He is just a masala movie director and sometime his movies do well becasue of songs etc.

So Kisna...it sucks!!!! There is no theme, story, nothing nothing!! Most of the time I was holding my head in hand as it was paining very much but I could not leave the hall because of someone with me. There are so many useless songs in this movie. There are so many unwanted characters and scenes.

No one will remember Vivek Oberoi in this movie. He has not done anything to remember.

Katherine is beautiful and charming. She has done well.

Isha.this is a very funny character in this movie. She has just 2 things to do..always fight with her grandpa and go and hang herself to the tree (called dancing). I guess if she participates in Olympics India may get a medal in gymnastics.

Amarish Puri always say one dialogue,cheel ke rakh do as if he was working in banana shop for year!!

Summary is-Kisna Sucks!!

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I am happy to read all the reviews !!!!!!
by kunal on Feb 01, 2005 04:08 PM

I am really happy to read the sane reaction for such an insane movie !!!!

Can any one please post subash ghai's postal address to me !!!!!

I want to give justice to the efforts of the people. I want to print all the reviews in bold font and post to him !!! personally and i hopw he"ll atleast understand a bit of making movies !!!!

God help that man..

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Abhishek Das
Kisna Debacle
by Abhishek Das on Jan 31, 2005 04:00 PM

Please stop this crap about suhash ghai's movies.There is no way to prais the movie nor the stars if it is not for the sake of some ulterior motive you might have.It is one of the worst films to grace the silver screen and once again the much hyped master showman has done something with the panache so reminiscent of him and that is to fail .But i am sure one of these days he will try to come up bold faced to the screen and try o prove the authenticity of his intentions thanks to the support of a few writers and supporters like you. We should start taking the Rakshasha Awards (for the worst in movies,a la Raspberry Awards) a bit more seriously.Then probably the corpulent director of ours may try putting a check to his jazzy marketing tactics and give the audience their money's worth.I know its like seperating the oceans into two halves for the unimaginative and cliched soul that Subhas Ghai has turned into.So for gods sake stop supporting his mediocre efforts.

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Vivek Venkatakrishnan
Kisna review!
by Vivek Venkatakrishnan on Jan 31, 2005 01:41 AM

Three hours of torture, with all and sundry mouthing dialogues about how big-hearted we Indians are, admixed with some music video inspired songs springing up once too often. The only saving grace was Antonia Bernath who just sizzled. C'mon, we go to theaters to relax but half an hour into the second half, we really had to supress our urge to run away from the hall. This was even more frustruating as we were watching it in New York and the thought of wasting ten dollars for such rubbish didn't get down very well. My humble opinion, whoever wrote this review should be tried for "match-fixing" and sentenced to face the firing squad. Highly incompetent! Regarding Subash Ghai, better rush him to the gas chambers before he comes with another "ingenuity" to harm us all. The guy has really run out of ideas. As for me, I've resolved never to read rediff's movie reviews ever again.

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KIS ( * ) NA
by pia on Jan 30, 2005 03:19 AM

I have never laughed so hard at any movie ever!
kathy was better off with the eunuch than Kisna.. Kathy had all the sensous curves n appeal of a 12 year old boy!you could have put in the cute swaas kid in a blonde wig and i wouldnt have known the difference..
The 'other' woman in the film is the usual rope hanger,yoga master,ballet princess cliche from the 1940 pre-independance India !WHAT? The writers must have been watching yoga/tantra videos while character sketching her!
Usually in hindi movies when the heroine sees hero in peril she dances in fury/devotion before her choice of God idol..but here,she does raging rope tricks..like in the russian circus! aw! God will do a double take on that for sure eh?
After all those mind numbing songs & genocide by kisna..he decides to stay with the rope hanger..so cute na! crap man he was sick of kathy's boring personality and flat terrain!
Swadeshi is much better no?!
And of course he didnt give a damn abt the rope hanger either cos all she did all day was hang!
The funniest part was during the credits when Ghai makes a cameo,threatening to jump off the cliff n die.I applauded his noble cause.
Even CD pirates wont touch this movie.

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by tarun on Jan 28, 2005 06:54 PM  | Hide replies

i was thinkin 'bout suing the "writes" out of rediff for such a misleading review.
Dont u guys proofread stuff before airin' them...
Subhash Ghai has matured into this extraordinary looser so full of cliched,unlinked crap -
Boy 25 crores!!! - guess there a lot of other ways u can spend that
Ghai get a life n retire n save a lot of peaple a lot of money in future

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