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''Yadav deserved a higher rating''

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Ganguly should be removed
by Sambath on Sep 10, 2005 01:35 PM

Ratings are good. Ganguly should be removed immediately and a new captain has to be appointed. How long he can find a place in Indian team as captain?. So as to Harbajan. In a country, where all the pitches are doctored for spin, can't we find a decent spin bowler. Harbajan is really waste in indian team. Look at Vettori? Bowling superbly and evening batting well. Both of them were taking their places granted. Ganguly is thinking that there is noone to replace him as Indian captain and Harbajan is thinking he is best spin bowler in India. May be they at times, but should be consistent. Else the passion for cricket in India will slowly degrade.

Will Indian Team Management take the right (Positive) path?

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sasi bhushan
indian team performace in final
by sasi bhushan on Sep 10, 2005 01:20 PM

Its been a disappointing performance by the team. The most disheartening part was that the team was repeating the same old mistakes that they have been comiting . Even after getting a very good start they faltered at the end. Similarly the team didnt learn from newzealand bowlers. The kiwi bowlers were bowling so many slow deliveries and there was a lot of change of pace which we had not done during our bowling. Its so much heart rending when players at that high level dont learn quickly.
Hope the new coach shall bring about these small changes required and the team will again start firing on all cylinders.

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Cricket ratings.
by S.Thiyagarajan on Sep 10, 2005 12:54 PM

The ratings are correct upto as point. But Ganguly should have got only minus points and the 2 given to him is a bonus. He doesnot even deserve a place in the team. The Indian team consists of 10 players and one captain. I think lot of vested interests and sub-natinalism is spoiling the game of cricket in India and who knows Ganguly owes his captaincy (and the place in the team because of that captaincy) to some very very influential person in the cricket set-up of the country. The absence of Tendulkar has caused psychological vacuum which is hard to fill up. Drawvid should be reinstated as captain and
Ganguly ahould be sent to the Australian Academy for correcting his technics. Even the mediocre Zim bowlers have sorted him out and it will be impossible for him to score runs in Intl cricket hereafter. His grudge that he has unfairly treated by being excluded from the World XI makes onle laugh. At this form, he doesnot even deserve a place in the Bengal Ranji team.

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team rating
by Raghav on Sep 10, 2005 12:39 PM

i have read many of the views posted here, but i actually can observe one thing that everybody's understanding towards the rating is totally wrong. The rating is done not keeping zimbabwe serious alone, its on the performance in totality with last two serious. Thats why ganguly was 2 and dravid stands at 5. I feel they both have given the due rating unless like pathan, nehra, rao, schewag, rest is actually seems to be prety true. I only wish the board actually takes a call on non-performers in the side and takes a side with players who are in-form currently into the eleven.

In all cricketing sense, we need horses for the courses, we need players who are in-form and not those who struggling to get it right. We cant wait and expect someone to perform thinking he contributed in past, its only the present and we cant be liberal there.


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David Lal
Sack Ganguly,
by David Lal on Sep 10, 2005 11:34 AM

Its absurd to know that Ganguly is still in TEAM INDIA.
He should be thrown out of the team along with H. Singh and V. Shewag. Shewag performed well only in the finals he clicks very rarely ie once in 20 matches so I think he should be asked to take practice at home. But for Ganguly its all over for him. He has faied in all departments of the game. Give way for young blood or world cup for TEAM INDIA will always be a day dream.

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sudeep roy
flexibility in batting and bowling order
by sudeep roy on Sep 10, 2005 11:28 AM

i'm of the firm opine that if the team is not performing to its full potential then the team management should look out for more flexibility rather thann rigid approach .some options can be undertaken.
1)likes of irfan pathan & mohd. kaif should be promoted high up in the order.
2) agit agarkar should be allowed to bowl between 30-50 over mark since he has lot of variations.
3) dinesh mongia & hemang badani should be given a
chance to play in the playing 11; since they are mentally tough.
4.)yuvraj , sachin and shehwag can't be used as an golden arm . they had to bowl more often to provide more variability.
5.)ganguly can combined with sachin for the opening slot. this is the only option he has left with him.

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by Shankar on Sep 10, 2005 11:05 AM

I agree with Mr. Bharat of Delhi. Has these two people ever held a cricket bat in their hands? Are they the great analysts from any of the IIM's? Shame on you rediff!!

It's time we need to focus on the real issue of performance. We have a high voltage coach in Greg. Who has put in enough effort on the boys (!!!???).

Ganguly should be rested for some time. He need mental rest than physical rest. He has been tormented by his form. Give some one a chance to be the captain. Make Rahul Dravid as captain and Kaif as VC. I think we need to look forward to the World cup 2007. We cannot even imagine of crossing the first hurdle with the kind of 'oldies'in the team. It's time that we need to concentrate on the real issue of performance.

Venu Gopal got enough chances. I think he is not matured to play at international level. JP should be given more chances. Bhajji should be rested. Anil should be given more chances. Yes. Age is catching up with him, but he can certainly bowl better than any of the jokers in the team.

Agarkar should not be called an alrounder at all. He dosen't deserve to be called one.
Chop and change and have fun. Let the fools in India Watch the fun.

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Kaif to lead
by Zach on Sep 10, 2005 11:00 AM

Kaif has shown his value & should now be given the Captaincy. He has the passion, temperment & work ethic to lead this young team. The only veterans worth keeping r Dravid & Sachin. Agarker to needs to prove himself & showed glimpses of potential. He is a natually gifted cricket player. As his confidence grows he will improve. Maybe bat him in the middle order b4 Dhoni. He did well when given the no. 3 spot till Laxman took it. Once he builds confidence his bowling will become more consistant. As Poms showed with Flintoff allrounders need time but r matchwinners. Batting always wins matches & with India's depth they r world class. Giving Ganguly 1 chance after another after failures holds back Youth development. Dharwan & Gambir should also be given a chance to shine. Lets see if the selectors have the guts to make changes! Remember polotics doesn't win matches!

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ratings not important! looking forward...
by Ram on Sep 10, 2005 10:42 AM

the ratings are actually too lenient but that is not important.. selectors and india should be true to themselves and think of only the nation.. lets face it.. ganguly(2 yrs out of form), nehra and rao are not ONE day players because they are not athletes at all.. they are unfit human beings masquerading as cricketers.. Looking forward, we lack a genuine batting and fast bowling all rounder like flintoff, kallis or our very own kapil dev. among the present group only pathan has the remote potential to match up to that and should be groomed. a hard hitting genuined all rounder is a must for india to go anywhere.. plus we need athletes who are tall and can dive before the ball comes to them.. not fake one after it has gone past like kumble or ganguly or nehra do.

the team should be as follows:

sachin/raina (some hard hitting positive youngster), sehwag, kaif (C), dravid (VC)(only if he comes out of slump), yuvraj (needs consistency), dhoni, *(yet to find this allrounder), pathan, agarkar, zaheer, balaji.. sub: nehra

for now, this allrounder is j.p. yadav but he is an excuse of an allrounder.. ball does nothing off the seam or in the air.. he will be beaten to death by good teams!

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