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How not to be attacked in Australia

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Rohit Pinto
Do not come to Australia
by Rohit Pinto on May 29, 2009 08:50 PM  | Hide replies

Well im a final semester student here in Melbourne, Australia. Its a beatiful place with regard to the cleaniness and beauty but highly unsafe for indian students espcially in the western suburbs, my advise dont come to Australia, makes sense purusing a good course in India only and make a good living there. Wasnt a good decision to come here

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Srinivas Mepula
Re: Do not come to Australia
by Srinivas Mepula on May 30, 2009 08:38 AM
Why the ---- u r there...?> go to INDIA and become a example to others...don't sit there

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Indians are partially to blame
by John on May 29, 2009 08:24 PM

I came to Australia 8 years ago as a student and have lived all these years without any problems.Over the years, the number of Indian students have gone up and so they are much more noticeable. The main problem with Indian guys (especially Punjabi) guys is that they talk VERY loudly on their mobile phones on public transport.Due to this everyone starts looking at them. The key to not getting targeted is to keep a low profile but Indians are waving a rad flag saying "I am an Indian, I have an IPhone, IPOD.I am richer than you, come and beat me". The attack on Saurabh Sharma was an unfortunate incident.He was a victim of a growing resentment against Indians for their wealth and success. People have to realize. We are foreigners over here and have to be more careful than the locals in what we do, say and most importantly, where we say.Good Luck!

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Srinivas Mepula
Stay is main criteria for INDIANS
by Srinivas Mepula on May 29, 2009 08:13 PM

Indians in forgin countries want to stay in these countires for any cost, if they are back to INDIA its shame to them for that reason they are ready to face these sort of things, its not only in Australia same case with UK and USA and this has not started now, it started way back some 15 years ago and it still goes on...and INDIAN have got habituated to these sort of things
another reason obviously money!!! :)

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avin azad
Under aged criminals
by avin azad on May 29, 2009 07:28 PM  | Hide replies

I've did my Masters in Adelaide and now live in Australia. Let me say some facts about Australian youths. Most of them doesn't even have an idea about basic English grammar. Remember we're talking about the youth of an English speaking nation. Concerned about this, the government recently decided to introduce english grammar into school curriculum. Many australians live on DOLE. Dole means if you're not working you get paid by the government, roughly 450 dollars per fortnight. So most of this ferro cats do not work and live on dole. So how does govt pays the dole. Yes u got it, from taxing people who sweat and work, including this poor indian students who work hard to their tuition fee. You guys might be thinking the police did well to arrest 5 mfcks who did this insane act of crime. All of them will walk out free 2morrow, bcoz they are UNDERAGED. Remember, THIS IS AUSTRALIA.

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Srinivas Mepula
Re: Under aged criminals
by Srinivas Mepula on May 29, 2009 08:21 PM
Its same case in UK and USA, we are been treated badly by these teens, if we do something then we would definitely be fined n jail sentence would be around 100 years  so better be away from these teens, even local govt can’t do any thing as laws so favorable against them. I seen in London streets teens stopping a bus and started thronging stones on bus driver and bus, none moved until these teens run away from the sceen

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Srinivasaraghavan S
Bloody Australians
by Srinivasaraghavan S on May 29, 2009 07:25 PM

They said our security was bad and cancelled the Davis Cup match. Their security is bad. Let us blacklist all the bloody australian universities for education loans Srinivasaraghavan, Trivandrum

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ha ha ha ha ha ha
by ha ha ha ha ha ha on May 29, 2009 07:21 PM

well, friends it is not only australian people but goverment of australia is the same just want earn money from us by telling that we ll give you permanent residensy. Ground reality is that the requiremnt to get PR they are well designed so we cant get PR. goverment of australia and police all are racist. Even the telwstra boss call australia a racist country..

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