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Why India needs its regional parties

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Vivek Dev
Seema is wrong on BJP
by Vivek Dev on Mar 24, 2009 08:54 AM  | Hide replies

She is right regarding the north supremacist congress party. Actually these problems are basically the creation decades of one family congress rule, that kept more deserving people from other parts of the country from power under the garb on nationalism and national interest. Regional parties have dealt a body blow to the congress supremacists. Great going.
I look forward to the day when the Congressis are brought to justice for their crimes against the Sikhs and the constitution. Jai Ho

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Prem Viswanathan
Re: Seema is wrong on BJP
by Prem Viswanathan on Mar 24, 2009 10:42 AM
Dude! It seems you dont live in Hyderabad. This woman spews venom on upper caste hindus as a regular columnist in a local paper called deccan chronicle. Her other pet topic is America - how it wrongs the muslim world from Indonesia to Algeria.

I am shocked at a balanced article from her (possibly because she does not consider BJP a force any more), because I had junked her as an educated muslim fundamentalist!

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Raju Bagul
India is multy religion
by Raju Bagul on Mar 24, 2009 08:53 AM  | Hide replies

BJP is the second largest party after congress we all Indians having second option after congress party for our democracy, The BJP is the good but they are have only one big fault (They don't want any other religious group in India) They only want Hindu should live here, But BJP should get lesson from US. and other European Country they also have multy religion people. but they dont said that they are christian country. this is the democracy, religion is the private part of each others life so BJP should not drag it to political way. PLEASE LEAVE THIS FAULT AND GO AHEAD FOR ELECTION AND YOU COULD SEE ALL INDIANS BACKUP FOR YOU. AND CONGRESS GO TO HELL

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Re: India is multy religion
by Ruchi on Mar 24, 2009 11:22 AM
The problem doesnt lie wth non-Hindus living in India....the problem is wth giving preference to non-Hindus, creating separate laws for them....making them feel special and making majority Hindus feel ignoreed....

US and other countries have same set of laws for all religious groups....in US, muslim cannot have 4 wives.....there watever is illegal fr a Christian is illegal fr a muslim....

So, non-Hindus can subsist in India.....provided tht they are loyal to country first and thn religion....and also thr shd b uniform set of laws fr all Indians...and not separate laws fr different religions.....

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Sushil Pathak
Mayawati-Behan ji
by Sushil Pathak on Mar 24, 2009 08:32 AM  | Hide replies

"Behan ji" is "Barak Obama" of India.
She is hope for the Millions of people forced to live underpriviledge in this country since long back.
One can find her supporters everywhere irrespective of the caste/religion.

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Raju Bagul
Re: Mayawati-Behan ji
by Raju Bagul on Mar 24, 2009 09:14 AM
Dont fool people where Behenji is not controll UP people who go everywhere in India for Job how can she could Barak Obama of India

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So being Castiest is no longer bad!
by Netflix on Mar 24, 2009 06:39 AM

Great media! They go over the board because they feel BJP is dividing India based on religious line! However, for them dividing country on the name of caste is something good. I fail to see the logic. Why media love so much caste politics?

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How much money did seema get from isi?
by Grizzly on Mar 24, 2009 04:49 AM

Its people like seema who breed terrorism in India. These people dont want to see India united and always want us to be bogged down in a regional struggle! Why is she favouring regional parties? Because she has got money from isi to divide Indians! People of India, beware of people like seema!

Remember what Chanakya said: I'm not a Maghdhi(somewhere in modern day Bihar), I'm an Indian! These words of wisdom have been repeated by patriots again and again! Subash Chandra Bose said it during freedom struggle against the british.

Regionalism only divides people and makes it easy for our enemies to hurt us. We are one nation, one people, one country! United we have stood against our enemies and won many battles. As individual states we will be weak and vulnerable. Do we want to repeat history and let mooselems attack and torture us again?
Sit back and think, if your state was an individual country, would you be able to defend yourself against huge armies of china or porkistan or even langdadesh?

As for seema, she is probably enjoying the new furniture, TV and other new items she has bought for the money she got from isi. But your karma will catch up to you seema.

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Venkat Thiagarajan
by Venkat Thiagarajan on Mar 24, 2009 02:19 AM

Contd. from previous post

There are lots of unanswered questions about Gujarat riots so many people don't accept Gujarat riots as BJP govt sponsored? So there are a lot a people all over India do not believe BJP is communal just because journalists and analysts with leftist, Muslim appeasing and liberal agenda keep saying so. So don't club Mayawati and BJP in the same league.

3.Ms.Mustafa seems to dismiss regional parties as a mere valve for regional aspirations. This is dangerous. Regional parties can thrive only by promoting divisions based on language, religion, geography etc. So they actively pursue/promote such agenda among gullible population and not just passively reflect the aspirations as Ms.Mustafa believes. So let us not simply make light of these dangerous 'leaders' and parties.

