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A Kulkarni
High time Ganguly should be dropped!
by A Kulkarni on Jul 10, 2005 07:39 AM

To support my view of Ganguly's complete non-performance in the long run since he became captain(and I think 4 years is a pretty decent time frame), a list of his averages against all countries.

As expected with a batsman of his temperament and callibre, he does exceedingly well against the 'potent bowling attack' of BD and also reasonable well against Eng and Zim who had ONE world bowler when he played them.

Against 'weaker attacks' with 2-3 world class bowlers or on difficult, foreign wickets his average surprisingly drops:

Aus 29.9

BD 81.0

Eng 46.5

NZ 30.4

Pak 30.5

SA 37.4

SL 33.2

WI 37.1

Zim 41.2

Time for a change is NOW.

As much as I appreciate his contribution as captain, I feel Dravid / Sachin / Sehwag are more than capable of taking over.

And atleast the opposition will again have to start thinking a bit to get a batsman out rather than bang it short or angle it across our number 5 bat. (If at all he does not run away from the matches that is!)

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A. Kulkarni
When the going gets tough, Ganguly chickens out!
by A. Kulkarni on Jul 10, 2005 07:32 AM

Too much of a coincidence that whenever Sourav Ganguly is faced with a real challenge he chickens out.

For the last few series it has been happening now. In Pakistan he went out of the series midway, saying he was injured.

When the Australians came, the moment Sourav Ganguly saw green wicket at Nagpur, he again developed cold feet and chickened out.

Needless to say, as soon as Australians left Dada became fully fit, even though short of form as before.

During the county stint with Glamoragon, Sourav Ganguly had just one good game in the whole month.

Yday Glamoragon had to face Worcestershire and Ganguly had the ominous task of facing Shoaib Akhtar. What happened?

Ofcourse he chickened out. There was no reason for him to drop out as BCCI has exempted him from coming back. It is further proved by the fact that Harbhajan and Mongia played their games today.

There is a clear pattern in Ganguly's approach. When the opposition is tough, because he is lacking in confidence, he excuses himself on some pretext. As soon as things normalize, (weaker teams arrive or outcome is no more in doubt, Ganguly makes a 'comeback').

*If I have to make one prediction about his next 'injury', it will surface when Harmison, Jones and Flintoff arrive in India in winter and God forbid, wicket has some grass.

He won't be unfit against Zimbabwe and SriLanka for sure. And after England, he would again be unfit for half the series when India tours Pakistan.

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on ganguli's ban
by najam on Apr 15, 2005 03:07 PM

ganguli needs rest anyhow to come back to his form.maybe
he need a series against bangladesh or zimbabwe. he wanted this to happen as he was too selfish to take a rest by himself.for most of the indian team their place in the team is more important than india winning.india hasn't done great (except in pak)after the world cup and it is at the 8th place in oneday icc rankings.stop praising his captaincy untill india ranks among top 3.cricket is a religion in india and 8th place is shamefull and ridiculous.

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by archana on Apr 15, 2005 01:15 PM

how come the ICC always punishes only Ganguly!This is something which i cant believe.It is stupid to have made dravid as captain.He has never proved good whenever he has captained the side and his personal performance has also gone down.Though his innings was good today he has wasted lot of balls.Compare his score with the less experienced kaif and u will understand.This is not to degrade dravid because the fact that captaincy puts a lot of pressure on him is something that dravis has admitted on his own before the media.No other indian can lead the team as good as ganguly does(Records proove it yaar!)

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whether ganguly should play?
by prasanta on Apr 15, 2005 08:02 AM

Kiran Kumar is the sort of person who can speak lot without understanding what the hell is he speaking about.i know u might be going red after reading this.but the facts are facts.
Nobody has denied that Dravid has a much better temparament than anybodyelse in the team.
Captaincy is not to do about COOLNESS!!
it is got to do with strategies,aggression of new world cricket (in case u understand what Cricket actually means,but not superficially).
U are the type of person who would politicize any good issue.

Ganguly is fierce and believe me he is going to strike back t opponent cricket team like rocket.
Wait and watch.

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indian team
by sisir on Apr 15, 2005 07:50 AM

I is good to see Ganguly is out of from team. But instead of sriram , mongia should be given the chance.

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