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Are film critics 'retards'?

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Ramasubramaniam Iyer

by Ramasubramaniam Iyer on Oct 10, 2007 08:12 PM  | Hide replies

After the British started ruling us we became English trained monkey's trying to ape whatever the west does instead of trying to invent something on our own. Our own Rationalists have been of no help(even they ape the west). The film industry is no exception. The moment I see a Hindi/Tamil movie I know that this movie is blatantly lifted from English movies.
I think our creative juices got suppressed for 200 years of British rule which Ideally should have opened up our thinking.
Even schools colleges (except for IITs) reward rote learning and do not reward creative solutions. A Mathematical solution arrived in a different way is not acceptable if a text book method is not followed. We pride on fact that NRI's are inventors but we dont understand they dont consider themselves as Indians but as Americans, Singaporean's UK citizens etc
Our Callcenters business is good because you dont need to be innovative. You just need to follow the steps sent to you. The callcenter agents are not given the freedom to be innovative.
The day Indians start inventing things keeping in mind the requirement of its populations/demographics that day India will be superpower. You need not build a Sky scraper in Rural village but innovate something that will save Indian Government some money, generate capital wealth, and provide employment. I know I am part of the System and I am trying my level best to not lift ideas from different people but try to innovate somethings on my own.

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Ramasubramaniam Iyer
by Ramasubramaniam Iyer on Oct 10, 2007 08:22 PM
And yes we invented 0, we invented surgery but how effective have we been in taking those innovations to the next level.
Every one of us expects sacrifices from the other so that we can be on top and the other person on bottom. Brothers expect their other brothers to sacrifice, Selfishness is seen as a sin even then we are the most selfish people on Earth where in we spit on the roads and dont care for other people.
We are trying to get nuclear power , instead our government could put that money in local research in identifying various other renewable energy sources, thinking 10 steps ahead, thinking out of the box etc. Our babudom, government or politicians will not reward it.
We waste our time and energy in pulling down other people (not only politicians, even ordinary people make it their habit to pull down a person if that person is doing better in life)

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Bakulesh Thakker
Can somebody at least reproduce Fraha's entire statement?
by Bakulesh Thakker on Oct 08, 2007 11:34 PM

Without that we who live in foreign country and who do not have access to KwK TV show can at least judge for themselves if FK did indeed make the remark like this writer says "Pat came the answer, from guest Farah Khan 'Retards'" or whether she also gave nuanced of detailed or more verbose answer?

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kanu kangal
Why do you say retard ? Retards are never conniving
by kanu kangal on Oct 06, 2007 10:34 PM

Mental retardation is a medical condition, please have some sympathy towards family who have retard in their house.
Secondly whole premise of your arguement is flawed because a retard is not cunning, selfish or with self fulfilling agenda.
Why in India people degrade someone who stutters, mentally challenged situation in movies are shown as funny or mental hospital is shown as place of comedy. 80% of the audience don't even laugh at such slapstick comedy. Have some respect for your audience.

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Ajitt Iyer
love the article
by Ajitt Iyer on Oct 05, 2007 11:38 PM

hi bolly,i reaaly enjoyed reading your insightful article. here are some articles from teh net that you will surely enjoy reading.


http://sify.com/movies/bollywood/fullstory.php?id=14519000&am p;page=2

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