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AB among world''s greatest actors

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to mr.srijan
by souvik on May 08, 2003 11:22 AM

excuse me mr srijan,
i dont think u have any knowledge of bengali films otherwise u cant say soumitro is not comparable to big b.since soumitro is mainly confined to bengali cinema so u dont know..
i think it is right that ab is in the top 100.but have some knowledge of what are you speaking and then speak out.

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Abhijit Ganguly
No offense
by Abhijit Ganguly on May 07, 2003 10:34 PM

No offense. Though I am a Soumitra fan and a Bengali, I would not really compare him with AB. You cannot really compare b'cos they boht acted in two different areas. Soumitra would not be able to be a 'Vijay' and AB would no way compared to Soumitra in Charulata(lonely wife by Ray).

Though Manmohan Desai's Coolie is much popular than any Satyajit Ray movies, but believe me Bengal has given a lot in Indian movie industry.May be the other 2 guys got emotional for that.

But what about south biasness ? They say their food /movies/culture are the greatest. Do you have anything to say ?

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yes you are right.
by naren on May 07, 2003 12:36 PM

yes you are right.Soumitra is the best actor india has ever produced.

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by shabih on May 07, 2003 10:29 AM


undoubtly he is THE KING OF INDIA CINEMA

although he is triple the age of mine but frankly speaking he looks quite aperfect match when stars with Shilpa or Manisha

people should consider themselves lucky if they get even a sight of him

in that sense all the others actors and actresses in bollywood are the luckiestmost people



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AB among world's greatest actors
by rajnahata on May 06, 2003 09:16 PM

Agreed Al Pacino is in the same league as AB but its ridiculous to compare Hanks and Spacey with AB. AB is by far the greatest of them all. IF AB is not at the top of the list, that list is humbug, unrealistic and trash.

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Ab with spacey and tom hanksWo
by Balaji on May 08, 2003 03:10 AM

Wo wo, Dont you compare Ab with Tom hanks and K. spacey. Alpachino, Deniero, Tom hanks , Kavin spacey , Jack nicholson all these guys have proved themselves with great performances and they are miles ahead of AB. There are a few guys like Kamal haasan, Mohanlal. But still i would nt say they are better than the above gang. Actors are only as good as the direstors and the movies and i feel the directors and the type of movies AB has acted in do not justify his claims as one of the world best. Kamals performance in Mayagan/Mahanadhi/salangai oli might put him in the big league. Amir and Anil Kapoor are okay , but not that good.Mohanlal is good sometimes and he might fit in there. There are lesser known actors like Nasser who can carry the weight on their shoulders. Besides you have the actors from previous generation like Shivaji, Dilip Kumar and somanath. They are/were great actors. But the bottom line as long as Bollywood spjns in the same s... , its kinda difficult to accept these people as great actors. I would say that the above mentioned Indian names are fit to act in any movies, forget about being the world best.

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