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''Yadav deserved a higher rating''

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by harish on Sep 10, 2005 08:59 PM

guys keep enjoying the great indian cricket drama.everyday is not a sunday but for indian cricketers everyday is a sunday.

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frank cherian
Stop the blinking....
by frank cherian on Sep 10, 2005 08:48 PM

Sourav my friend....whats with all the blinking...?
I truly suspect it hinders your ability to function on the field as captain. I am sure the blinking routine causes you to miss important stuff like field placement of players and bowling rotation. And this can be a major impediment when it comes to batting.....blink at the wrong moment and that damn ball seems to play havoc with your bat or pad or stump..!

I think your dismal rating score of 2/10 can be bettered just by getting the "blink monster" under control.....so I have to say - Jai Hind phor that..!

Frank Cherian - USA

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Frank Cherian
Viva Cricket..!
by Frank Cherian on Sep 10, 2005 08:39 PM

Team India lost....so everyone gets a zero.

Humble observations/recommendations:

Sellect two (2) teams....Test Team India & ODI Team India. Test Team India to be captained by either Sachin or Dravid. Both men have a very solid understanding of the game, both are patient and command the respect of just about every cricketer. The rest of the test team could be comprised of seasoned senior players who understand the strategies involved in a 5-day game....eg. Kumble, Harbachan, VVS Laxman...other old-timers.

ODI Team India to be captained by Kaif or perhaps even Shewag, both are agressive and even a bit impatient...good qualities in ODI. The rest of the team to be comprised of young blood, chaps who can bowl, bat and field with speed and agression....eg. Dhoni, Zaheer...and anyone who has the genuine goal of making a name for themselves in the sport.

Lastly.....Seperate Selection Board and Coaching Staff for both Test Team and ODI Team.

Don't tell me in a country of over a billion people we can't find the manpower, will, talent and brainpower to make this work. And please for once can we keep politics out of the equation..? Jai Hind phor that.!
Frank Cherian - USA

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Gopinath Tiruchinapally
yadav deserves higher rating
by Gopinath Tiruchinapally on Sep 10, 2005 07:53 PM

I agree with some ratings, but not all. Actually
there is space for Ganguly as a player in top
11,then how can he become a team leader, I am
not understanding the mean in selecting him as a
captain since three years. There should not be
any politics in cricket for goodwish of our nation in
which cricket is the only more popular game. As
we know very big man is behind our captain, but
how many days he can run. Dravid will become
the best captain if he has given sufficient time as
a captain. He has done fare job in Srilankan tour.
Dravid deserves the captaincy for 2007 world cup
for that he should have more time for close raport
with all players, so this is the correct time to hand
over the captaincy to Dravid. Batting order should
be Sehwag, Sachin, Kaif, Dravid, Youraj, Raina,
Dhoni, J.P.Yadav, Irfan, Agarkar, Balaji. Supersub
Kumble or Zhaheer or Harbhajan according to
situation. Bowlers Irfan, Balaji, Agarker, J.P yadav,
Sehwag, Youraj, Raina and if we want we can
take from supersub if we require. In this team we
can see some classic and hard hitters. we should
have reasonbly good fielders like kaif, youraj,
sehwag, raina. This is for next comming series
with sril. and S. Africa

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My dream team
by krishna on Sep 10, 2005 05:56 PM

Actually this is the right time to think of a new team like virender, dhoni, dravid, kaif, yuvraj, dinesh mongia, sachin (if he is 100% fit), followed by bowlers like kumble, balaji, further we have to search for new faces in the bowling department, because our medium pacers are not performing consistently, this is what i feel.

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re ratings
by rony on Sep 10, 2005 05:23 PM

by the way who are these two jhony(somebody called harish) and jane(somebody called deepti)? i don't remember seeing them in playing club cricket or local bye lane cricket. do they know how to hold bats or how to bowl?the report is completely biased, full of parochialism,narrow mindnessand uncalled for.if the future selectors are to go by this kind of biased opinions, god save indian team.why are we so much bothered about present day indian cricket teams? are we not playing test matches for last 70 years and one day cricket for last 35 years? what great have our teams in the past achieved earlier days in both forms of game before this team arrived who are just playing for last 5/6 years as a team? can these two experts make analysis of past players performances and tell the public how great they were in batting,bowling,fielding and capatainship?i suggest let media allow them to play their normal game,give them their privacy and don't treat them as celebrity or anything of that short.the channels also should not ask all toms,dicks and harries to appear in thei channels as expert commentators and give their judgements( verdicts) and make funs of the current players.

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polish off gunguly
by imam on Sep 10, 2005 05:18 PM

remove gunguly from the side, add some fresh talent........add laxman for overseas tours ( not in sub continent)

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Captail of Indian Cricket Team
by Fredrick on Sep 10, 2005 04:34 PM

I feel neither ganguly nor dravid should be given captaincy. They are both concentrating more on retaining their captaincy than the teams interest. It should be someone third person.

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Cricket ratings
by krishna on Sep 10, 2005 03:34 PM

I don't understand why all people are just worried about the individual performances.It is the team India which have to deliver.When our top order failed in the first 4 matches ,everyone said the middle order is better and they delivered better.But when the top order played better in the final,then who is to be blamed.
As one of my fellow friends said about the pitches in India,why are the Indians afraid of fast bowling,starting from the 1st to the 11th man.I think it is only because of the pitches made in India which favour only spinners.We have a population of more than 100 crore,why are we not able to produce world class pace bowlers who can move the ball along with the pace.Think it is time to start thinking from the root levels.Instead of rating individual players,just think how to change the scenario present today .Indians love cricket is a known fact and every boy from the age of 10 is playing cricket . Why cant we increase the facilities including pitches,helmets and do what ever we can .There are some where around 100 universities in India where people in the age of 20 are present .why cant the colleges or the governments conduct tournaments from which we can find talent

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