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AB among world''s greatest actors

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u done us proud.......
by satwak on May 09, 2003 05:26 PM

i have always liked mr.bachchan's films.his being included in the all time greats list is just an acknowledgement of a known fact.
now that he is trying different kinds of roles lets hope he excels in them too.

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World famous in Tamil Nadu ??!!??
by Pratheesh on May 10, 2003 03:13 PM

Mr. Rajinidasan ji,
Please wake up....the halucination that you seem to be living in is not the entire world....you can well honour "Esoopar eshtyle" Mr Rajini by making him your next chief minister......but please let the talk about greatest actor not be coloured with your statewide eulogism for your actors and actresses......we have had enough already from your current "world famous in tamil nadu" actress chief minister.....
apologies for being brutally frank mr. dasan

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pavan kumar vodithala
yes !!!!!!! of course
by pavan kumar vodithala on May 08, 2003 02:51 PM

just see----- the versatility, intensity , his devotion to his role, the expressions, a GENTLE GIANT

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Sunel Kumar
Amitabh is always the best
by Sunel Kumar on May 08, 2003 01:50 PM

Has any one ever thought about the fate of bollywood if Amitabh Bachchan wasnt from India? He has set a style and niche for himself in the film soceity throughout the world. His talent should be respected as he is one among the crores of Indians who's getting the chance to represent India. I dont think there is any one actor among (recently released) top 100 rating who hasnt done any smoochie and western romantic movies except the Bollywood Star. Indeed he is the number one and I wish he achieves the Official number One position soon.

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Mohammedi barodawala
he should be number one
by Mohammedi barodawala on May 08, 2003 01:30 PM

i think it is very great honour of us , that we hve only one actor in the industry who has done great honour to india . He is simply superbab

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Amitji is the no.1 star
by Muzaffar on May 08, 2003 01:07 PM

It's really great to know that Amitji has been ranked in top 100 list but i think he is the no.1 star in the whole world.No one can be ahead of him.

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