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In Lata's words: Her famous composers

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shyamsunder vyas
LM - Composers choice
by shyamsunder vyas on Jun 28, 2014 12:24 PM

One may see the immaturity of LM & AB when they speak at any finction.Film industry is called a dirty place, not meant for good people and people, even great artiste prove with their words and action. LM will never mention name of Shanker-Jaikishen & S.D.Burman who are considered as one of the greatest composers of India. They provided best of the commercial & compositions hits to her. Same goes for Asha Bhosle who will not mention name of her mentor O P Nayyar. Personal grudge is one thing and professional attitude is something which these artistes need to learn.

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renukaprasad tumkurbasappa
But it was Madan Mohan who paved the way for Lata Didi.
by renukaprasad tumkurbasappa on Jun 25, 2011 04:43 PM

Though Ghulam Haider brought Lata Mangeshkar to the Filmdom but it was Great Madan Mohan the Meastro with magic wand made lata great in the Hindi film world. In 1950s, 60s and 70s films like Samna, Phehla Pyar, Sangharsh, Who Kaun Thi, Merasaya, Sanjog made her to remain in the filmdom with No.1 singer title.

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First Last
Thank you, Rediff
by First Last on Jan 11, 2011 01:31 AM  | Hide replies

Oh what fun it is to watch lungis getting angry and fervently trying to defend their little (to nothing) contribution to Bollywood music. The frustration coupled with their immortal and uniform idiocy has taken this discussion to a great level of humor.

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ravishankar sadashivaiah
Re: Thank you, Rediff
by ravishankar sadashivaiah on Jan 12, 2011 11:29 AM
This statement is absolutely obnoxious!! If South Indians are lungis, then what are North Indians? Boss, we are Indians first. Try not to be discriminatory. We are our own enemies in the end. Please measure your words before commenting.

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Vishwajay Chakravarty
How could she!!
by Vishwajay Chakravarty on Jan 10, 2011 09:40 AM  | Hide replies

How could she not include S.D. Burman? She has given huge number of hits with him. And suh beautiful songs too!! She has done it earlier too. Probably its because at one time S.D. threw her aside because of hr tamtrums and decided to use Asha more. She has not forgiven hime even now!!! Just proves she is a mere human being and not a Goddess she is considered to be.

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Opinionated Man
Re: How could she!!
by Opinionated Man on Jan 10, 2011 10:04 AM
If you read the beginning you will know that rediff has listed 14 of the 28 names that were published.

14 other names were there.

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Ajit Birdi
Re: average choice
by Ajit Birdi on Jan 09, 2011 11:30 PM
Yes they are, but may be they do not hold any significant role in her life.
Take for example of my self(not boasting nor I am a musician).
I have lots of companies and people who are my supliers,and with some I have traded for long time we sit eat and drink together. but with others it is just bussiness Give ne goods and take cash that's all.
although I know every one.
If I have to do a similar article then i will only mention those who are close to me and other NO.
that is exactly what LATA has done, only mentiond those who were close to her others were just bossiness associates.
Once the song is recorded and lata got paid that was the end of the contract.
now if this song becomes a hit or not was none of her businessmen.
s did what she was asked to do SING IN A MANNER THAT THE MUSIC DIRECTOR WANTED.

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Sunit Kumar
A striking thing !!
by Sunit Kumar on Jan 09, 2011 04:28 PM

It is wonderfull looking back than, that the depth of the so called artists with Muslim names, they didnt grew beards and talked of the injustice etc. The fact is they were simple people living a simple and rich life, if only todays muslims can understand that and stop going to madarassas and growing beareds the renisance for these people is just around the corner.

Fundamentalism or even over religious ness will totally finish of these populations.

Infact it is said that it was because of the Aryan Suprimacy factor of WW2, that so many whites were killed that it brought in Blacks stongly in the US, history always repeats !!!

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