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How not to be attacked in Australia

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Akhilesh Srivastava
by Akhilesh Srivastava on May 30, 2009 05:57 PM

there are problem of unemployment due to Indians. obama says to US industrialist if you select one indian, you generate one american bull in the US (mayihelpyouonline).

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Srinivas Mepula
New Distinations
by Srinivas Mepula on May 30, 2009 05:40 PM  | Hide replies

Students and parents enough is enough!!! Please see some other destinations for studies, don’t go to destinations like Australia/US/UK and create a problem for yourself and your family and to your Govt !!?we know its fire why put our hand in it!!!
New Destinations like Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Greece, Denmark, GreenLand, Sweden, Switzerland though most of these nations aren’t English speaking nations but you definitely can’t expect the treatment which you had in Australia

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Bala Murali
Re: New Distinations
by Bala Murali on May 30, 2009 07:04 PM
Yes u r correct.Norway and Swiss are better choice.Same time Aus companies should get out from our country.We dont want any business with that country.If it is need Indian embassy should be close in AUS also

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Indy Raider
Avoid racial attacks
by Indy Raider on May 30, 2009 05:29 PM  | Hide replies

Because Australians know, that if they attack Sri Lankans or Pakistanis,
they will be beaten up quite heavely.
But on the other hand Sri Lankans and Pakistanis take up a very low class
in the society because of this behaviour.
Indians however have mostly good jobs and live decent lifes.
As you can see quit clear if you compare it to the situation in the UK.
There, the average indian earns a higher salary, then the average native person.

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Indy Raider
Re: Avoid racial attacks
by Indy Raider on May 30, 2009 05:30 PM
PS: This Message is a response to Malu boi's comment on my first post

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Indy Raider
Avoiding racial attacks
by Indy Raider on May 30, 2009 04:57 PM  | Hide replies

After all, Australia is a developed country.
Perhaps its really because indians are seen to be soft targets. In West Germany, were I live, such incidents don't happen. Because the German Government is taking fierce action, when crimes against foreigners are done. It seems Australians don't really care about their foreing population.

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Malu Boi
Re: Avoiding racial attacks
by Malu Boi on May 30, 2009 05:13 PM
sri lankans, pakistanis dont get attacked by whites in australia, so your reasoning is not accurate

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New York
Be Roman in Rome.
by New York on May 30, 2009 04:31 PM

* Befriend a Australian.
* Do NOT spend time in PUBLIC places without him.
* This a applicable to all western nations..

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V Chandrakant
How not to be attacked in Australia
by V Chandrakant on May 30, 2009 03:48 PM  | Hide replies

When u know they r rude and crude ( as Aus Cricketers behavour examplifies)why go there There r enough Institutions in India where u will get quality education Stop craze 4 foreign

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Re: How not to be attacked in Australia
by chapar on May 30, 2009 03:53 PM
Australian cricketers are not rude, when you see them anywhere you can approach them like anything. In India cricketers are like god, full protection.

Indian institutions are plenty in Hyderabad...all fake...

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Message deleted by moderator
Indo supremacist
Re: Re: How not to be attacked in Australia
by Indo supremacist on May 30, 2009 07:25 PM
Chapar, you lump of Bangladeshi fecal filth! Shame on you and your rotten country man...

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Indian Students are Shame in Australia
by chapar on May 30, 2009 03:45 PM  | Hide replies

I am Indian living in Sydney for almost 6 years now. When I had to move to Australia to Study had to do well to pass IELTS. While studying here, I also encountered similar problems, but soon I understood that I need to know these people's culture and way of living. After that I never had problems at university or at work.

When I travel in Train I can see half the train is full of students who can't speak proper English nor they have manners when they get into trains. Either their mobile is playing funny tunes or the IPOD is put on for others to listen to their music. The other day I heard one students mobile was ringing and the tune was NIRMA Detergent powder AD. This guy is not even answering his call, he looked more happy for others and thought we all are enjoying his sick tune.

I being Indian can't bear this how can a Australian bear this...so they have no option but bash all this sick Indians.

I can guarantee these students who have been bashed must have paid good money to pass IELTS and can't even speak English.

The only cure is to open a Australian Franchise for this students back in India.

Hope you guys understand my pain...

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aryan stud
Re: Indian Students are Shame in Australia
by aryan stud on May 30, 2009 07:11 PM
'I am Indian?!?!' No you are not!!!You lying, conniving son of a Bangla skank. Gosh you beggars are shameless. How I wish our army had waited for just 4 years till 1975 for west pakistanis to ethnically cleanse your filthy nation and then split it from W.Pakistan.

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ankur bedi
Re: Indian Students are Shame in Australia
by ankur bedi on May 30, 2009 04:40 PM
Firstly, no offence but i think that you don't understand the question what is asked . Secondly, indian students are attacked by australians everyday and it has nothing to do with the NIRMA detergent ad ringing tune or if someone cant speak english properly because when they bash indians, they don't check their ringing tones or take their english exam , they just bash you .

You are saying that we have to understand there culture and way of living, so you mean that we have to get drunk every weekends , smoke cigarettes and do what all australians do to live in their country , sorry but thats insane . We got lots of responsibilities that we have to fulfill for our parents and for our future but aussies really don't care about anything .

I am living in sydney from last 4 years, got decent job and can speak english and i still don't think that i am safe , i always fear coming out late from work ,but i have no choice.

I can understand that some indians are mannerless but all people are not same and it applies to australians aswell.

lastly , i am not writing my opinion to make enemies i am just giving my opinion.I may be wrong so if i offend you or anybody my apologies.

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ramachandran nair
Re: Indian Students are Shame in Australia
by ramachandran nair on May 30, 2009 04:09 PM
We do not feel your pain because your comments were not in tune with what is hapenning in Australia. A rather sarcastic comment when you say that "these students who have been bashed must have paid good money to pass IELTS and can't even speak enlighs". This shows your superiority over other students - but wherever you are, you have to maintain decency and decorum when in public places and respect the sentiments of local public.

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Re: Re: Indian Students are Shame in Australia
by chapar on May 30, 2009 04:24 PM
Whats happening !

The other day I saw some Indians in Paramatta Staring at girls as they have never seen before. They think they are Salman Khan or Hritik Roshan.

The other day one Indian Student was acting funny with Asian Girl and was doing all sort of Vulgar things in the train.

Area such as Paramatta& Harris Park looks like slums because of all these students. You can make another Oscar winning movie from this place.

They don't look like International Students. They look more like people in misery and looking for shelter.

They let India and Indian down in all ways.

I hope you understand my pain now...

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Re: Re: Re: Indian Students are Shame in Australia
by Guest on May 30, 2009 07:05 PM
This 'Chapar' is from our downtrodden rotten neighbor, that is beggar-desh, oops...Bangladesh. Shame on you dude. Writhing out of inferiority complex and ranting about your glorified achievements in this retarded exam you call:IELTS.

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IloveYou Anu
Re: Re: Re: Indian Students are Shame in Australia
by IloveYou Anu on May 30, 2009 08:13 PM
So how many Australians you have got as friends. When an Indian student is with his girlfriend its vulgur but when whites do all kind of F things in public they are modern. Man atleast try to accept reality, no matter how much australian you become you might be a victim of racism. And I agree with Ankur Bedi, I dint read anything about if they took english exam before hitting these guys. Guys like you are niether Indian nor Australians, and you know in Hindi what they say for it.

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Indra borana
by Indra borana on May 30, 2009 03:35 PM


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