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How not to be attacked in Australia

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vivek chaubey
hey all
by vivek chaubey on Jun 01, 2009 05:06 PM

when haneef was targeted...om came to meet his family...when students are being targeted...nobody is turning up to assure thr families....this proves by statement

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vivek chaubey
indians are impossible
by vivek chaubey on Jun 01, 2009 05:02 PM

india is suffering from brain drain..may be indian gov is behind these attacks so that indians stop going out due to fear and do low paying bullsht sarkari jobs...

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Karan Hans
this is really funny
by Karan Hans on Jun 01, 2009 02:33 PM  | Hide replies

i mean an honest hard working community is being targeted and everyone is villifying them. witch hunt is what it is.

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Raj Thackrey
by PAPAPIPI on Jun 01, 2009 02:00 PM

The Australians must have taken inspiration from our own Raj Thackrey and MNS.Even the elections proved that he has much popularity among the youngesters.But using screw driver is not even MNS must have thought.The Ozies are way ahead of Raj Thackrey and MNS.

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New York
by New York on Jun 01, 2009 12:30 PM

A successful ENTREPRENEUR is worth 10 MBAs and 10 PHDs.
However, I suggest every Indian to work and live in a Western Nation for at-least 3 months.
You will learn the good, bad and ugly sides their and YOUR cultures and socio-economic conditions.

"A country is not made of land; a country is made of its people." -- Unknown

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Learn the history of Australia b4 going for education
by Whiteman on Jun 01, 2009 11:32 AM  | Hide replies

Australia has 4 specific visible human classes. First the former british, who still rule as whites in the government (most politicians, sportsmen from this class). Second the british whites who have been traditionally criminals. These are genetically the white criminals of UK and the other british colonies taken to australia as labour for punishment or reform. These are basically the trouble maker families with absolute maniacal genetic disorders. You may find these whites languishing yet in jails across the world, specifically asia as habitual drug traffickers, human traffickers & sex offenders. Third the Aborigines are limited to perth as the original australian inhabitants and last the expat race-asians in big number that now do business in hotels, groceries and fuel stations. The politically strong whites who do farming & mining, have rather not done enough to reform the second class whites that are the trouble makers. In fact you can find these whites hanging around in Bali, Dubai, Sydney, Goa, Macau, Florida, Hawaii & the bahamas on drug money, prostitution and all illegal business activities. Its not known why the australian government has not cracked upon these second class whites & taken steps to educationally reform them. Politically these second class whites are a major vote bank as a backward class, serving the first class whites and hence all successive govts in australia have refrained from strong action.

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Naresh Sharma
Our student go to Australia for making money not education.
by Naresh Sharma on May 31, 2009 02:38 PM

This is the biggest draw back.We get migration to Australia for higher education,but the purpose is different,the real purpose is to earn money.This is bad.A person age around 35 -40 years old go to Australia on education visa.But the motto is different. Correct it.

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