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Citizens report: Dirty politics

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Winners and losers
by sundar on Apr 20, 2006 10:26 PM

I think AIADMK is going to form the next govt in TN. That would mean end of MK dreams of making his son the next chief minister.So what? It also means Stalin can never become CM once MK is long gone.
PMK will continue to earn so long as it is in central govt.Come next general election and it will try to align with the winning set so as to continue to make more money.
Congress has enough leaders to perish in the next 5 years.
Comuunists will still hold on for another 5 years in TN.Finally Jaya will ensure two things.Firstly she will seal MK dreams of making Stalin CM.Secondly she will do what she is good at and lead AIADMK to defeat in 5 years time from now.
How do we benefit by all this??
We are to benefit in a big way. BJP,Vijiyakanth and Rajini will decide future direction of politics in Tamilnadu.AIADMK,DMK,PMK will become a party will membership not more than 2% in TN assembly.
That would be the begining of the golden era for people of TN after the sangam period.


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Why Komalisamy (VAIKO)
by VINOD KUMAR on Apr 20, 2006 10:09 PM

I think DMK will bring more IT projects to TN and also other industrial units. They will be able to represent TN better in New Delhi and bring more funds and plans.
Jaya has been non cooperative and dictatorial. Most
importantly, the desalination plant and flyovers near
airport will provide relied to citizens of Chennai.
Jaya was sleeping when Naidu and SM Krishna where
developing their states. Only recently Maran has been
able to bring some good projects to TN.

The cycle scheme, flood relief and Tsunami relief were done using Central, international and NGO funds. She is taking credit for these things which were not done by State govt. She toppled Vajpayee''s govt using lame reasons and now has alliance with MDMK which is fielding 5 POTA candidates!!! Vaiko accuses DMK of family politics. ADMK has become Sasikala family party and TTV Dinakaran family now owns half of Theni district.

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