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Citizens report: Dirty politics

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Common Man
Politics or comedy or tragedy?
by Common Man on Apr 21, 2006 07:03 PM

TamilNadu legistative assembly election this time is crucial.
In one way, a long-time leader (who changed principles for ministerial birth) is trying to project his own family members for the future. They have earned enough that they dont have to bother about money for the next 5-6 generations! The same leader tookover the party crown, just by dumping many seniors in the party. Somehow, he could manage the cadre base(thanks to Anna & periyar for helping this cause, with their own speech). Can anyone say, what is the principle of this Dravidian Party? Does it follow that by any means? Can it speak the same in open, during elections? I am not sure, how many more years/decade people of Tamil Nadu will be fooled by such dramas and gimmicks. They have to win this time, else their families grip over the state will go down.
Other party was nicely shaped by well-known actor, who did something for the society and also tried to help the poor. But, apart from projecting herself as a bold lady, the current leader doesnt have much to claim.
The parties started or run by actors, who can fight or do magic in movies are not worth to consider at all.
what is the choice? Independents?

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Need of the hour in Tamil Nadu
by Thilak on Apr 21, 2006 05:12 PM

Its always of great interest people discuss about politics, criticising the political personalities ( I wont call them as leaders because no one is fit) and finally conclude only God can save the people from them. As long as people are biased towards these Dravidian parties which did nothing for the people of Tamil Nadu in the last 40 years, even God cannot save Tamil People and He will be helpless.

My sincere request to all Tamil People, please dont cast your vote simply because you the party or you will be benefitted with so many free things, think about the future of our younger generation and never try to bring the same poison into their blood also.

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by nirmal on Apr 21, 2006 04:53 PM

hi guys,
i would suggest that give oppurtunity to young guns new parties like parithrana(group of IITian).
discard these old parties who work on non- resulting policies & fool the pubic.

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Ram Rahim
Who is the real backstabber?
by Ram Rahim on Apr 21, 2006 11:57 AM

People in TN make a hue and cry on vaiko's defection to the other side. They say that he is a back stabber. What about Congress and Left? Are they not backstabbing the electorates?
In kerala, WB they are fighting each other. In TN they are sleeping with each other? Is it not 'backstabbing' the eletorates?

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Why Targetting Vaiko alone?
by FromMadurai on Apr 21, 2006 11:15 AM

I am not sure why some people target vaiko alone for changing the alliance? All the major partys have changed alliance.

*) Vaiko is only leader in the Tamilnadu who has been in jail for public issues. All other leaders have been sent to jail for corruption charges.

*) No one in the other parties can dare to accuse him about corruption.He has always kept his hand clean.

*)If people who target vaiko for every thing have heard him speak in parliament, they would change their opinion.

*)He is only leader after MGR,Kalaingar and Jeya to have support from all the castes.He isnot running a caste party which is current trend and dangerous.

Can you believe that he has been running party for more than 13 years with out any MLA? It is because he has a significant followers mostly from DMK.

And finally this election, ADMK with MDMK will win most of the seats in southern tamilnadu.Write it down--> Sivakasi, Viruthunagar, Theni and neighbouring districts, there will be a huge sweep for AIADMK alliance.

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Foolish Tamilnad people
by Suri on Apr 21, 2006 03:47 AM

I still wonder what on the earth could make these people of Tamil Nadu to understand that Mummy(Amma) is an arrogant women who is not only a corrupt woman, but rules the people of tamil nadu as a dictator. And still these people of Tamil Nadu still votes for her.
Please somebody save the state of Tamil Nadu.

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K.Srinivasa Moorthy
Silly Politics
by K.Srinivasa Moorthy on Apr 21, 2006 12:05 AM

As the Heat of summer is gripping Tamil Nadu, so also Assembly elections.Before going to Polling booth, people should not foreget the authoritative rule of AIADMK which tortured students/govt servants/teachers /farmers etc., JJ is talking aboutnon - increase of bus fare in tamil nadu; we have not foregetton how may times the cost of milk increased ; how many time power tarrif is revised .

Why the govt is silent about the arrest of Shankarachrya.He may be a sanyasi by not in true spirit.But JJ had hurt the religious sentiments of hindus by arresting them day after deepavali which is is not acceptable.How many times JJ had visited Kanchipuram and sought the blessings of Shankaracharya in the preceeding 4 year.Voters memory is not short.

I think these politicians should be sugested to add more salt to their eatables.

Only God had to save Tamil Nadu.

People should think whether to vote for Veterans or or villans.


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