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Unfair and unlovely: We still fear 'getting dark'

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Bhuvana Balasubramanian
re: skin lightening creams
by Bhuvana Balasubramanian on Aug 19, 2013 08:30 PM

1. I think the color distinction is harder on women than men in India. After all the most ugly and dark-skinned men yet, get married to fair and beautiful women.
2.But ought one to sit in judgement on the people who are swayed by these ads and movies? Its highly competitive out there in the world of commerce, and if you choose to place your faith on these ads, then thats your choice. How can one fight standards set by these beautiful people, even while the rational part you tells one that its a marketing gimmick, one does yearn for the attention.
3.The ill effects and consequences of using these color lightening cream ought to be highlighted, most of them are highly reactive chemicals that cause more harm than good in the long run. The two biggest culprits of severe skin diseases in India are the skin lightening creams and hair dyes. If the skin creams are to be used for medical or other purposes, one must shop around carefully for creams with the least side-effects and adhere strictly to the instructions that come with these creams. Using more doesn't necessarily hasten the lightening process.

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by Dev on Dec 07, 2010 07:14 PM

piri,why do u think americans would recoil from having indian skin tones?
yes,in india we have dark and light brown.
the ideal skin color which most ppl incl. whites and africans would like to have is ..light brown.

many indians have light brown. they look very handsome and beautiful. ok,bcos of diet and cultural habits indians do take a step back.but many indians are just fab..as good as best in world.
i think mediterranean ppl have the best skin tone.
white skin becomes wrinkled fast and get skin cancer too.
most whites would prefer tan skin anyday (but not tan brains :-)

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Prowler M
It is harmless infatuation
by Prowler M on Dec 06, 2010 12:07 PM

Once in a while (pseudo) intellectuals and feminists dust up this column/idea. All over the world people are after what they don't have. Here the darker skinned are after lighter tone. In the nations where there are whites "sun tanning" is obtained through creams and tanning salons often paying more than what we spend on "fair & lovely". Realize this, don't mean those that choose to be comfortable with their color, those that go after tanning or fairness.

Grow up and get over it.

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Arun Premraj
by Arun Premraj on Dec 06, 2010 08:08 AM  | Hide replies

do we treat africans studying in india with respect..
they are often ridiculed by indians just because of their race and colour

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Manish Jaiswal
Re: ewrw
by Manish Jaiswal on May 14, 2012 07:16 PM
Only stupids having cheap mentality like you ridicule them.. Or they are mostly ridiculed by people until they are not known well about their nature and qualities. Not more than that..!

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Racism lurks just below the surface in American society; however
by piri on Dec 05, 2010 11:35 PM  | Hide replies

Indian Americans are often more eager to hide this fact than the whites themselves !

The white American in general has nothing but derision for the NRIs and PIOs who live in his country. He has long been used to watching immigrants from all corners of the world stake their very lives for gaining resident status in America. He tolerates it as he knows that a small section among such immigrants is drawn from the very best that their countries have. For the cheap and willing services of this cream, the white American knows he has to put up with the presence of larger sections of immigrants who accompany the cream.

However, aside of the basic benefits accruing from living in a very advanced, very wealthy and very democratic country, the white American is willing to grant little more to the immigrants. When a man's basic wants are satisfied and he begins to feel that he has achieved distinction in his chosen field, he turns to seeking recognition and an elevated status in society. As a corollary of such a status, he would expect to be let into the 'inner' circles of high society wherever he lives. It is this privilege that even the best achieved among the NRI community are denied by the native white society. The whites are so secure in their 'set-in-granite' conviction that the presence of blacks would defile their lives that the NRIs, just like the blacks, live lives that effectively are just like life in ghettoes !!

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Re: Racism lurks just below the surface in American society; howe
by bananarepublic on Dec 06, 2010 08:03 AM
I agree

And an Indian can't be racist to another Indian

However the part about dark skinned actors is right, when have we seen Tamils make it big in the Hindi Film Industry?

Kamal Hassan's films have flopped but gained 'cult' status. That is it.

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Re: Racism lurks just below the surface in American society; howe
by Dev on Dec 07, 2010 07:03 PM
do you think it is unwarranted that they have an exclusivity?
Look at the state of Indian cities.
have u been to Bengaluru recently ?looks like one big slum.
and it is supposed to be premier IT city of india.
the whites of America have built up their society with their energy, tech prowess and certain governance and economic principles. it has helped them achieve greatness in certain areas.
this is why they want to maintain a degree of exclusivity..i think they have earned the right to do this.
(ofcourse we hope ,in years, other cultures will catch up and the exclusivity will be gone)

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Ban tanning lotions also then, Blonde hair dyes, no one on beach
by rishi on Dec 05, 2010 11:08 PM

People get bored of what is common in their community and we are predominantly brown so we try fairness creams. I have known white friends who prefer a mix of indian and african skin tones. There are white who tan themselves on beaches because they find their skin tone too pale. So how are Indians going to lighten themselves without fairness creams. By lying in himalayan snow in bikinis???

There are east asians who dye their hair blonde because blonde hair does not occur naturally in them. Will you call that also racist?
Same thing goes for Blue eyes and Green eyes. It is rare among Indians and so people try coloured contact lenses. Ban them also?

People do get bored and fancy what is not common in them.

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kieran dsouza
Please don't avoid the sun
by kieran dsouza on Dec 05, 2010 08:16 PM  | Hide replies

women are bringing a host of ailments onto human society by their fickle fear of the sun. Sun is the giver of life it benefits both plants and animals. there is scarce growth in the northern latitudes where sun is scant, little diversity and man/animal becomes white to absorb more UV rays

In the tropics our skin is more pigmented to protect from excess radiation but we should not totally avoid the sun. daily we should spend at least one hour fully exposed to the sun to synthesize vitamin D which is a most potent vitamin to develop bones, boost immunity, and fight cancer.

in fact all modern ailments are largely self inflicted due to constant brainwashing by skin care companies that the sun is bad for our skin.

Nothing could be further from the truth

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Re: Please don't avoid the sun
by SanT on Dec 05, 2010 11:02 PM
Very true. I believe, there are only two type of human beings: the good and bad by the heart.

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The whites indeed spend time in the sun
by piri on Dec 05, 2010 08:18 AM  | Hide replies

to get tans; but the tan they seek is not the dark colour of the Indians or the Africans !!

They would recoil in horror without exception if the visuals of their getting Indian or African skins occur to them !!

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Suniiel K
Re: The whites indeed spend time in the sun
by Suniiel K on Dec 06, 2010 02:01 AM
ha ha ha,,,

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Re: The whites indeed spend time in the sun
by piri on Dec 05, 2010 08:20 AM

The Indian American community is destined to remain in their sub-civilisation or lesser civilisation mindset forever in America !

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jason fernandes
Let me presentt he other side
by jason fernandes on Dec 04, 2010 02:39 PM  | Hide replies

why do women always want a guy taller than they are, more educated than them and earning more than them. How many women do you know who marry a guy shorter than them, less educated than them and earning less than them.
Women are just as choosy as men, so please done make men out to be the villans.

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Re: Let me presentt he other side
by Onie on Dec 05, 2010 02:34 AM
You are missing the point. Fair and handsome for example targets men right, telling them that if they have dark skin they are somehow defective. The racism is gender neutral and operates in both directions (e.g. women potentially preferring fairer men).

It needs to be kicked out of Indian society - it can be if only more of us would apply our intellect and just stop buying all fairness creams.

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