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Rang De Basanti''s music works

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ilayaraja's album (needed)
by sureshkumar on Dec 27, 2006 04:13 PM

if any body having ilayaraja's album named as


pls send an url for this album

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by abhi on Oct 16, 2006 03:53 PM


First of its kind movie & music.
contains all kinds of songs-rocking,
gr8 work.

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Rubaroo is superb!
by Santhosh on Mar 03, 2006 05:31 PM

The most buityful song of the RDB,s. In this song every bu

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about aamir and rdb
by shubham on Feb 28, 2006 11:44 AM

it is good to see that a total commercial movie is making the people to think otherwise it is immpossible to imagine that the crowd which made the bollywoods top most absurd MAIN HOON NA a superhit is going to watch this kind of movie
about AAMIR & REHMAN only one word they are PRODIGY

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Nice music!
by beautiful_mind on Feb 20, 2006 03:28 AM

Just wanted to put few words on music.

At first you won't like this music. See the movie and then listen to it. You will just love it.

Music is the best part of this movie. It has become an integral part of this movie.

Songs are very beautiful, lyrics are way above copared with today songs. Very meaningful and thoughtful.

I liked Khoon Chala, Roobroo, Tu Le Chal (Superb), Paathshaal, Luka Chupi, etc. I geuss I listed all :)

Good Luck RDB.

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Ya... Cool Music...
by Santosh on Feb 16, 2006 02:30 AM

Real Punjabi music with a real good flavor of western beats. Wonderful composition of roobaroo song... A R Rahman is awsome. Keep giving the music to more hindi movies please...

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rehmaan's music
by abhinav on Feb 13, 2006 06:48 PM

he is just just ............ terrific.his musical scores in all his films like roja,bombay, dil-se
saathiya ,legend of bhagat singh ,mangal pandey has been damn brilliant.To add to his great achievement is the recently released "rang de basanti".it was just brilliant.hope that we continue to listen his superb music soon

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god bless
by biswajit on Feb 13, 2006 02:38 AM  | Hide replies

god bless ARR for RDB.god bless ARR & LM for the classic peace "luka chupi".god bless those poor souls who think ARR is over rated and LM is rubbish as u guys really need it more than anybody else.god bless those who understands the talent of ARR & LM.
one needs a pure heart and classic sense of music to understand the likes of ARR & LM.read someone making a comment like let us make path for "sexy singer-alisha chinoy" or something like that.whoever u r,i think u need to grow up and think of something beyond that word "sex" or a word corelated to that.do u have existance of words like purity,elegance,classic,devine etc in your dictionary?i guess not or else would not have made comments like that.i am very sorry to say you are the kind who should go and bang your head against a wall instead of head banging listening to a rock no.no offense meant to rock lovers as i am myself one.the way one likes tandoori,bhelpuri,firni etc despite being of different tastes,same way rock,pop,classical etc is likeable by one at a same time.if you are an NRI then u are an NRI in a sense and in case if you are not one you surely deserve to fit in the soes of an NRI i.e Not Required in India.RDB rocks.

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RE:god bless
by Deepak on Nov 14, 2006 02:36 AM
Hello Rajeev,

I don\\\'t agree with you & millions of people who love IR. I heard IR music for alomost 30 years now and I just feel boring, I love RD but IR naaa...and just don\\\'t show headweihgt like other IR fans do, if one don\\\'t like IR music doesn\\\'t mean they don\\\'t have music sense...music is univarsal & belongs to those who like it...its not created for those elite people who like music as music and those elite people love KV Mahadevan and not IR...and on removing instruments from AR music, I do it for most of his songs & still love them -from Rasathi to even latest Khoon chala...I love them all without instruments...and for info these people are called Music directors and not song directors...compostion is a packet of song and music and if you have to take out instruments from AR music that shows the weakness in IR music and not AR...and even if AR has done just 1/3rd of what IR did - he achieved more than what IR has done...4 national awards with just 80movies and IR could get only 3 out of 950 movies (if you have to look at numbers) and AR music reach more people than IR...nor in achievement or acomplishment IR beats AR, he beats just in Numbers which means nothing...

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Rubaroo is superb!
by Avinash on Feb 11, 2006 12:03 PM  | Hide replies

The most buityful song of the RDB,s. In this song every

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RE:Rubaroo is superb!
by rajeev on Oct 22, 2006 08:07 PM
Hello Deepak,

I agree with Shravan. And so would millions of people in the world. Ilayaraja is the greatest and no one can even come near him. What a pity that you don't have any knowledge of Ilayraja's music. People will laugh at you when you say his music apart from a few movies like Sagara Sangam etc. was repetitive. Rahman's music is only repetetive. Ilayaraja variety has been acclaimed by many the world over. Remove the instruments from Rahman's songs and it will all fail but if you do the same with raja's songs you will know the real melody and music. So don't compare a molehill (ARR) with Himalayas ( Raja).
Ilayaraja is the composer of conniseurs, accept that you don;t understand his level of music.
As you say ARR has been in the field for only 10yrs. now. But raja is still going strong for 30 + years.
I am just quoting this since you quoted statistics in terms of years. Raja has composed for 800+ films, whereas ARR would have prbably done for not even 1/3rd that numbers. Raja towers over everyone.

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