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What was the director smoking?

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get some other job, u arent meant to be reviewing movies or even
by Guest on May 21, 2009 04:30 AM

really you should get some other job. Sadly out here, stupid people like you get to review films. You might have done a eng hons course or something and you probably know how to use words and have a decent vocabulary which lead you to believe that you can write. But please try to understand that its not a copy editing job. Reviewing movie requires observation power, understanding, open mind, sensitivity and inclination towards art> all of these things are almost totally absent in you.
Its hilarious to see that you have stampmarked your stupidly and lack of knowledge by stating 'I still have no clue what the movie was about'.
You getting paid to talk about things which you have no clue off??

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piyal kundu
It is a good movie
by piyal kundu on Jan 03, 2009 01:45 AM

It is a good movie but not for all. If someone is thinking differently lets appreciate him. And congratulating to the makers of this movie that they do not want any cheap hit film but a good movie. I like this movie very much.

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Adwait Karambelkar
what is thic critic smoking?
by Adwait Karambelkar on Sep 20, 2008 02:05 PM

Why do we always want movies with song and dance and coochie cooing lead pairs? why do we want stupid melodrama? why can't we think beyond washed up lame flicks like ddlj, kuch kuch hota hai, and barjatya movies?
I'll tell you why. coz we're a dumb audience, who'll be entertained by the same trash again and again, like a baby with a pacifier.
Why cant we watch and appreciate movies that make us think? Coz we dont have that acumen, i guess. And, Mr Hegde, with all due respect, is the perfect example of a typical indian narrow-minded cinegoer.
I'm actually feeling sorry for the critic, that he couldnt see beyond the obvious, and recognise what is one of the better hindi movies made.
I dunno if no smoking will create a genre, but it sure will create a cult following.
mr kashyap, you're not even appreciated in your own time, trust me, you'll be a legend.

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really it was a masterpiece
by Guest on Sep 13, 2008 06:26 PM

hi i m minakshi and i have watched this movie on september 11th on channel ZOOM. i saw it first time on that day i could not sleep i dont know why but i think it scare me for even a single cig .... to touch it

really i wanna appriciate you for this great work and definately i will tell others to watch it who are smokers

god bless you

my email is : minakshidang@yahoo.com

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Neeraja MBalchander
Practice your review!
by Neeraja MBalchander on Dec 27, 2007 03:04 AM  | Hide replies

If this reviewer has written with any respect for the intelligence of his readers, I am sorry that his empathy is off-target. The first step towards making cinema with soul, is to make it self-indulgent, to look inwards than try to appeal to Bihari masses. If that is what Anurag Kashyap did, then the review bids me to congratulate him. And please, reviewer-with-concern-for-what-others-alone-think, stop inflicting us with this stuff.

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satinder singh
RE:Practice your review!
by satinder singh on Jan 03, 2008 01:11 AM
Absolutely right Neeraja.
Mr. Prithviraj Hegde, indian cinema is wasting crores of rupees just because it in not self-indulgent. All you ek-chumma-tu-mujhko-udhaar-de-de movie goers can't understand the concept of film making. It is not always audience centric, a new concept has to be introduced to audience for the first time. Then only you can expect them to understand it. How can someone decide whether this concept is above audience's intellectual limit when a good director is himself a good audience first? ...In my opinion, No Smoking is too intelligent movie to be understood by most critics as well. Even Khalid Mohammad is writing a bad review of this gem movie. But who cares....

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should have been directed by karan johar for gaining favorable reviews!
by on Dec 11, 2007 11:38 PM  | Hide replies

this film basically made me think...and that I feel is always good enough. the "dungeon" for instance i felt was symbolic of the hell one gets into because of this habit. it was for nothing that K had to climb down all those stairs. dharavi had nothing to do with it. however, if one is looking for some kind of a meaning in the film, that i believe lies in the separation that K underwent with his identity... from who he was in the first half of the film - the smoker, the apparition which evaporated in the gas chamber. this was the significant moment in the film.

the series of events that transpire seem to reflect upon the complex nature of the human mind... its ability to create multiple levels of reality. and isn't the cigarette meant to do just that? (in any case i doubt the film was a quit smoking advertisement, meant to jolt people out of their addiction! the only thing i wanted to do after watching the film was light up a fag!)

anyway, what was left of K after the separation? a new man who had lost his memory...of what? a certain reality. but after all this he wakes up...was he dreaming? no. his fingers were gone. now he knew what he was once, what he is now and what he would be...depending upon the choices he makes.

overall, this film can have a number of interpretations. offers a lot of things to think about. it's sad the author above takes it merely as a work of self-indulgency. as if the other popular filmmakers in India create films for the sake of art and

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Ashwin Menon
RE:should have been directed by karan johar for gaining favorable reviews!
by Ashwin Menon on Dec 17, 2007 07:09 PM
i agree with this post. no smoking< is movie which is not bland. which means not typical bollywood. It is yer perception,which the director plays with. i wud vouch for this movie over Om shanti om.

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