4.Ms.Mutafa glibly compares Mayawati's level of corruption to National politicians in BJP or Congress. No one from BJP or Congress (say Advani or Rahul Gandhi) install their own statues like Mayawati or Karunanidhi. They do not throw Birthday bashes by extorting money from populace!! Yes even Saddam was popular in Iraq and installed his own statues and cut outs!! Mayawati is narcissistic/crass low class politician in whose hand if the country is given we can end up making the entire country looking like UP!!!

May be Ms.Mustafa can live in a place ruled by Mayawati and Karunanidhi in Saddam style, but many thinking Indians want to build a unitized, powerful and truly secula

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Venkat Thiagarajan
by Venkat Thiagarajan on Mar 24, 2009 02:16 AM

Seema Mustafa seems to be so sure of her own logic that for her anyone who questions Mayawati must be an elite Dalit hater!!!

1. She paints Mayawati as some poor talented oppressed Dalit who is just being suppressed from coming to power by elite because their hatred for lower caste people. If this is true why the elite allowed Narayanan to become president? Why Ambedkar was allowed to write contitution? There are many Dalits who by their sheer service and merit have achieved heights in Indian Politics. This is not to say Dalits are not facing problems in society or did not face problems in the past. But because of the past injustices, we should accept Mayawati who happens to be a Dalit is twisted logic. Only credit to Mayawati I can see is that she is able to successfully manipulate factitious political system of UP to her advantage. That is not a great quality to become PM of India and it is preposterous to suggest that all Indians should accept her without questioning.

2. Ms.Mustafa also applies negative logic. Just because Congress has dynastic rule, somehow Mayawati's autocratic rule should be accepted? There are many of us who do not accept Congress as well as Mayawati. So don't thrust Mayawati on us. That logic does not work for many thinking people. BJP is not a dynastic party. If BJP decries appeasing minority religions (example subsidizing Hajj with Tax payer funds etc.), does that make it a communal? There are lots of unanswered questions about Gujarat rio

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Mayawatiji - India's next PM
by vikram on Mar 23, 2009 10:54 PM  | Hide replies

Kudos to Seema Mustafa. I am happy that at last the media has started giving attention to the need/cause/voice of true India. Mayawatiji represents 85% of India. She is the only hope for India to help grow the country in totality. Unlike congi/bjp which beg for votes from these poor backward Indians and then work only for the rich and influential.
Nobody can stop Mayawatiji from becoming the PM of India.
People have started comparing Mayawati with Obama.. but the fact is Mayawati is much much more than Obama in all aspects.

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Re: Mayawatiji - India's next PM
by D M on Mar 24, 2009 10:17 AM
you are also an idiot of the first order.. or let me guess ur are a BC who is profiting from scum like mayawati ruining india... it will be a black day when mayawati is even part of the ruling party

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Re: Re: Mayawatiji - India's next PM
by netholi on Mar 24, 2009 10:20 AM
people supporting BJP are intelligent, all others are idiots. good theory
u people are real idiots thinking about 5000 years back glory

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kesireddy sreedhar
Another article by sold out media person.
by kesireddy sreedhar on Mar 23, 2009 10:28 PM  | Hide replies

The present multi party parliamentary system is the main reason for high corruption and all evils in our country. All corrupted leaders and goondas with black money are taking shelter under these parties. Political parties and their leaders are spending lakhs and crores of rupees to get elected. We are voting for them. Then how can we expect them to be non-corrupted? They need to recover the money spent with huge profits to get ready for next election. The govt officers follow them. Similarly some business men and people follow it to meet their needs.
We should opt for bi-party system. All the parties and groups must be brought under these two parties of their individual choice. Both these parties shall be property of Indian government. No one shall be its owner or Master.
In present system, who ever want to become PM or CM is floating a new party, every leader is trying to create his own group of voters based on caste, region, language, religion or a cause etc and dividing us into several inactive groups, thus preventing unity among us. In a two party system the cost for the candidates contesting the elections from both the parties can be borne by the EC, which can remove lot of corruption from the politics. When the corruption is removed from the politics and rulers then all others, including the govt officials will fall in line. Actually its good for us to have a change in voting system, where voters can directly elect PM or CM of their choice. Based on the % of votes

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kesireddy sreedhar
Re: Another article by sold out media person.
by kesireddy sreedhar on Mar 23, 2009 10:29 PM
Based on the % of votes polled to the parties, MP's or MLA's can be nominated by each party as per their manifestos and priorities.
No political party will come forward to do it, Since they are enjoying in the present system. We the like minded people if come forward and demand and force them for the above it is possible.
If we simply keep quite, the present situation is going to spoil the future of our country as well as the life of coming generations.

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