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Column: Shilpa does us proud

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rajesh balakrishnan
Cheap way of getting fame
by rajesh balakrishnan on Feb 11, 2007 06:03 PM

I have also seen the episodes and you cannot expect people living in the same room will talk all refrain language.But its seems Shilpa was odd man out in these episodes as she was more concerned about camera around her.I dont think talks going in a room be treated as racist comments.If you cannot dealt with your room mates you are bound to find your way in real life.But since its Tv show she got away and all other room mates got insulted because they were least bothered about camera around them and to very extent they were natural.

Just imagine a day to day life where 5 indians are sharing in one same apartment.And what kind of language they use to there roommates..People from North India will always make fun of people from South India(So called Madrasis).And People from South India make fun of people from North India, there culture there food, there way of living.And that too very bluntly.Dont you think these language are very regionalism if not racist..So Shilpa what you expect from your room mates to behave when your country men also live the same way and talk the same way.I think you were never being used to share a single house with other people even in India.Thats why you were odd man out.So dont think that you were right against those in the show .They talk the language which they are used to it in there country.You got fame and rich ,good for you but all for wrong reasons...

Dont bring to the world Indian as a reserved society.When you are in Britain ,talk the way they talk to you.Just mere knowing to talk English does not make you be able to speak to British men or women.If you were representing India there ,you would have tried to learn there way but not insult them if you are odd out there.
Now next time when People from other world or country speak to an Indian ,they will be carefull as you have given a wrong impression about all Indian society as a reserved one.So you might have got name and fame by this show ,many sympathis across the globe ,but just ask your consciense whether you got this fame in the correct way

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Atasi samal
by Atasi samal on Feb 03, 2007 12:30 PM  | Hide replies

Hi, shilpa u r so beautiful that your every activities looks me beautiful

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by Coco on Feb 05, 2007 10:24 AM
Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But also take a look at her heart, don't think she has got any of that, she has an evil heart and sold herself away to some brits for extra cash. This was such a good chance for her to make it again in the media but no Miss Shetty has no sence of how to manage her career again, that's why she will always remain a flop. No wonder Akshay left her, Miss Shetty need to have some brains. She is a shame on all NRI's. She gave the impression to all the Brits that it is ok to call someone Paki, Nigger etc. which of coruse is so wrong. Mothers of racist victims such as Steven Laurence, Ricky Reel are still fighting for their sons who were murdered by skin heads here in UK, and there is Miss Shetty stating all that bullying/racism was fine, what an idiot!

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sudhir  tukra
shilpa's comments
by sudhir tukra on Feb 02, 2007 07:01 PM  | Hide replies

shilpa totally denies the raciest treatment towards her and says everyone should stand up against bullying and when somebody is called like "the indian "in bad way but why didn't she stand herself and how could she simply ignore what filthy language the other houstemate used for her,when somebody is called dog,f****r,slum
dweller,skin crawler,the bloody indian,clean the or flush the toilet with teeth etc,black and what not. isn't it enough to be racial outrage or this is still not to be defined as that.
she is enjoying her fame and simplywants everyindian to just forget what they heard or saw because this whole race row has proved beneficial for her so who cares for our diginity and self respect.

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RE:shilpa's comments
by Coco on Feb 05, 2007 10:15 AM
I agree with you 100% Sudhir! Shilpa is a sissy and she has been given extra cash by Channel4 to shut her up, because miniter of culture and affairs was going to ban this show forever, ofcourse this made them afraid and therefore they did not want Shilpa to admmit to any of that so offered this poor flop some more ???. Sad that Shilpa on one hands says she is all dignified etc and on the other hand she doesn't care a damm about India nor Indians. She should be ashamed of herself now. All the NRI's loved her at first but now most of them hate her for being like this! She should not have offended us like this, it was discrimination for sure and she surely knows this, but media is a dirty buisness so she sold herself!!!

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RE:shilpa's comments
by on Feb 02, 2007 09:27 PM
Sudhir, I disagree with you. What did you expect? Did you want Shilpa to use the same language or should louder than Jade or giggle as bit**y as Jo and talk so stupid like Danielle? She made her point clean, crisp, short and effective. She has elegantly hit all of them so hard where it hurts.

I do not where you live (UK or India. Yes ! We Indians are more emotional in our expression whether happy or angry. But Shilpa has handled the whole series of Big Bro and all the interview that followed the serial in such a dignified and decent manner, taotally opposite to the way the other three have behaved. Even the British Public have swallowed their ego to accept that although shilpa has been ill treated by the fellow brit celebrities, the way she presented her protest in such a sophisticated and unperturbed way has been well recieved and appreciated.

