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Why India needs its regional parties

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Why India needs its regional parties
by murty on Mar 24, 2009 02:47 PM  | Hide replies

Yes,India needs regional parties tothe betterment of the people of that state.But at centre so many parties trying to come together,and trying to form coalation government with different economic agenda,and foriegn policies is definitely a retrograde step.We have just witnessed the communists opposition to nuclear deal,and their unwillingness to condemn Chinese mis- adventures.I can see the main aim of different parties not to merge into one party is that they can black the main party not to take action for their misdeeds of looting the country.These party leaders are interested in making money as much as possible during their tenure as ministers.So I will prefer only two party at the centre.Any party may come to power it shouldnot damage the interests of the country,in matters of soveriegn independent foriegn policy, a strong economic poilcy,a strong defence policy,and no non sense policy in law and order situations,and not appeasing the minorities and and division of the society by caste language,and region.

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Bhadak Bol
Re: Why India needs its regional parties
by Bhadak Bol on Mar 24, 2009 03:18 PM
A murty niku got kadu?
Idu election agenda .
Nuwu Shiv sens ku vote iste,amita BJP full support iste
India Infosys iposindu?
See the Infosys?
Better progress .
Make Narayan Murthiji PM
He should contest from karnataka,supported by BJP?

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Re: Re: Why India needs its regional parties
by murty on Mar 25, 2009 12:55 PM
God knows what you have written.I dont understand that languge.BTW I am not a congress man or BJP man.I am talking about what is good for the country.We have been witnessing the multi party coalations and how they are performing.Stability in governance is most important thing.But unfortunately in India that does not happen.God knows how long we have to live with this.

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What is your problem?
by SA SI on Mar 24, 2009 01:55 PM  | Hide replies

Hello author, What is your problem?

What do you want to tell ?

Did you ask and failed to get a seat from congress or BJP?

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Sonial Ghaneradi
Re: What is your problem?
by Sonial Ghaneradi on Mar 24, 2009 02:15 PM
Author is having stomach Problem ,needs good Doctor or Bi-Quinol
Plz supply
But Don't forget to VOTE for BJP & SS

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nimit patel
Re: Re: What is your problem?
by nimit patel on Mar 24, 2009 02:40 PM
भर भर के हमने वोट दिए, कांग्रेस को दिया मौका,
आज हालत देखो भारत माँ की, इटली की बेटी ने किया धोका,

राशन पानी महंगा हुआ, गरीबी को नहीं रोका,
महंगाई बढ़ी- नौकरी गई, आम आदमी को ठोका,

25 धमाके - 8000 आदमी, किसीको पकड़ नहीं पाए,
घर तक घुस गए पाकिस्तानी, क्या मुह लेके वोट मांगने आये,

मुंबई जल गई - आंसू सुख गए, दुनिया ने हसी उडाई,
मुसलमानों की गोदी में बेठे, अंतुले की सीट बचाई,

राम-लल्ला का नाम मिटाया, साध्वी पे लगाया मकोका,
आज हालत देखो भारत माँ की, इटली की बेटी ने किया धोका

मुंबई मेरी जान, कर दी कुर्बान,
सोनू-मोनू सोये थे, जब भारतवासी रोये थे

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Sreelekha Nair
Re: What is your problem?
by Sreelekha Nair on Mar 24, 2009 02:05 PM
there is no problem. she is a paid agent of Mayawati, the birthday hungry Muscle (wo)man..

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ramachandran nair
Re: Re: What is your problem?
by ramachandran nair on Mar 24, 2009 02:51 PM
It goes without saying that this author appears to be a Mascot of Mayawati, vouching for regional party system. This cult is a curse on the indian democracy. These regional parties are not political parties, but floated by individuals opted out or shunted out of main stream parties like congress or bjp for their betterment in money and fame. At a time when we are advocating for a two-party system, this author advocating for regional party system - a piece of advice without any relevance. After all who this Mayawati is? Look for the election result in UP, then only you realize when this so called lady stands out.

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Pratima Nagar
A perfect Election Campaign
by Pratima Nagar on Mar 24, 2009 01:51 PM

Is this a Article or Election Campaign of BSP?

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Myth and Reality
by GODAVARTI RAmesh on Mar 24, 2009 01:49 PM

That Mayawati or any other SC/ST ,Dalit can become a PM is indisputable. Well , she is eligible as much as any other person of any caste. But so far her rule in UP does not suggest that a Dalit alone can ensure justice and development of backward classes. There is no perceptable change in the condition of Dalits as such..She may succeed eventually or even fail . We can judge her only at the end of her term.

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ajay shenoy
Do not encourge regional thinking.
by ajay shenoy on Mar 24, 2009 01:37 PM  | Hide replies

Do not encourge REGIONAL MONSTERS through these kind of Articles. Political people have lost their morality who are thinking only for their personal benefits and not for our country. First of all remove political party word from the dictionary and use Patriotic Party A, B, C. There should not be any law on the basis of Religion. Do not allow any SHARIAT law and do not encourge Muslims to increase their population. People will love each other only when their will be comunication between the good leaders like SWAMI RAMDEV BABA, Acharya Dharmendra. Pl. listen these people at once and you will realise the purity of our Indian culture.

Jai Hind - Ajay

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Vivek Dev
Re: Do not encourge regional thinking.
by Vivek Dev on Mar 24, 2009 02:13 PM
We need regional parties to fight the north supremacists who have ruined their own cow belt states with their fuedal values and are now increasingly burdening more progressive states. The Rahul babas and the Varun babas are the last thing that we need. Regional parties protect us from the depradations of northie supremacists. They massacred 3,500 of their own in '84, they will do so again.

