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Krishna Das
by Krishna Das on Jun 30, 2010 10:56 PM

What is meant by caste? The funny thing is that in India 1 can change religion but not caste. So if a person changes religion what about his/her caste in the original religion? So what is the meaning of making the issue of caste big? On one side govt promotes inter-caste marriages & advocates harmonious relation bet different castes, & on the other the same govt divides citizens on the basis of castes. The reason why political parties want census caste-based is simple. Once the concentration of different castes in certain areas r known, they can develop strategies 2 win elections by implementing or demanding concessions 4 those groups. Alas, our politicians have no love 4 the country !

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Police Officer
by Police Officer on Jun 30, 2010 11:23 AM

Social mobility != Economic mobility

There are 17,000 castes aka cults in India.
And they hate each other whether we acknowledge it or not.
I said cult because since 1947 only 1% of marriages in India are inter-caste.

We can lobby members of parliament to carve out out an independent nation for our 10 million community.
And we will be 75th largest nation by population.

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Sudharsan R
Why is this wrong?
by Sudharsan R on Jun 16, 2010 05:19 PM

What is wrong in collecting data on caste? In census, they collect data not just on caste but on various economic and lifestyle indicators like TV, washing machine, laptop, etc.. The key lies not just in data being collected but in how the data is used. Collecting data on caste in conjunction with other life style indicators will help the govt to understand which community lags behind economically and in living standards and target their social development programmes to those communities. How can it be considered wrong is something I cannot understand.

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Prashanth DSouza
Logistical Issue
by Prashanth DSouza on Jun 16, 2010 11:34 AM

I believe the census is only trying to gather information relevant to the distribution of various people and population demographics. So far so good.

Knowing how this system will be fed into computers for analysis, it can also be misused by political parties for their agenda and they will surely have the means to do so. Even a right wing party will be able to get information relevant to caste and target specific people or areas.

The MHA must ensure that the statistics are only presented in research format (more than 60% of dalits are not educated for e.g.) and not provide names and other sensitive information.

Although this might be impossible to implement, it might be better to get the information, use it for a year, and then delete the caste data altogether.

Information gathering in itself is not regressive, but the utilization of this information is of the utmost importance. The govt needs to make efforts to educate the people about the need for this and the steps being taken to ensure that sensitive information is not released to mischief making elements of society

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vijay verma
I m againt the Caste factor in Census
by vijay verma on Jun 16, 2010 11:30 AM

Its a very wrong policies of including the caste factor in India's Census 2010. We have already paved the price of divide and rule initiated by the British and hence carried forward by the politicians. Supreme court should punish the people who are dividing the indian's in the Name of caste. In the starting period of the child growth u have resticted his mind for the caste reservation so the child will never strive to compete as among the General indians. Its the Lagging of govt. policy due to which the common man is not able to develop. To make a common man grow he requires high quality education, Good infrastructure network & guidance in terms of new development and varies sources of income. Providing the availability of these the common man is self suufficent and is capable of making the effort to earn his livelihood and provide good education to the children. He doesn't require any support in terms of reservation which is a form of begging to grow. Its the politician of that area to be punished if the citizen of his / her area are underdeveloped. Dedicately working on the upliftment of the common man within 5 years all the common man can rise to a level where no reservation is required. Every effort should be done by all to bring a enthusiasm of Being an Indian and each and every should remember this united we stand divided we fall. So be make up ur mind that we are Indian and their shouldnot be any caste barrier between us

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Katari Bose
Caste in census is MUST
by Katari Bose on Jun 16, 2010 10:52 AM

Why are the readers so perticular with the mention of the caste in the census.Is the role of caste not there in our day to day life.Our life is very much effected by our caste.If you are a high caste you have good support from the elite class in the society who have power in both the government and the private sector.If you are are from a lower caste you have to depend on penuts given by government.In our society a Brahmin lives by saying his caste,a barber lives by saying his caste,a Goud lives by saying his caste.The upper castes have been taking reservations through out the ages.Its only a few years the lower castes who are taking reservations out of a great difficulty and that too a politics of Convertion,as if by conveting into Christianity they have earned crores.Is the caste not essential in your marriage,death any other family ritual during the lifetime.THE UPPER CASTE PEOPLE ARE DOING A DRAMA JUST OPPOSING THE CASTE.FACT REMAINS THAT ONLY UPPER CASTE PEOPLE ARE ABLE TO DELIVER THEIR SAY THROUGH THIS MEDIUM.Not many people belonging to Lower castes have acess to this medium.

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vivek kapoor
by vivek kapoor on Jun 16, 2010 10:10 AM


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Krishna Das
Caste census
by Krishna Das on Jun 05, 2010 11:00 PM  | Hide replies

India has been divided by govt itself on many bases. The country was officially divided on the basis of language, over-ruling the wisdom of late Rajaji. In a country were every village has different temples for different castes where the idol represents the protector of those belonging to a particular caste, it is not a surprise if politicians demand census based on castes. Even if rediff sends these mails to the govt it won't make them change their stance.

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Re: Caste census
by hotz on Jun 06, 2010 08:06 PM
Religious ideas which promote caste based discrimination in any form is poison.It weakens the people

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jyotiranjan swain
Reservation on the caste basis should not be entertained..
by jyotiranjan swain on Jun 04, 2010 02:21 PM  | Hide replies

Let them give all the facilty in free of cost, but not reservation. If you all the political leaders wants to keeps this reservation on caste basis then please pass a rule for caste change also like religion change. So that after one year there will b only 1 xaste called "Lower caste".

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Re: Reservation on the caste basis should not be entertained..
by hotz on Jun 06, 2010 08:04 PM
Reservation only exists in government education,where the variance in the mark is very low between the forward block and the oppressed block..Those who whine about so called merit where is the meritocracy in private institutions where seats like medicine are coveted by people with cash with just bare pass.i am sure they belong to a variety of castes where is the hue and cry for that?

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remove the caste details from all the records in India
by RAO MVK on Jun 04, 2010 02:05 PM  | Hide replies

After independence, now 3rd generation is enjoying the reservations in all aspects based on caste. This is more than sufficient. The caste should be removed from all the records of the government and other organisations in all application forms, employment records etc. If you want to really help, give reservations to the economically backward and the physically handicaped etc not based on caste. Now by including caste in the census, we are going backwards by a centuries.

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Re: remove the caste details from all the records in India
by hotz on Jun 06, 2010 08:00 PM
How many generation did the upper caste enjoy positive discrimination under caste?writing education on paper means nothing..It has to be enforced..where is the rural development needed for that..why is there honor killings till today?All i can see from your comment is that many complaining are just frustrated at reaping the harvest of the same caste system you had created...

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