Well done Shilpa !!!!!

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RE:RE:shilpa's comments
by Coco on Feb 05, 2007 10:19 AM
Yes , Shilpa was ok at first but as soon she came out of the BB house she changed asap! Wonder how much they gave her £££ all these Bollywood so called wanabee actors qill do anything for some extra cash, even if it is selling their culture! She forgot that India had great people like Ghandi and Bhagat Singh who gave their lives away for all this and people like Shilpa are ruining all of that now. Shame.

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i love you
by on Feb 02, 2007 01:07 PM

i love you shilpa

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i love you
by on Feb 02, 2007 01:05 PM

sameer v/s gazel

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manand anand anand
Hi shilpa
by manand anand anand on Feb 02, 2007 08:46 AM


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miss miss
U R Really Worth it
by miss miss on Feb 01, 2007 05:11 AM  | Hide replies

Hey Shilpa,

You really made India to be proud with your humble nature. Being a top most star your heart is too humble. You are only the worth to win the whole world. We People in UK are proud of you

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RE:U R Really Worth it
by on Feb 02, 2007 11:18 AM

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RE:RE:U R Really Worth it
by Coco on Feb 05, 2007 10:36 AM
How can you be proud of her?
All the contestants were shown footage of all the news flashes etc but when Shilpa came out of the BB house no footage was shown to her, because Channel4 didn%u2019t want any hostility. Minister of Culture & Affairs said to ban this BB programme for good, of course this was a very bad news to Channel4, so therefore they became so afraid that they offered Shilpa some extra cash and potential so called deals to secure her even more for the future. This is the only reason Shilpa went in denial because there was definitely racism!! She was called few times Paki, go home, go to your slum land, Indians are skinny and sick looking because they eat with their hands, she can%u2019t speak English etc!!! The gorees were more clever then Shilpa as they got the hint from BB that there was a conflict of racism and changed their behaviour asap in the house, but this dumb Shilpa just pretended nothing happened and carried on as normal. She has not only offended all the NRI%u2019s but also our culture and India in general. It took us hundred of years to kick these Brits out of India and looks like 1949 means nothing with people like Shilpa being around in the world. She proved she is not only ignorant but also a typical submissive Asian.

I agree with the fact that her behaviour was very dignified whist she was in BB, but really expected much more from her after this all ended!!! She could have become much bigger then what she will be now, as going in denial regarding racism is no good! Just sold herself for a few extra bucks, shame shame & shame!!!!!!!

Also, it took almost 2 generations of Asians residing in the UK to fights against racism and put their feet down, she has given all of us again a very bad name like we all are weak and it is ok for anyone to walk all over us again. F her!

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Dalbir Bains's 'Beauty and the Brother'
by on Jan 31, 2007 06:08 AM

Just read your piece, Dalbir. Must say it was the first well analysed piece I had read on the whole unfortunate episode. Yes, the Indian media was cynical in understanding what Shilpa had gone through, and appreciating the maturity with which she had handled the difficult situation she faced inside Big Brother's house. Was the Indian media's poor reportage on this because the show was not aired in India, and their attention and assessment based only on reactions in the British and American media? The Indian media's portrayal of Shilpa as almost a golddigger who had no business to be in Big Brother and, if she had decided to take part for monetary reasons, she had to suffer the pain, must surely be the subject of much introspection for the media in India.

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Sore losers
by ERD JOY on Jan 31, 2007 03:42 AM  | Hide replies

All you people are sore losers for not cheering Shilpa on. All of you work for money, I doubt you work for free. Trust Indians to be the first to put down another Indian. With countrymen like ours, who needs enemies? Can't you just be happy for another Indian? If the subject bores you just don't click on it! Power to Indians wherever we are!!

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RE:Sore losers
by Coco on Feb 05, 2007 10:40 AM
How can you be happy for such a person like Shilpa, she has let the whole nation down! She was a victim of racism and even the ministers admitted this, but instead of doing something against this she just denies all of that and pulls away some extra cash in her pockets by Channel4, conspiracy, bribery, do not support people like her who are easily sold for a few £££. She has offended India and Indians by acting like this

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ritu jain
Well done
by ritu jain on Jan 30, 2007 06:25 PM  | Hide replies

We (Indians) in UK are proud of you. You have placed a very good image of India and our cultural upbringings.

Don't get too excited by the media and keep it up.

All the best!!

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RE:Well done
by Coco on Feb 05, 2007 10:41 AM
yeh we were, untill you came out of the BB house and all went down hill again!

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