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Jodhaa Akbar is a spectacular watch

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madhesh kumar
Good to watch...
by madhesh kumar on Dec 24, 2008 09:16 PM

I viewed this movie in Tamil, because I can't understand the Hindi because it has high mixture of Urdu.

The music is not shattered in the Tamil version because ARR knows tamil, and all his tamil dubbing is good right till now.

Acting of Hrithik is excellent, he became Akbar for the 3 hours and we cannot imagine any other actors in that place, and we cannot able to recollect and compare his performance with any of his previous movies.
Aishwarya also done good, the background scope is with the movie, it helps to view it without any tension or getting bored.
Manmohana song was a milestone for the movie and it touches everybody hearts.

Rating 4 for 5. Reduced one star for the length, and all the other things are perfect....

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jodhaa-akbar is a superhit
by faaruq on Mar 25, 2008 12:41 PM


Rank      Film      Weekly Nett Gross      Total Nett Gross      Verdict
1      Jodhaa Akbar      4,46,00,000      58,01,00,000    & nbsp; Super Hit
2      Black & White      1,82,00,000      5,25,00,000    &n bsp; -
3      Taare Zameen Par      32,00,000      60,57,00,000      ; Blockbuster
4      Mithiya      13,00,000  &n bsp;   5,59,00,000      Average
5      26th July At Barista      8,00,000      8,00,000       Disaster
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Quite Good
by Appu on Mar 16, 2008 03:05 PM  | Hide replies

I am unable to understand why the movie was made so lenghty ?
Anyway, the movie starts just before the interval may be 10 minutes before the interval session, isnt it ? If the movie is made with the name Jodhaa Akbar, it should have revolved more around the subject, isnt it ?
Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai has done justice towards their given characters but I think in present time there is not a single male actor who can do justice to Akbar role.
We have to find a new male talent.
Akbar was a emperor and to portray that big larger than life character needs a special talent and hardwork. I do not see any present male actor is or will be able to do justice.
Remember :
Late Shri Prithvi Raj Kapoor jee role in Mughal-E-Azam.
What best I found was few great cinematography work specially when Hrithik was stading under a tree at Ajmer. That was Wow !!!
Few long shot war scenes were great.
But again I will say the movie lacks to show the era of 15th century. I was unable to feel the same. Somewhere it makes me feel I am watching a novel if not reading made in present era.
Aishwarya looked gorgeous. She was never looked so beautiful in any of her previous movies. Claps for the team effort.
The movie lacks good sets. Most of the time curtains were more displayed rather than good great shots. I here remember Sanjay Leela Bhansali jee for his huge canvas of displaying sets.
The songs were too good. The song Azeem-O-Shaan Shahenshah make me feel the depth and weight of a gr

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RE:Quite Good
by Appu on Mar 16, 2008 03:10 PM
The songs were too good. The song Azeem-O-Shaan Shahenshah make me feel the depth and weight of a great song.
Claps for Rahman Jee and Team.
On the whole I find there was not enough hard work done or may be a person needs more time & experience to make such kind of great emperor movies.
It is a nice made movie but Yes it is not a great classic legend movie which was my expectation.
My rating : 3 star
I suggest :
Do great research and find new talented actors.
Anybody listening ?

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aijaz ali
Great movie
by aijaz ali on Mar 13, 2008 05:18 AM

Hello guys,

I have watched the movie and it is great. I like scene in which Akbar's sister appeal for mercy for her husband, it was quite amazing.


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it is really good movie....
by Gordon on Mar 07, 2008 02:21 AM

well first of all i dont like romantic(love story)movies and normally i dont like most of bollywood movies.but i like this movie Bcoz the dirction is suprb,acting is fantastic specilly hrithik,music and lyrics r out standing in my book i will give 10 out of 10.

actly i saw this movie bcoz of Mr.Ashutosha G, Mr.A.R.Rehman &Mr.javed akthar.i like these 3 ppl.swades is one of my all time favrt movie.and ha khwaja song is extrordinary feeling.i dnt knw hw can i explain that perticular song bt ITS JUST A MASTER PIECE.

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Dilawar Singh
Great Movie
by Dilawar Singh on Mar 05, 2008 01:08 PM

Went for the movie first time last weekend to watch it. I was in thinking after seeing the response to the movie which is already in its third weekend. We went for 2:30 pm show on Fun Cinema, Laxmi Nagar but I surprised when came to know that show is house full. Then ask for next show which was at 4 pm response is same all tickets sold out, the ticketer says please wait till 3:45 pm if any telephone ticketing cancelled then provide you two tickets as you need. Thank god we got the tickets. We really enjoyed the movie a lot. Love all the songs simply super and pair of Aish and Hrithik. The chemistry between both of them on the screen really very nice. Word is not enough to praise director Ashutosh who can make a story compete to hollywood. He deserves an award for it. A R rahman%u2019s music is also great and the choreography is a masterpiece. As you all know the movie is a visual treat then what I can say about sets, costumes etc. etc. all are simply great. Now the acting then (after KMG, Krishh & Dhoom II) Hrithik proves again that he is not only a dancer, he is a great actor after Aamir Khan in recent times. Ash is also acted so nice. Both of them done a award winning performances. Rest of the characters are also superb. Another award winning performances in the movie are Sujajmal and Shrifuddin. A bit slow (approx 20 minutes) in between 1st to 2nd hour, otherwise u can%u2019t feel that it%u2019s a 3 : 20 minute movie. Really a great movie.


