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SRK pays just tribute to Don

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by adithya on Oct 29, 2006 09:41 PM

old don rocks new don is ok...sharukh and priyanka rock boman irani fails

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A new ''Dawn'' in Indian Cinema
by sunil on Oct 29, 2006 09:37 PM

As we saw the release of two movies Don and its nearest"said to be" to be competitor "jaane man" the results were very clear, inspite of bad mouth publicity by the so called critics(which i now feel is a part of some strategy or conspiracy)has emerged as clear winner.Someone still has doubts has to refer the Box office figures.There is a clear Cynical approach to all this that "old is gold" and whatever eforts you try to make new will never succeed the old.
Anyways, leaving all the this back and go back to the movie i think the movie has set a bench mark for all those Ramu's,Datta's, David Dhawan's;what a remake is and what treatment it requires so the audiences are glued tight to the chair.
For me the movie is oing business no becuase of SRK or some Titilating dance of kareena or the controled performance of priyanka but due to a clear and tacit vision of the director an i should say its a clear win for Farhan Akhtar.Be its script,its songs,its back ground score,its locales.its editing,sfx everything looks like a super co-ordinated effort.Everyone is speaking about SRK but Farhan is the real "Don".He had clear vision that making people see the exact remake will be boring.

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New Don is good
by Somebody on Oct 29, 2006 09:12 PM

I have seen the movie and undeniably it is a good effort by all the actors as well as the director. The movie might seem good to all the pre-assumptive minds only if they saw this is an individual movie. No one has given an unprejudiced comment on this one. The movie though is a remake has its own avant-garde and everyone involved has done a good job. Comparing Shahrukh and Amitabh is insensible, Amitabh has an amazing personality and his unmatchable voice made him the perfect "DON". Shahrukh has done justice to the job and I dont think there would be a substitute to the "NEW" DON. So people please watch this movie once without a pre-conceived notion.

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by aish on Oct 29, 2006 04:54 PM

yhis film is good but not better than the first don& i think in the competition between jaaneman and don jaanemannis a far better movie.

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DON is boooooooring
by Rajesh on Oct 29, 2006 11:46 AM

There is difference of only one character between movie DOR and DON but where DOR is simply awesome DON just disappoints bigtime.
If you have not watched DON...Save yourself some time and money, go watch DOR instead.

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Shahrukh rocks!!! and so does Don!!
by Harshita on Oct 29, 2006 01:20 AM

I feel very sorry for AB fans but I must admit that the new Don is truely a new genre thriller. I went to see the movie with very low expectations (courtesy Rediff review) and a very closed mindset but I must say critics have been really unfair to SRK because I came out really liking it despite tring so hard to be very critical in my judgement.

I remembered nothing of old Don except for a few sequences and I think in a way it was good because it made be appreciate the new Don.

Folks stop comparing. Just go with an open mind and I think you would like it. Rediff has been rating Omkara at 4 star but honestly I felt the movie dragged and not worth even 3.

Anyways for the ones who are yet to watch, pls don't go by what others say. Go and judge yourself.

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Not upto the Mark
by Fahad on Oct 28, 2006 02:28 PM

I am a huge fan of Amitabh and I have my own DVD of the original Don which i guess i have seen umpteenth times!!! After watching SRK's Don, i must say that the only thing that is wrong in this movie is the change in script. Farhan actually thought of making the audience jump from their seats on these twists...in actual, it made them yawn!

SRK was fine, though he looked more like Mannu Dada as Don, and more Baadshah as Vijay. Priyanka was a miscast, so was Om Puri. Since Desilva was vardhan, there was no need for a Malik!

A couple of areas that left a lot to be desired were: 1) When Don killed the guy with a golf shot 2) Roma's entry into the gang 3) Vardhan's role 3)Inspector Verma's role 4)Khaike pan Banaraswala song 5)Ramesh's Murder.

SRK has a huge fan following, and i really liked him in DDLJ, Swades, and Veer-Zaara. These movies showed how versatile he is, but through out the movie, when ever he opened the mouth, SRK came out!I personally feel SRK was miscasted as Don. The only person that can carry on the role of Don and Vijay is Akshay Kumar.

The movie has great visuals. Farhan Akhtar could have done a better job, provided Javed sb have written the script.

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SRK rocked in the role of Don
by salshk on Oct 28, 2006 12:21 PM

The movie as a whole is very stylish and Shahrukh fits in the role of Don very well but it is not possible to compare the role of this age's Don with the original one. Both are good at their own place. Farhan has tried to give a twist in the story, It was really impressive when Shahrukh Khan said "Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin, namumkin hai" , Since the Bachchan starrer remains etched in the memory of a section of moviegoers, the SRK starrer carries a massive responsibility on its shoulders. The comparisons, therefore, are inevitable. Every character, song and the impact of several vital portions will be viewed minutely, where the new version works? Of course, it's far more glossy, far more stylish and far more visually appealing. Let's just say, the new DON is body beautiful.The original version had simplistic execution.The new version is a hundred times more stylish!Action scenes are superb. Take the fight between SRK and Chunkey Pandey at the very start of the film or the chase on a secluded beach and the lanes of a town before Don is captured by the cops it's jaw-dropping.SRK carries a massive responsibility on his shoulders since direct comparisons with Bachchan are foresee.

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Don is a good package
by Arpit on Oct 28, 2006 02:55 AM

SRK was as good as he could be, it was one of his best performance. I dont agree with so much criticism for the movie presented in this article, except that some characters like boman and om puri were bad picks. And regarding story you say farhaan tried to change some plots which 'according to you' were not effective, well even if he would have used exact same story then you would have said 'he copied the story as it is, no new spice to it'. I usually appreciate and identify with your ratings, but i believe this time you guys mostly presented personal opinions rather than fair review.

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