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SRK pays just tribute to Don

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jijo philip
cool movie
by jijo philip on Oct 27, 2006 06:24 PM

the rating given for don by rediff is very bad.
Don is a very cool movie.Srk has outsmarted the Big B in
terms of acting.
My rating for DON is ***************.(15/10)

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sundar ganesh
Don was great
by sundar ganesh on Oct 27, 2006 05:09 PM  | Hide replies

I was really upset reading ur article about DON, well that was ur point of view i hope. I've seen this movie twice within a week, because i was highly inspired by the movie. According to me the movie was well portaryed i believe. The twists in the movie was really well handled, which was missing in the old DON. The rating which u've given i think it's not acceptable. Well u must be knowing the collections across the world. The collections made ur DON movie rating WRONG!!!

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Opening doesnt matter
by Atindra on Nov 02, 2006 02:53 AM
Sundar bhai opening collection doesnt mean anything. Because with advertising, promos etc one can bring masses to theaters to have grand openings in India or abroad but to sustain that tempo is what block buster movie do. Look at Lage Raho Munna Bhai, did Sanjay Dutt go on every channel to promote his movie? Did he launch game to popularize his movie? Believe me from week 3 LRMB will be box office leader and not DON.

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Good one
by DP on Oct 27, 2006 02:09 PM

It will be very kind of Mr Sharukh and Farhan to spare Big B's movie and think of something else. Good combo of Hollywood and bollywood movies....

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pinaki shoukalin ghosh
mr farhan akhtar please...we are not morons
by pinaki shoukalin ghosh on Oct 27, 2006 01:56 PM

it takes all kind of techies , shah rukhs, priyanka, isha, karina, arjun, irani to match the 1978 AB don. as a film 1978 was ok,,,but the term 'don' belongs to one and only AB. shah rukh is not even a substitute to match AB, at least for don. The way the dialogues were delivered and was enacted in the 1978 one was too awasome. the 1978 version was on the shoulder of only one person ..AB and the 2006 one needed...well i have said this in the first line itself...and hello, mr farhan akhtar, we also do watch hollywood movies, stop this cut and paste job...u have given us dch and lakshya: both are awesome boss.. and this well...the word also begins with awe...
and by the way, hw come don knew that vijay loves pan??

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Not a bad rated one!
by Soumya on Oct 27, 2006 11:50 AM

Well.... The review is quite good giving out the bad and the good... But definitely it served the tribute to the movie.
Boman was not supposed to be here... and even Om Puri
Farhan has left no stones unturned in modernising the story... One must go with a mind that this is gonna be a new version of a classic...not keep the original ABish concepts into it... If it were so then whats the difference b/w AB movie and a Shah Rukh Khan movie?? So certainly there shouldnt be no comparison at all...

No one can do better than Shah Rukh in the current contemporaries... Priyanka was awesome so was Isha.

Yeah Boman cud have replaced by Sharad kapoor what say???

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stop dissing srk
by serena on Oct 27, 2006 05:51 AM

why is every1 comparing him to big b?

the 2 films are differnt....

yeah the old don was amazing and i think the ppl who had seen the old don are the critics as they knew what ws coming during the first half.

i went to see the film and thought it was quite good. no not as good as the origina and i thought the action sequences dragged out a bit but 3 hours is a long time and i wasnt bored once as the twists keep you hooked.

i thought srk was a good don, in the originl the real on isnt characterised as well and i think the over the top acting suited the role i mean he is supposed to be the don so he has to be clever and arrogant to have gotten where he was and usually murderers arent the type who have love stories if they choose to be the bad guy.

i didnt think kareena was v good though she did look nice. i didnt think priyanka was that good and arjun rampal was not convincing at all.

i thought boman irani ws good. you cant compare him to the other cop as tht one was good and boman was playing a villain. also the group of villains werent v good and the group in the original film were

i think the film could have been tighter paced though.

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Rishu Singh
by Rishu Singh on Oct 26, 2006 09:39 PM

Its a excellent presentation by shahrukh khan & shows that he is king of bollywood.

I really enjoy the movie & its different from previous don because of shahrukh acting not by story.

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by NIKHIL on Oct 26, 2006 08:14 PM

whole movie is just good, colour N effects are very good but dont see last 10 min movie. after than your coments are match with me.

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SRK is the KING
by GOKUL on Oct 26, 2006 06:43 PM

I am not a SRK Fan...but guys be fair..DON is absoloutely fabulous, and SRK is splendid in it, so is Isha and Priyanka.So you say he cannot act..OK but but his screen presence is Phenomenal, and no other actor in todays' genre can match it.The Film is slick, has enough twists to keep the audience hooked till the end. And guys no matter how much critisize DON and the SRK and the team.All thet really matters is the Box-Office Result and that by the is way 'DON is breaking records all over'and KANK movie was a bad movie and all of SRK detractors said at that time that the next SRK movie will not get a good opening. Well sorry for you this proved you wrong. Accept the fact SRK is the Current KING of Bollywood.

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New DON sucks...
by Taurus on Oct 26, 2006 06:30 PM

Well yes... it SUCKS.. Everytime SRK tries to outdo Big B, he misreably falls flat on his face. The new DON had the technology on their side, but how would they match the PERFORMANCES?. SRK needs to understand that no doubt he is a Superb actor & superstar, nobody can equal the BIG B. If SRK is the "King Khan", Amitabh Bachcan is the "EMPEROR". Deep down under SRK has a secret desire to see his name above Amitabh, which is ABSOLUTELY NOT POSSIBLE.

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