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Why India needs its regional parties

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mallaiah anchoori
Regional Parties are not good for India
by mallaiah anchoori on Mar 23, 2009 09:42 PM

The author has totally deviated from the caption of the subject excepting the last flash contained in the concluding para.His sole focus has been on supporting & defending Mayawathi.Indian nation is heterogeneous and is blend of several factors such as caste, creed & religion where upon it has become very convenient for the political parties to take advantage of the situation & exploit the sentiments of the people in various regions of the country.Though truth always tastes somewhat bitter & to admit the truth,all said & done ,among the two political parties accredited with national status by the author,BJP with all its wooings still stands stigmatised as communal while Congress,to some extent,proves secular-not in toto-at least to the extent of its political expediency.The hard core supporting BJP are fully aware that their party may draw blank in certain of the states while Congress always plays its cards like a cunning jackal awaiting time to bounce upon the pound of flesh.While I am not opposed to the freedom granted in a democratic country like ours,too much of it is also strifling the country & too many cooks are spoiling the bath.Regional parties,no doubt.represent the regional people & vent their woes lack right perspective from national angle & concentrate on local issues-say like TRS concentrating only on Telangana Issue;they also lack cohesion & often fail to emerge as an alternative to the ruling party.No coalition govt could sustain for a full time.

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Ladoo sab
Regional parties
by Ladoo sab on Mar 23, 2009 08:49 PM

Got muscle after Sonia become the captain of Congress.

Congress destroyed in every state. Tell me a major state other than Delhi and NE congress is in command. AP will turn against cong this time.

Cong is destroyed by the weekest leadeship of Sonia. Media and congress coterie only praise Sonia for her five star leadeship. Reign of Rahul will be disaster. He will be the Aurnengazeb of congress.

Is it good for the country. May be ? May be not ?

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I guess
by Iadmire on Mar 23, 2009 08:41 PM  | Hide replies

I feel the writer has lost his sense. At current situation in country, the country need a prime minister who has the capability to lead this country. This is not the time to see the casteism in the country. I agree that we need a system to ensure that no sin has been committed against any backward community in india... However, to ensure we cannot the country to a autocratic persons... I agree no violence took place under her rule. For that matter, we cannot give the country to a person who dont know english, who have no idea about economy, who have no idea about people feelings (I refer the attrocities committed on a PWD worker)...

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Re: I guess
by vinay on Mar 23, 2009 11:21 PM
eng is not a criteria to judge a person. yes, his/her attitude/character is imp as a leader.

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Two party system cant work
by Raju on Mar 23, 2009 07:51 PM

Two party system is fine when either parties represent the whole of India.
At the moment, India needs an alternate party to BJP which doesnt have close to a foothold in most Indian states, especially the South.
How can this party which cannot win more than a few seats(or no seats at all) in AP,TN,Kerala,WB combined represent the nation at the center ?
It's communal, radical and divisive politics are threat to the very concept of India and the party needs a serious change in outlook if it desires any future.

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shekhar ovhal
BSP is National Party
by shekhar ovhal on Mar 23, 2009 07:47 PM  | Hide replies

Firstly BSP is not regional party. in 2004 General Election BSP got more than 2.5 crores votes. did u know BSP recognizes as a national party in all states. in 10 states in secure more than 4% votes. in 2007 BSP capture UP assembly in full majority. BSP shown his presence in 7 state assembly. BSP will win this election. Mayawati ji will be Prime Minister of India.

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Re: BSP is National Party
by prank on Mar 23, 2009 07:49 PM
u r ajoker

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Message deleted by moderator
Debanjan Das
by Debanjan Das on Mar 23, 2009 07:41 PM  | Hide replies

and the so called scular media - when u will be realistic.Every developed nation is having 2 party system.When atleast educated media will realise that.With all these parties India will soon turn into Taliban, and do you think you will be doing business the way u r doing now?

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Message deleted by moderator
A very poor article
by GAURAV GHAI on Mar 23, 2009 07:32 PM

If this was an english exam and Mrs. Editor you had been asked to write about this topic, than I bet that you would not have scored more than 2 marks out of 10 and these 2 marks would have been given to you just because you had filled the page rather than on the quality of the content.

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Rajesh Chheda
by Rajesh Chheda on Mar 23, 2009 07:03 PM

Seema has ignored other powerful regional parties and focussed only on Mayawati.
There is AGP, TRS, DMK, AIADMK, MDMK, NCP,RJD,SP,Akalidal to name the few....

Seema is focussed only on Mayawati,,, regional parties can bring home someone like IK Gujral or HD Deve Gowada to be the PM.
Regional parties do not like powerful leaders and hence Mayawati, Mulayam Singh and Sharad Pawar maybe found fuming after the election results as Congress and BJP will be nowhere near the majaority even if both of them combine to form an alliance i.e both of them capture around 100-110 seats each.
I fully trust the regional parties to make PM out of someone like... maybe Chandrashekar of TRS or.......someone still weaker like Paneer Selvam who can crawl when asked to bend.


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