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Citizens report: Dirty politics

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by KRISHNAN on Apr 22, 2006 03:52 PM

AIADMK is witnessing itself a very strong hold in the south.It has been gaining confidence and trust among various set of people. People across TN are witnesing visible difference. People had started thinking Jaya'S Govt is Timely,Trusted, Stable govt.


People has also started realizing that the DMK supermo Karunanidhi is the real Wealth Looter. He has more than 1,500 Crores of Wealth. This does nt include Wealth that he and his family acquired at Mauritius , Malaysia and other Countries. Unaccountable wealth will go upto 40,000 crores. Interestingly Late Maran and his is recognized as Asia's one of the Top Three Richest Indians. How did they acquired this much wealth? Do they have rich heritage??No. Are they traditional Business Family? No. What is their Background?? IT dept should start analyzing this as a factfinding mission.

Not only that he has been bringing all this family members inclusding DAYANIDHI MARAN to the DMK party .This action has made loyal DMK party members to go against DMK.

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Vijayashankar (Rang De basanti
About Vijayakanth,Sarath,Vaiko....Three Comedians...
by Vijayashankar (Rang De basanti on Apr 22, 2006 01:35 PM

Sarath...Vijayakanth..and vaiko...Can you come to TV media and face question from common people for one full day....If you capable of answering...You can contest for election..

Someone has to keep some exam for these people....3 year kid writes an exam...Exam can be on what they know...Qualifying exam...

This Younger generation cant accept these comedians as leaders...Go to Hell...You can become Gurka.

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Vijayashankar (Rang De basanti
About Tamilnadu....
by Vijayashankar (Rang De basanti on Apr 22, 2006 01:27 PM

Sarath Kumar,Vijayakanth,Vaiko are the successful people..I think they have lost their bones.Not able to do properly their profession.

Does Sarath Know anything about the problems of society?Vijayakanth,Sarath and Vaiko are useless idiots.

Vijaykanth will give Baghavat Gita to Hindu.As a hindu,has he ever got a chance to read it.Drama played by him & ADMK to split the vote bank.

Comparitively,take Stalin on the other side.Though he has stupid and idiotic stuff in the mid 20-30.He has done lot of good stuff to chennai when he was a mayor.He too is not a leader...He is a good executor.He can become a good leader.

Mr.Karunanidhi...is the available leader.He has done lot of bad things at the same time he has done so many good things.

Also he made sure that his family business all doing well.How?
DMK...gave lot of permit for AUTOs?They also tried to put a rule that AUTOs are not allowed inside the city.I understand that is a traffic control measure.

IF these people know about the pollution and the trouble.They would have allowed this many permits and today we would be having this much problem.

Among the worst,DMK is okay.

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Ignorance is bliss...
by Swaminathan on Apr 22, 2006 12:31 PM

The adage "see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil", has not made impression on the people of TN. For over 40 years they have been taken for a ride by the perverse concept of Dravidianism, vote bank politics and endemic corruption. Every action is based on political expediency and selfish interest. Still we are discussing debating which of the two evils is better!! That is the predicament faced by Tamizh society. Today we only "see evil, hear evil, and say evil", much against the values of Tamizh traditions and culture. Shouldn't we consider voting for someone else and throw these parties and thier corruption out?!?

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Education in Tamilnadu
by Arumugam on Apr 22, 2006 10:37 AM

The AIADMK govt had made the education in Tamilnadu dirty. For instance the +2 syllabus this year has been changed but it was difficult for the teachers to teach. Many chapters were removed for the exams and there were a lot of confusions. The govt school teachers had not been trained on these syllabus and because many students from the govt and govt aided school students paticularly tamil medium students have failed this year and the dept should help them by giving some grace marks. Apart from that, the govt have helped the self finance engg colleges indirectly to retain 100% of the seats by themselves. Cancellation of common entrance test was an eye wash. There is a rush for the engg seats and they are sold somewhere between Rs.7 to 12 lakhs which is all time high. Also it is not clear how many seats will be available to the students through anna university and through the association of the self finance colleges. The students are at cross roads and without knowing the exact no of seats they need to compete. The AIADMK govt lead by JJ is responsible for this confusion among the students and parents who will certainly vote against AIADMK. Kalignar has promised to reduced the Fees.

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sundararajan ganesan
tn elections
by sundararajan ganesan on Apr 22, 2006 10:25 AM

almost all the political parties in tamil nadu, especially the kazhagams try to cheat gullible masses, worse insult the self respect (sic) of the self respecting tamilians by offering seductive soaps like ---colour t.v.,free rice and so on.
isn't this outright bribe in the name of seeking votes? when individuals take bribes, anti-corruption wing takes care of them . but who will bell the corrupt bribe-offering parties ? any way what the election commission (is there one?)is doing these days apart from helplessly watching the gullible public's being taken for a ride by the power-hungry, unprincipled political parties ?

free thinker

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True Dravidan
AIADMK Will Sweep this Poll
by True Dravidan on Apr 22, 2006 09:52 AM

AIADMK Will Sweep this Poll

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