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''Yadav deserved a higher rating''

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Kaif is the best choice
by Govindaraj on Sep 12, 2005 01:30 PM

I think Kaif is the best chice for captancy. None of the other players have catancy attitude in our team. We already explored many people and we wasted out time and the match too.

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I donot agree
by Nagesh on Sep 12, 2005 12:19 PM


i am really confused about the rating given to Dravid, i still fell he has let the indian team down just because he was not handed over the captaincy, we could have felt that when there was no spring in his step when he came to the crease, he used come slowly and while returning to the pavilion he used to run..., we all know how dravid bats when he is giving 100%, but in this series against the minnows zim wat went wrong, e had scored 2 fifties against the lankans which means he was not out of form either, i personally feel its time for these blokes to be kicked out of the team, both SG and RD. How abt giving some oppurtunity to some youngsters like badani and sriram?. I totally disagree with agarkar's rating, we all know e leaks runs but e is a wicket taker and his rating shd hav been higher. Yuvraj is another bloke who lets the team down in crunch situations with useless shots.., so the team requires a new look if v want 2 last long in the west indies world cup..

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raj mishra
about the rating
by raj mishra on Sep 12, 2005 11:25 AM

I do agree with the rating given to the senior players but I think that every senior players should take the responsibility supported by the budding players.

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Ratings and the Players
by Krishreddy on Sep 12, 2005 08:52 AM

Dear BCCI,

Kick out of the Players who has contracts with commercial endorsements then Team india will be alright. Also impose ban on crickets in future if they go for endorsements. Then everything will come into place and every player will concentrate on cricket rather than Endorsements. Now a days for cricket players cricket became a business rather than sport.

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Team Ratings
by Shiva on Sep 12, 2005 12:11 AM

I totally agree with the ratings. First of all the people who are objecting about Ganguly's points are the one comeing from Bengal these bhattacharyas and guhas. Ganguly should be let off from the team. Let him go and play domestic cricket. It is very easy to see that he has lost the touch and his eye. He cannot see the ball anymore. I was a great fan of him too. But he has lost his touch now. Let him go back and if he performs well, let him come back. Make him the Inidia A team captian. The best person to replace Ganguly is Sachin (if he is willing to accept it) if not, it should be Rahul Dravid. Once the World cup is done in 2007, lets hand it over to Kaif.

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by Sachine on Sep 11, 2005 11:42 PM

Frankly what we have is a weak and ageing team which is having no consistency.
The leadership is missing. The captain does not perform and the team only wins cos of luck and so the captain is kept in the side. If this is the performance of SAURABH GANGULY, then i think any junior player can more than cover his position. His fielding is pathetic, his captaincy is pathetic too and he has no leadership skill, most of his wins are pure luck.

Many people talked of Performance in the past, Sunny has a better record and Sunny gavaskar is rated highly even now as he retired when he was at a peak and people loved and respected him. And even now his comments are respected. there are other players who played during his time, whose name do we remember. When a player drags himself to play, he is sacked from the team and such players are often forgotten. Now i think its upto the indian Cricket board, to tell Ganguly to retire of be sacked. After all once a team is old and we have youngsters we have a team which have players with too much experience but no physical fitness or ability. Or we have players with good fitness but no experience.


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by john on Sep 11, 2005 11:21 PM

it is time to bring azhar back as captain ,he will show how to win matches.


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Akashay Agarwal
Team India Performance
by Akashay Agarwal on Sep 11, 2005 09:26 PM


I feel the issue is not about ratings, but about the performances of the players. Changing the ratings won\'t change the form of the players will it? I personally feel that the selectors, coach, physiotherapist should all meet together, CRITICALLY ANALYSE each player\'s performance and then make decisions accordingly.

Its time for ganguly to go..though being an amazing player in the past, his recent form in the past 2-3 years has been really very depresing..its time to permanently hand over the captiancy to a new lad..

I feel that there is harsh criticism on Dravid...just that he does not perform well in just two series, he is being criticized that harshly..then what about ganguly, harbajan, yuvraj?

Mohammed Kaif is amazing...he should be made the vice-captain, so that Sehwag be released of all pressures..sehwag needs to concentrate and work harder..he has the potential..he needs to be consistent..Dhoni did well bane raho!!

VVS Laxman, Kumble, Yuvraj, Yadhav, Raina, should all be given more chances.

Drop Nehra, Ganguly, Rao and Harbhajan.
Pathan, Khan, Balaji, Agarkar need to improve their fitness and bowling.why aren't the selectors giving munaf patel?

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All Ratings are incorrect
by Manoj on Sep 11, 2005 01:20 PM

I think the ratings don't consider the facts like strength of opposition and playing under pressure .Most of the players in the current team does not deserve to continue .The selection of players is also totally biased .In the current team the only players who deserve to continue are those who play well under pressure against better oppositions.Only few players fall in this category acording to me .They are Dravid , Pathan and Kumble.Kaif is improving but very often i notice that he is susceptible to lbw against quick bowlers.In bowling Balaji should be included as he also scores some quick runs and bowls well.Ashish Nehra will be the most dangerous as he is far quicker but should be more consistent.Dhoni is also improving so should have longer run .The other players i feel should be given chance are Laxman,Badani and Dinesh Mongia .I believe laxman would have be one of the top batsmen if he was given chance consistently at no 3 instead of giving these chances to yuvraj.Now that super sub rule is there yuvraj can be the super sub.Badani is a forgotten but talented player who plays well under pressure and fields well given his past records.Kumble should be captain .

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