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Citizens report: Dirty politics

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by Karthik on Apr 24, 2006 08:53 PM

I strongly feel that opinion polls have more often than not been a failure in predicting Poll results in Tamil Nadu. Good examples would be May2001 state assembly elections and last LS election.

But trying to be impartial, DMK's offer of color tv seems to be a bid to promote SUN TV than being useful. As somebody else had noted, SUN TV can expand its customer base by spending from Govt. Coffers. This seems outrageous to a person like me who has been paying taxes regularly for a long long time.

The Rice sop from both DMK and ADMK are of no use. But going by Jaya's ability to give free cycles, I think she would promise only what is possible.

Vijayakanth seems a better alternative to both these people but he made the cardinal sin of contesting alone in 234 elections....

I feel, that DMK is slightly ahead, only because of some anti incumbency factor against Jaya.

So it would be DMK in the assembly next.

This is my view of things.

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Tamilans future in stake
by ValluvarVasagan on Apr 24, 2006 04:08 PM

Definitely this election season is going to host lot of comedy dramas for the people of Tamil Nadu.Ultimate one is the vaikos merger in ADMK without any vaid reason..even he dont have any strong point to substantiate.The other is JJ countered the DMK's election promise of Rs 2 per kg rice which she opposed till last day with Rs1.75 per Kg.But she should come up in public and say why she was not able to provide this to people these days even when people where people for forced to eat rats and open kanchi thottis,has she cheating the people these days.

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partha biswas
Polls and Pals
by partha biswas on Apr 24, 2006 03:56 PM

You are right in West Bengal there is NO OTHER alternative but to have CPM and its allies back in power.And why not ? Mamata's administrative skills are NEXT to NOTHING,the way she handled her portfolios at the centre when given a chance previously.Congress after the first 24 years of rule post to independence,are now a Zero factor, and though I am a Bengali I just cant think who is a leader from Congress in West Bengal.So let CPM do what it NOW has started to do....wooing investors.And everyone knows that Buddhadevbabu is after all an intellectual.As are so many of the cabinet ministers.

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Be Honest and Frank
by Gopinath on Apr 24, 2006 03:27 PM

Being Neutral and honest if you the TN politics you can definitely cant justify anyone party is for the people. There are some individual candidates who really wants to come to power to serve the people partially.

Karunanidhi and his family well known for corruption and cheating people. Their every penny of property is robbed from TN people and obsolute third class businessmen. They will go even for family prostitution to get the CM seat and money. Thats what the HFO shows.

In the other side, JJ is doing the same in other way to satify the people around her.She is adamant , head weighted everything is well known.

Between these two bombs JJ is a country bomb with less harm and Karuna family is a Atom bomb which can swallow whole TN. His attitude towards taking the media in full control shows how eager they are to fool people and bring King\\\'s rule.

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Jaison Sani
The True Fight is for Opposition Leadership!
by Jaison Sani on Apr 24, 2006 05:20 AM

Its not the way medias project. Contest is all one sided, or its as good as a walkover. Its true that none of the surveys or exit polls so far reflected true feelings of electorate. Its a different story.
The real fight is to win opposition leadership. And the contestants are Muslim League and Congress. League had a good chance till recently. Now, we need to wait and c. But one thing is for sure, if at all congress ends up as single largest opposition party, margin will be 2-4. Largest swing in the history of Kerala polls will register a record breaking victory for LDF with around 120 seats in favor and manorama and mathrubhumi has to come up with many more colorful ideas to help Congress clear 2 digit mark.

Jaison K.Sani

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AIADMK will win with slender majority
by SEKAR on Apr 23, 2006 12:23 PM

Given the tussle within the DMK clan - Dayanidhi group vs. Stalin group - and huge turn out for Vaiko in the poll campaign and also the well-known charisma of Jayalalitha, AIADMK alliance will win the elections, may be with a slender majority. In such an event, DMK's wings will be clipped by the Congress at the Centre similar to what they did with Laloo when he lost Bihar. That is why Sonia Gandhi is limiting herself to a one-day campaign in TN which has 234 constituencies and the Union Territory of Pondicherry.

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It is JJ again
by R.Padmanabhan on Apr 23, 2006 05:19 AM


IT is going to be JJ again. Think logically and it is very easy to understand as follows

1. AIADMK is still the most popular party in TN. - People in TN have the choice of AIADMK
and DMK only for many decades. This is very difficult to change unless someone like Rajini
enters the arena. Rajini is hesitant to compete with KK.So we have to wait.

2. Even if MDMK had been in the DMK alliance, it would have been 55-45 chance in favour of AIADMK.
NOw that MDMK is in AIADMK front, it is advantage for JJ again.
3. Small entities like VIjayakanth's party are likely to affect DMK votes MORE than AIADMK votes
4. Exit of Sarathkumar, though not a major setback for DMK is a huge plus for AIADMK
5. Looking at the Kanchi, Gummidipoondi election which the DMK front contested as a full unit (including Vaikos MDMK),
the results are pretty clear. It is inappropriate to take the LOksabha election where
the DMK front got a tennis score of 40-0.

TN has always given a decisive result to JJ or KK. So no hung assembly this time as many experts predict.
It should be something like

Total Seats : 234
AIADMK front : 180-185
DMK front : 50-55

Let us wait for results to be

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DMK come to power for short term
by Bala on Apr 22, 2006 10:40 PM

DMK might come to power for short term with coalition govt. But this will be short lived one as there will be huge infighting in DMK for CM post and Partner\'s like PMK likely put a salt on that. So defenetely Mid Term poll with in a year or two and that will be coincide with National Election. Always TN politics changes National Politics.. It happens like this...

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Tamil nadu Election
by R.Varadharajan on Apr 22, 2006 10:11 PM

40 MPs doing best work for the welfare of T.N .
No other states are not getting such a huge allotment for infrastucture & to all other depts.
We people should not forget.Present Govt is under
egovism which will not & never cooperate with Centre.She never respect elders may be First Citizen or P.M.Etc .She is spoiling Tamilian cultures whom
is number one in hospitality .She never have good relations with neighbour states.Last four years we suffered lot.We must give good lesson to her.
She alone shoud win out 0f 234 & let her be allowed
first to learn things.

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