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Ganguly unfit to lead: Chappell

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should have fired ganguly at least 1 year back
by dkarthikeyan on Sep 26, 2005 12:20 PM

its high time ganguly should be fired even as a player now. indian team and indian glory is above any player, be it ganguly or tendulkar or dravid. if a player is not performing/inconsistent for more than 5 one dayers or 3 tests he should be fired. also a best 11 should be selected, out of which the best/experienced should be appointed captain. if some player is out of form, there is always domestic cricket to get back to form and international cricket is not the place to experiment. only the fit player should find a place there. and above all only committed players should get there. they represent their country and they are paid in crores because they are professionals. if they dont do their job just fire them, the american way. an indian team is above any player, always.

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Chappel's e-mail
by J.Ganapathy on Sep 26, 2005 10:57 AM

We get the actual information only through leaks.Otherwise, BCCI is not transparent.It has become more a Political body with golden treasure.That is the reason Politicians like Sharad Pawar in his old age wants to try his hand in the BCCI.
It is unfortunate that our Sports bodies are influenced by the politicians who donot have sportsman spirits.
Chappel was right in expressing his views on Ganguly as the Coach.He is not responsible for the leak.He is not a politician.Hence his veiws should be taken seriously if personalities do not matter in sports.

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Ganguly - Is a looser
by sridhar on Sep 26, 2005 06:07 AM

He needs to go. He is a real embrassment to the team and the country. He has past his prime, needs to retire as every one does at some point.

I think in the long run there needs to be some kind of a retirement age in this game, say 30 yrs. Once you hit that age you retire no matter how good you are. We need fresh blood in the team at all times, this will help the game.

I am really disappointed about the state of cricket in the country. The game needs to be played professionally and in the interest of the country. If a person is not performing, he needs to be dropped right away. At any give point the people who are performing are given a chance to play. Past records should not be considered as thumb rule for selection.

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Chappel is very mad person
by akshay on Sep 25, 2005 07:21 PM

rediff.Please show my mail to Ganguly Please.
hi, Ganguly we are with you.Please dont leave the Captainship.We know that India won the test series against Zimbabwe that's why he is troubling you.So Please take of yours.

Yours Big Fan
Akshay from Aurangabad.

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Ganguly should leave captaincy
by skbablani on Sep 25, 2005 11:03 AM

Greg is right . Change is only the way to transform the team and captain has to be in good form to stay a captain.

Ganguly is behaving as a immature child bringing politics in game.

he sould be told this plainly and chapter closed for future WC 2007

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Ashwinikumar B karpe
Ganguly v/s Chappell
by Ashwinikumar B karpe on Sep 25, 2005 09:01 AM

Chappell is right. This type of attitude from Ganguly is a deterant to
the indian team to win any major tournament. This is a reason for any
consistency not being present in our performance. Further to this you
find Dalmiya supporting Ganguly mainly due to he being the son of a
comon soil.

When can we be impartial ?

The time seems to be ripe for both mentor and student to be shunted

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Chapell needs visible support: can we start a fan club?
by jar on Sep 24, 2005 10:01 PM

Finally a man who has guts to say the right things.
There is no other way we will get around the regional
selectors and politicing captains.

Can we start a Chapel fan club to show visible support
of the number of fans who are with Chappell in this?

Sure would help him to know fans back him...

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gangully to play street cricket
by pradeep on Sep 24, 2005 09:53 PM

Gangully was never a good cricketer. He is a lethargic bowler. fielder & a batsman. He is the one who can convert 2s into 1s.He has been given overdue credit by a particular community & a selfish , powerhungry BCCI over past few yrs. All the victories achived are due to Sachin,Rahul,Laxman&Anil.Even India reached world cup finals due to Sachin.Greg Chappel is a brave man to speak the truth. It is now time for the ex. Indian players like Gavaskar,Vishwanath,vengasarkar,Amarnath,Kapil Dev,Shrikanth,Venkat,Bedi to be part of BCCI showing the door to the ppl who are ignorant of cricket & still controlling the board. Alternatively govt. should dimiss the board immediately as was done in Sri
Lanka for the benifit of the game.Or else this game should be banned for the benifit of the Indian ppl.

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rt thing at rt time !!
by debargha on Sep 24, 2005 09:44 PM

if the BCCI was hesitant til date to sack ganguly as captain, this is the final hit in the hammer that should help the BCCI do it.

the loser -- Ganguly
the winner--- india

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