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Ganguly unfit to lead: Chappell

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Ganguly is unfit
by Appu on Sep 24, 2005 09:29 AM

Atlast, we have a man with guts who could speak truth without fear. I agree with Chappel. He behaved in a decent way by mailing to the Board unlike Ganguly.
Ganguly is unfit to be the Captain of Indian team and doesn't deserve a place in the test team. He is a good ODI batsmen.
Ganguly is not good at Batting or Bowling. He is the worst fielder in the team. Bowlers all over the world have been bowling short balls to Ganguly from 5 years and still he didn't learn to play that delivery and he is our CAPTAIN. He comes to bowl when tailenders are playing and there is every chance of getting a wicket. A Captain should perform and then show the way for his teammates. Ganguly just does the talking part. He can be made official spokesperson for the Indian team.
Ganguly was able to lead the Indian team only bcoz of the backing of Dalmiya and others. Had it been any country other India, he would have been sacked.
It's time for him to resign....just FYI, Sachin resigned when he realised that he is not playing upto his potential as a captain. Anyways, there's no comparison between Ganguly and Sachin.
I want him to be sacked.

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Enough of Saurav!
by RAHUL DUTT on Sep 24, 2005 07:00 AM

Greg Chappell is just doing his job.He rightly feels that Ganguly doesnt deserve a place in the Indian side.Scoring centuries, that too, such painstaking ones against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe hardly proves any point.Nobody is interested in stats of yester years.If historical statistics were to be considered for current selection, then we might as well have the Gavaskars and Vishys playing for India now!Both Yuvraj and Kaif need to be included in the playing eleven immediately.Youngsters like Raina need to be given a chance to prove their calibre at the highest level of the game.ODI and Test team composition needs to be well defined by the selection committee.While all this is imperative for Indian cricket, what is happening is a boardroom brawl at the BCCI AGM, and a fight between coach and captain!That's Indian cricket for you!

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Abu Abraham
Ganguly a dispassionate view needed
by Abu Abraham on Sep 24, 2005 06:59 AM

Ganguly has had a good run as captian but unfortunately I find it difficult to believe that as a player he still retains the ability to have a poisition in the line up. Havingeled well in the past is no sole criteria for a player to be in the team. I guess that would be an ideal criteria for Mansur Ali Khna Pataudi to claim a place in the squad!!!! To have the 2007 cup in our hands we need to adopt a professional attitude and move on. Perhaps TRevor Hohns needs to be invited as a guest member of the selection committee.

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Jogesh Puri
by Jogesh Puri on Sep 24, 2005 06:41 AM

Ganguly should step down with dignity (If he still can). He surely knows his days are over and in todays game, he has no place. Everything, starting from his age, is against him now.
Go with grace Ganguly

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ganguly as captain
by kamesh on Sep 24, 2005 06:30 AM

i think ganguly has no more chance to be there in team as a captain or as a member even.His bad batting form is effecting the teams performance and his attitude towards "Team India" more effecting because when he declared as a captain after Dravid remomoval as captain effected Dravid's batting form also.It is clear that he is playing with the team which he should not do.If he want to be there in team as a player even he should prove himself in domestic cricket and then come to international cricket.Scoring a century against teams like Zimbabwe is not a sign for him to be there in the team.Zimbabwe is no more better team like our domestic teams.If he really an Indian and wants to be India as no.1 team in the world adn wants to win 2007 World Cup then he should follow the rules of Mr.Chappell and let him decide the future of him.

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Ganguly-the non-performing captain
by Raghunath on Sep 24, 2005 06:21 AM

It's high time the selectors did something drastic.Ganguly does not deserve a place in the Indian team based on his current form.Let him go back to school and pass the exams to get back into the Team.The question of awarding captaincy to him will come only later.
Let the selectors choose a Team first sheerly on merit of the players and pick a suitable captain from among them

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ganguly should be out of team
by varghese on Sep 24, 2005 04:53 AM

I am just thinking is a team important or one person. Saurav Ganguly is one such person who I think is trying to ecome bigger than the game of cricket. There are some things that he did good for the team during the last few years. But it is not Team Saurav But it is Team INDIA. If he is not bothered to listen to the Coach, he has no right to lead Team India just because he made few centuries more than others in his career. If his attitude doesn't change he is going to lose the respect of Billions of Indians.

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kavindra mathi
S Ganguly unfit to lead Chappel
by kavindra mathi on Sep 24, 2005 04:05 AM

Indian Cricket Team Players, dont have patience to prepare! for the World Cup nor Team India is a pill/drug/magic. To be REAL good, it takes time- a 'long time'& the Indian Team doesnt have time!. Greg is right, ' You got to have a plan'...- the captain should learn/have- stillness, peace, grace to win a World Cup- Calm without being passive, strong without being aggresive. Sourav, isnt at peace inside his own skin to lead a team, though considered& presents himself as being cool, confident son of privilege, educated, arrogant,... to the manor born- a good act, but some people see right through him. He's a typical Indian who throws his rubbish from the 8th floor of their buildings, including fridges. Assertiveness is fine, but not intimidation, thus, not much of a role model. He neednt necessarily be a role model, but have a bit of stability, peace and quiet. A captain who will think about things, rather then- be out there and pump up biceps and all the rest of it. Sourav wants one more chance of it, while making a mockery of the past, therefore dimnishing what he had done before. He cant have it both ways, at the expense of the Indian Team. Even the best(team) are not set in stone

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Ganguly Vs Chappel
by Vikas on Sep 24, 2005 04:04 AM

About Chappell's comment on Ganguly's form & ability to lead, defenitely there will be a great deal of anxiety among all cricket lovers about what all is actually happenning in the dressing room.

No Doubt, Ganguly is the most successful captain Indian cricket has ever got, but it was possible due to the presence of the Masterblaster Sachin & Sehwag & bowlers like Kumble & Harbhajan. so giving the whole credit to Ganguly is not completely acceptable. after all Cricket is a Team work & Captain's work is to lead from the front & utilise the resources at the right time.

But the recent form that Ganguly has demonstrated, for a team its not at all inspiring & hence ganguly is almost working as a mere fielder, which a twelveth man can also do. On the contarary Dravid has shown the potentials of a good captain, since his growth in one day cricket has shown that he has taken all criticisms positively.

So if Chappell is asking Ganguly to stepdown, then it is in the favour of team & hence Ganguly should take it sportively & make a come back through proving his character in domestic cricket.

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Dr. Zaheer Ahmed
Ganguly unfit to lead
by Dr. Zaheer Ahmed on Sep 24, 2005 03:59 AM

Dear Sir, Ganguly is really unfit 2 lead India in tests as well as ODIs. Greg Chappell is a good thinking coach & his Email should be respected.

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