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abboral boral
Religious tourism
by abboral boral on Jun 15, 2009 04:22 PM  | Hide replies

on 13.6.09 ,Myself and my son went to a unique place some 210 km from Ahmedabad called Devi Mogra temple .Legends says that panvas along woth Kunti used to stay this place for 2 years and before actual temple there is another temple where Panvas took rest for a while .
Mata kunti used to workship one deity given by local tribal people some 5500 years ago and I was surprised to see the diety still exist and tribal populations from Maharastra,Madyapradesh ,Gujarat come in large no particularly on sunday .We too faced tremendous trouble to get in .Tibals offer here large no of hen,goat and farm products .

Our route was

1. By bus Ahmedabad to dediapara via Rajpipla --210 km --5 hours journey in which some 30 km magnificient ghat road journey comparable to himalayas roads

2. We stayed at Dediapara in Bharat Sevasshram Guest House .Swamiji of the Ashram has done tremendous job by giving shelter to some 70 tribal students with fooding lodging .This ashram is wonderfull place to stay .we stayed for saturday night and had very good foods supplied by the Ashram .The ashram itself a scenic beuty amidst backdrop of hills
3. Sunday morning we ventured out for 22 km ghat road journey (I have never seen such ghat roads with too much high and low roads with sharp bend .

We were there in Devi Mogra temple ,the only temple in India called Kunti Temple as well .
You must visit this place once

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abboral boral
Re: Religious tourism
by abboral boral on Jun 28, 2009 11:18 AM
am giving two most ancient places in Gujarat season oct to april
Balasonoir---90 km from Ahmedabad on Indore ahmedabad highway .20 km from city RAOLI ,a small beutifull village covered with small hillocks ,lush green paddy field .On top of the hill ,fossils of Dionossurous are found plenty lying here and there .Feel the moment of 65 million years ago when these reptiles used to roam freely in this land .After 2 hrs trip to this land ,come back to the city Balasonoir and have Nawabi lunch with the Nawab of Balasonoir .Ms Alia babi ,the owner of this heritage hotel will explain in details of Dionossorous as she is author on this subject .You can also take her help .Excellent foods are served in Nawabi style in Nawabi dining room specialy the Nawabi 400 years old Byriani with 150 spices used(non veg veg).One of the rare tourist moment of life

Lothal =90 km from Ahmedabad on ahmedabad ---rajkot highway .From DHOLERA just 20 km further You will discover the 5000 years old civilisationm of Harappa .Still the ancient river ,ruins of modern archtectures of the city can be visible .One small resturent and a well maintained Museum is available for knowledge of the place .Explore whole day and see the most scientific city system prevailed 5000 years old there and see the beutifull sunset from the ruins of Harappa .Once in a life time experience

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abboral boral
Re: Re: Religious tourism
by abboral boral on Jun 28, 2009 11:21 AM
I think people visit goa to see only temple ,sea beach ,church ,good food ,fenny but real Goa lies in wild life ,There are 4 to 5 wild life sanctuaries which I am sure if you spend a night will never be forgotten
1.Cotigao wild Sanc,86 sq km , canacona(south goa--from margao 30 km towards paolem sae beach,one of the lovely beach in GOA _)--Asstt conservator of forest ,panaji 0832-2229701 ,or ccf 0832-2224747--for booking of cottage Rs 400 to 500
2.Bhagwan mahavir sanc ,240 sq.km,molem (from Ponda 20 km ),nearby Dudhsagar water falls --room Rs 500 to 800 ,0832-2612238 /2612319, mob no--09822130330
3.Bondla wild Sanc --20sq. km (from Usgaonkar ,south Goa 10 km --booking CCF-0832-2224747 /2229701/2610022
4.Netravali wild life sanc extreme south of goa --21 sq.km --
You can find easily big python,King cobra,leopard ,wild bores and varieties of birds and never forget to hire local guide and finally during rain and winter it is one of the most enchanting ,unforgettable experience in life

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Sabihur Rahman
by Sabihur Rahman on Jun 05, 2009 05:09 PM  | Hide replies

Is non-veg food available here? Any more fun thigs? ;) ;) You know what I mean na?

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bevarsi soolemaga
Re: ??
by bevarsi soolemaga on Jun 07, 2009 03:49 PM
ya H00kers ar available in coorg.......2k-3k u will get avg gals.....cheaper ones also there but not worth phukking......they srve only labourrs...

Ya non veg dishes available in plenty...... a famous local speciality is Pandi curry (pork curry) .......But i assume u dnt eat pork.......but there many mutton chicken dishes in madekeri,,virajpet.......
illegal DEER meat also available...u have at enquire at right place......its very tasty,try it...

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Re: ??
by rumwhisky on Jun 06, 2009 12:34 PM
go to hyderabad, get upto four fun things come to coorg share 3 with others and then return them back to where you brought them after a month or so, it will help your need and the people around you, hope you understand what I mean, by your name your are eligible for that quota, cheers

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Re: ??
by rumwhisky on Jun 06, 2009 12:27 PM
Drinks and Non - Veg food are available in plenty, and the people are very helpfull and friendly, the other thing you mean, you should carry along with you, for yourself and if you want still friendly treatment, for the hotel staff who will make your journey safe if you share you fun things with them! CHEERS

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by rdr on Jun 05, 2009 05:02 PM

there r many tourism places in karnataka. Madikeri is also one of the best place to visit.
I wish 2 go once again to madikeri

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Hemant Pedanekar
by Hemant Pedanekar on Jun 05, 2009 04:48 PM

Really a beautiful place and also lot of scenery. But I observed during journey that lots of real BIG trees were being cut on the road side. I mean, the trees would be at least 30 years old!

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Suresh R
Overrated place
by Suresh R on Jun 05, 2009 04:27 PM

Madikeri proper is a disappointment, not worth the hype. Places like Raja seat and Abbe falls are crap places with more people than the place can handle

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