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The man who kept Rafi on his toes

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Prateek Sharma
This Is A Pure Insult
by Prateek Sharma on Aug 23, 2011 08:42 PM

This is an Insult of The Man Who is known as the vibrant voice of India, the voice who gave the songs like Mere Desh Ki Dharti and Jab Zero Diya Mere Bhaarat ne.

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rajneesh raina
Author not fully equipped with knowledge
by rajneesh raina on Jun 07, 2009 08:31 PM

This article is one of the worst tribute to any legend,I dont know whom he is trying to defame,Kapoor Ji or Rafi Sahab.
Kapoor Ji was so dedicated fan of Rafi Sahab that a full programme of 12 episodes broadcasted in 2005 on vivid bharti presented by Mahender Kapoor Ji was only full of praises for Rafi sahab.Thereonly I came to know that Rafi sahab was his guru when rafi lived in a flat at bhendi bazaar Mumbai.
Author should gather the facts before writing such defamatory tributes.

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writer of the article is mentally disturbed!
by eclat on Dec 04, 2008 09:43 PM

I being a very close relative of Sri mahindra kapoor ji I can say,,,if this kinda critics are associated with highly hounered filmfare,the stincking personality of such person will affect Filmfare`s relibility as well...Rafi sahab is not only most esteemed person,he was nothing less than god to mahindra kapoor as kapoor himself admited it...writer should apologise with kapoor`s family as through this article kapoor infamy is increasing,,readers are getting wrong impression of mahindra ji,,,M kapoor worship Rafi sahab in every raaga and as human also......

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What rubbish!
by eclat on Dec 04, 2008 09:32 PM

Rafi sahab was Mahendra kapoor`s guru,guru in all the way,the writer of this article is materialistic frustated and can never understand the language of feelings,shame upon him who writes about someone`s guru(master) in such a low esteem,admit it or not Rafi sahab trained kapoor from childhood and helped him in his career as well,,,the writer have no manner and can never understand art,,,this article would surely have hurt mahindra kapoor`s soul as well,

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Raju Bharatan is an IDOIT!
by SAJJAD QADIR on Nov 19, 2008 02:54 AM

What a stupid article! What is the purpose of bringing Rafi Saab in Mahendra Kapoor tribute? This is NOT the 1st time i have read Raju's idoitic articles related to Rafi Saab! Rafi Saab was NEVER on his toes!!!! He was a quite and god fearing man...Writting rubbish about him is totally uncalled for! Raju should be ashamed for writting such a shameless articles based on lies...Even after 28 years of his passing, fans still remember him daily! His voice was define just like his personality! Stop comparing singers! They all gave their best to entertain us and in return some of us try this mud slinging acts on the expense of other great singer! Again - Raju B should be ashmed of writting such non sense!

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Amitabha Das
Strange report
by Amitabha Das on Oct 11, 2008 11:08 PM  | Hide replies

I am baffled by this report. Mahendra Kapoor treated Rafi as his God. In fact after years of being a Rafi clone, it was in a Rafi live show that Kapoor was singing as a filler and Rafi himself went up to him and lauded his voice, but also suggested him to not forget his originality, lest he remains a 'clone'...an invaluable tip Kapoor never forgot. Later it was Rafi who convinced Ravi to try with Kapoor for Humraaz because he himself was sick and would have needed weeks to recover and the recordings needed to be done soon. Rafi allowed space to Kapoor and kapoor has always been grateful to rafi for that. His house had a huge portrait of Rafi for a long time. This is so unlike Kishore Kumar, who realized that the voice of his own son, Amit Kumar was very close to him after the film Balika Badhu, and therefore convinced most directors to stick to him rather than trying with Amit Kumar as he felt that Amit's voice might threaten him in the long run. However, while Amit Kumar was not even close to Kishore in talent, Mahendra Kapoor was very far from Rafi in talent as well...

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asad hasan
Re: Strange report
by asad hasan on Oct 24, 2008 03:04 PM
how did you know about this kishore and amit thing? how could a father thought to do this. what you are doing is 'praising rafi and thrashing kisore'

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The man who kept rafi on his toes
by MANOJ SHAH on Oct 11, 2008 03:57 PM

I think Rafi saab and Mahendra Kapoor both were having a differrent quality of voice and both are great. Ther is no need to compare them.

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zahir shaikh
rafi sahab
by zahir shaikh on Oct 11, 2008 12:07 PM

he is only singer who got the bharat ratna award and female lata mangeshkar. no other singer got the award after rafi death kishore has come not before. earlier there was no award other wise rafi sahab has plenty awards then other singer

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mustafa burhani
Incomparable Rafi saab
by mustafa burhani on Oct 10, 2008 11:42 PM

The title gives the message that it was becoz of MAhendra KApoors Competition Rafi Saab sang so beautifully, wht a PITY ?

before Mahendra kapoor started his careee Rafi Saab had already sung memorable songs in Movies like BAiju BAwra, MughalEAzam,HumDono. So we cant compare Kishore Kumar or MAhendra Kapoor to RAfi Saab

And saying of PAtriotic Song can Anyone please tell me a song with more patriotism than " KAR CHALE HUM FIDA from HAQEEQAT or JAHAN DAAL DAAL PAR SONE KI CHIDIYA "

so please Stop comparing those Great singers who r not here to defend themselves

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