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Sulagana Sen
by Sulagana Sen on Mar 01, 2008 06:04 PM

simply AWESOME just LOVED da film
all da people out der leave ur brain outside...do not go over da stupid critics....arree yaar crtitcs toh rahenge.....just ignore dem.....J.A. is a worth watch !!!!!!!! go n c da movie just as u r watching a normal film........ENJOY !

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jnb promotion
Jodha akbar....Paisa vasool movie....
by jnb promotion on Mar 01, 2008 04:57 PM

If u want to see the Matured Hritik apart from Dance just go for the Jodha akbar....Before relesing of movie critics compare him with the prithvi raj kapoor but after this mughl-e-azam becmoes history....wt a style attitude he is haveing...perfect 10 for him.....again Aishwarya shows a wonderful acting.....If u want to see real lady beauti just go for jodha akbar.....Picturisation,Direction,action,music are the strongest part of the movie....yes movie is long but u will never find yorself boared...the magician gowaricar's majic works.....wonder o wonder after chak de and tare zameen par u will find a family pack movie...that is Jodha akbar.....Do not miss to watch it...and dont go for the pireted one....go to the theatre....when movie ends u will get good intenal satisfaction.....

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debashish mahaptra
just enjoy da movie!!!
by debashish mahaptra on Feb 26, 2008 09:13 PM  | Hide replies

why is everyone so obsessed by political n historical correctness??? movies r meant for entertainment.... so leave ur brains behind n just njoy!!! for once learn from da sardars!!! der r thousands of jokes made on sardars n all da sardars demselves join in for a laugh!!! so quit quabbling ovr history!!! n wat u urself hav done to protect the very history u r talkin abt!!!! JA is a nice watch.... everyone should go n watch it!!!!

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Sudhir Bhargava
RE:just enjoy da movie!!!
by Sudhir Bhargava on Feb 29, 2008 05:44 PM
Ashutosh by mixing 30 percent History(Truth?) with 70 percent Imagination(untruth!)in J-A has ridiculed Hindu Kings and pampered moguls lead by Akbar delibrately, may be to get appreciation from global audiences.Akbar is shown as an apostle of peace.Was he? then who has to be accounted for 30 thousand Rajput killings after Chittor's fall and another thirty thousand killings of Raja Hemu's community and supporters after 2nd battle of Panipat,near Delhi.There were several such battles and counting can go in lacs.Amitabh Bachchan's entire commentry in the movie tries to convince the movie-goers that Muslim rulers did nothing wrong in invading India, looting and killing thousands of Hindus.Dhanya Ho Aashish Gowarikar, Tum Dhanya Ho!
Akbar had made towers of skulls of beheaded Hindus at several places.They were in place for 50-60 years and were sketched by a British traveller Petre Mundy,who visited India during the time of Jahangir.Photographs of such sketches/paintings are on display at Panipat War Museum and National Museum,Delhi.It was under the shadow of these terror-towers that Akbar consolidated his empire.It was terror and terror under which Hindu's sccumbed.Akbar rarely fought a war from front.He and Bairam Khan did not come to the war zone at Panipat and were stationed at a distance of 15 KMs from the site(V.A.Smith in Oxford History of India) ,however,director of the movie shows them in the war and Bairam Khan is shown fighting with a sword.Dhanya ho Gowarikar ji,tum D

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by Chaitanya on Feb 26, 2008 06:26 PM

I think that its a fantastic movie

It has everything correct except
its long length

Even though it has a big stars in Hrithik and Ash
the film reflects the fantastic work of Gowarikar and its marvelous Music by Rehman

This film has a great story , really good screenplay, outstanding choreography , tremendous acting from all the stars, one of the finest of the work by all the technicians and it also has really great music ---> probably the Best from Rehman

To add to it
it has a fantastic dialog , screenplay, costume.

This film also has a lot of action sequences as well.

If you see this film
you will also notice that
The decisions that have been taken (atleast shown to be taken) are totally towards Humanity
and Akbar has really gone against the tide when taking these decisions and
Which has resulted in reviewing his Greatness,

I would like everybody to go and watch this movie
all in all


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