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Your say:Govt pays couples to delay kids

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George Gloria
by George Gloria on Mar 24, 2013 11:31 PM

At least 1 child will be OK!!

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paul austin
Population control in India.
by paul austin on Sep 28, 2009 02:39 PM

It is a well known fact that the major part of
our population growth happens in the rural areas,and that too in the lower socio-econ
groups.(than in urban towns or cities).
But the effects of over-population are experienced more in the urban areas because of
the limitations of physical space available.
The increase in rural population,causes rural-
unemployment, resulting in mass migration to
towns & cities. Causing over-congestion & collapse of over-stretched public services.
Hence it would be more logical to tackle the
over-populn problem in the rural areas too.
But,today we see most state Govts are Not
pursuing Family-planning programs with any
seriousness or enthusiasm.
This has to change. All state Govts should
give more attention &funds to FP programs.

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Bipin Shripal
your contact details
by Bipin Shripal on Aug 20, 2009 11:29 AM

i'm married & i have no children my married is above tree years so please your fool address and contactdetails i'm from gujarat state in ahmedabad.

thank you

my id is shripals@rocketmail.com

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Pooja Chopda
why do we need to do THIS?
by Pooja Chopda on Aug 18, 2009 03:38 PM

This is so waste of resources. Most of the couples do wait for 2-3 yrs before 2nd child. They do this to settle down with their first baby..then y do we pay them. The govt shud just educate the masses for this. And we as a country are different from the rest of the world in regard to so many cultures, religions & beliefs. We cannot impose any such restrictions in India.

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vinay kumar
A suggestion
by vinay kumar on Aug 18, 2009 02:05 PM

It is a moral responsibilty of every Indian to help in curbing the population.Maybe copper T should be inserted as a rule amongst the ladies after the first child.It may sound baised to the ladies but is not meant to be.

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Vote India
implement more better rules
by Vote India on Aug 18, 2009 01:31 PM

Couples having a child after 3-4 yrs of marriage should get fully funded education for child till Class X - all tution fees to be paid by govt - this will make the counter run in full swing and India will get time to use its resources better.

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how will our
by anand on Aug 17, 2009 07:40 PM  | Hide replies

politicians fcuuk their wives to build up a cricket team like that of lallu prasad??

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Re: how will our
by NIKHIL ARYA on Aug 18, 2009 02:42 PM
NOt only wives...n number of women..

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atom bomb
sinister and very dangerous plan to minimize hiindu population!
by atom bomb on Aug 17, 2009 01:41 PM  | Hide replies

without prejudice, i can blindly say that govt. will try to push hiindus only in incentive scheme and moreover, they will try to reduce hiindu child to 1 per family!
it's a sinister plan to minimize hiindu population more than before for paving the way to 1slamise india!
just think, if hiindus r limited to 1 child, then he/she will be my darling in family and will be brought up with more attention and care! this child will have such a bright future that her/she may migrate to foreign! then, who will save the nation from musliim cult?
earlier day, hiindu mother wanted more sons to sacrifice for nation! now, efforts r being taken to minimize more in hiindus only but no efforts r taken on musliim section!
it's a unbalance situation! hiindu must think, they r aheading a huge danger! hiindus r offering unsafety for their future generation!

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radhika mehta
Re: sinister and very dangerous plan to minimize hiindu populatio
by radhika mehta on Aug 17, 2009 01:43 PM
Yes i agree that the Muslim men have more than one wife and many children asa reult. But what about the non-muslim men who have n number of illegal relationships and illegal kids? Look at the TV show hosted by Kiran Bedi...most of the non muslim women bring their husbands who have extra marital affairs??????????????? In doing so not only do tehy destry the life of the other woman but also run away from their responsibilities....This should be prevented if we are realistic about the issue!

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Indian Guru
Subsidies are a kin to reservations for Castes
by Indian Guru on Aug 17, 2009 12:32 PM  | Hide replies

Subsidies to sick public sector companies, subsidies to farmers, loan waiver schemes for farmers etc.. are a kin to reservations provided for SC/ST/OBCs in education sector or any other sector.

Remove subsidies, remove reservations they are a burden on hard owned tax payers money as the tax payer could be any one an upper caste or a lower caste or a Hindu or a Muslim.

Implement policies in Agriculture sector such that the risk for the farmers is mitigated and he dosen't end up taking the entire burden, rather the burden should be shared by investors.

Privatise education and monitor the quality of education being implemented. Designate an appropriate fee structure based on the quality of education provided. In US a computer science engineering course could cost between 2000$-15000$ based on the quality and content of education.

Do not take away merit but for EBC (Economically backward classes provide fee waiver and scholarships based on performance in the underlying exams).

This way they will be forced to work hard for their studies and examiniations rather than blindly rely on Quota, which does not induce merit in students rather makes them a parasite on the system.

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atom bomb
Re: Subsidies are a kin to reservations for Castes
by atom bomb on Aug 17, 2009 01:30 PM
True. Very well said. But who will bell the cat?.Immense damage has alrady been done. Gloom and calamity stares into the eyes. Another immediate partition is around the corner. North East has turned into terrorist lands. All these are self made. Why blame others while our house is a shit pot. However efforts should continue.

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Indian Guru
by Indian Guru on Aug 17, 2009 12:20 PM

ONGC a public sector company had spend millions and millions of tax payers money to find Gas in KG Basin, with no positive results.

Then comes Mukesh Ambani a man whom sucess follows. He purchases the same Gas fields for around 38000Cr spend money on exploring Gas and Rigging, completes the project in half the time and gets millions of cubic feet of Gas, benefiting the country and saving the country from much needed exchequers money for the government, which generally goes for purchase of Oil and Gas at international prices and sells it at subsidised rates.

Government now has Gas and also gets good percentage of profit from RIL.

Government should just be a facillitator and should create policies and should not be involved in the actual work. This way the tax payers money can be saved Instead of going to sick companies like Air India where the bailout could be to a tune of 5000Crs of tax payers money for the folly committed by some erratic, stong headed and unprofessional Air India employees.

Privatise Air India / Indian Airlines and allow them to compete with other private carriers, the best company survives.

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