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Nostra Damus
Re: Re: Do not encourge regional thinking.
by Nostra Damus on Mar 24, 2009 02:58 PM
Well pal, the southern regional parties crawl on their bellies to lick the 'north supermacists' parties boots for 'seat adjustements' 'favours' and 'foreign jaunts' so dont kid yourself regional parties care about their region or its people. Once TDP tried to do that and was effectively kicked out.

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nanduri karunakar
regional parties
by nanduri karunakar on Mar 24, 2009 01:25 PM  | Hide replies

the writer is confused between 2 party system and the nda and upa. the need is for such alliances so that as she says the elitist 2 national parties can be kept in check and do not run away with their individual agendas. The national parties are needed since only they can ensure some national pride which regional parties can never give. The need for such national parties is an assurance to the nation that apart from thinking of regional aspirations they also consider national interests as well. One can onl imagine the disaster for the nation if the nation was ruled by a clutch of regional parties. it is a sure fire recipe for disintegration of the nation. Every individual has a right to become the pm only he or she must have the people`s backing. In this context the emergence of the 3rd front needs to be condemned for their timing rather then their intentions. The need of the hour is to present a stable political scenario not only to ourselves but more importantly to the world at large to prevent outsiders interference in our affairs, as would most certainly happen should there be a3 way split in this elections, that would most certainly be a disaster for the indian people.

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Jai Babu
Re: regional parties
by Jai Babu on Mar 24, 2009 01:30 PM
The regional parties will ensure that the federal spirit of the Constitution is maintained so that power is not concentrated at the Center and people have to run to Delhi to get anything done! The way out could be moving to a presidential form of government where the President is directly elected by all Indians irrespective of state or regional barriers. This would help preserve and foster the pan National Indian identity too and also free the Central Government frm the Puls and pressures of different regional parties

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Tamal Basu
by Tamal Basu on Mar 24, 2009 01:18 PM  | Hide replies

What mayawati paid her to write this article? A diamond studded necklace or a panna set from her 1000 such items, of course gifted by her follower dalits. God save this country from such eventuality. Parliamentary democracy failed in this country as innumerable regional, district, block or panchayat level parties blackmailing the national parties taking advantage of the situation. Like US or France or Germany, the head of country must be selected by votes of all voters and not by MPS. Otherwise, we may get a Devgowda with 3 MPs as PM.

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Nostra Damus
Re: Mayawati
by Nostra Damus on Mar 24, 2009 03:00 PM
You mean the dalits are so rich that they can gift such costly items to Mayawati ? then where is the problem of 'poor dalits' or oppression etc. ?

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Re: Mayawati
by Bhooshan on Mar 24, 2009 02:05 PM
Mr Basu, which party Congress or BJP paid u to reply? Instead of getting foolishly emotional (due to casteist mindset or bloody higher caste mindset), just answer the questions raised by her, logically.

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Sonial Ghaneradi
Balsaheb to Be PM
by Sonial Ghaneradi on Mar 24, 2009 01:18 PM  | Hide replies

If Shiv Sena comes in Majority in Maharashtra will ask for PM for Balasaheb.
You see he will implement equal rights to all casts.
He is not against any Casts or rel;igion or Region.
He has given equal chance to all those who are good Indian.
Now also he says equal Indian.
He is against all reservations.
Congress & other Parties kept in blind all casts as well Dalits.
The personnel issues are taken politically,no Dalits are herrassed or No Modi is violating Musss.
This is all politics,everybody wants their work should be done regularly in Govt. Offices.
Nobody against bribes or so,but the work to be done intime.
See Shiv Sena raj all Govt. officials was in disciplene,but Congress has spoiled from top to bottom everything.
Govt. officioals are much & more currupted than any Politicio.
So Vote for SS in Mahareashtra & BJP all Country.

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ajay shenoy
Re: Balsaheb to Be PM
by ajay shenoy on Mar 24, 2009 01:29 PM
These all political parties are self estimated. They come together for their personal benefits. The always keep their personal interest and then ask grantedly that who is not keeping personal interest ? First they keep their personal interest and then talk about so called social works. But if you see the SWABHIMAN BHARAT dedication of RAMDEV BABA who really fighting to devlop our country with corruptio free, patriotic and Indians who will not hate each other regional wise. People do not like these kind of idology because they always choose what they want as per their selfish needs so political leaders are like that only. Are we ready to creat our own India then help SWAMI RAMDEV babs's idology, we will definely win and creat our own strong India.

Jai Hind - Ajay

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Bhadak Bol
Re: Re: Balsaheb to Be PM
by Bhadak Bol on Mar 24, 2009 01:34 PM
Make all jokers Babas PM for every three months.
Ramdev,ghandev,Topiwale Baba.kelivale Baba,chatvale Baba,Pahrshivale Baba.
See India will again boost to Golden or? Ganja stem & stream.
All Babas are narcotics & Smugglers.

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Message deleted by moderator
Re: Balsaheb to Be PM
by V S on Mar 24, 2009 01:33 PM
shiv sena is party of nutcases like thackerays.

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Indian Mumbaikar
Why support Caste System?
by Indian Mumbaikar on Mar 24, 2009 01:18 PM

Post Independence 'Caste System' was supposedly done away with. Why promote 'Castism'? Mostly regional parties thrive on that. Most of the regional parties have never contributed positively for their respective states/regions. The case in point? See what happened to Bihar during Lalu Raj, Andhra during NTR days, Tamil Nadu during MGR days, Assam today AGP days and what is happening to UP during Mayawati times.

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